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Help I think my Carotid Artery might rupture?

I was on a water tube and fell off and now about two hours later the area around my carotid artery hurts. When I wiped out I did hit my head/neck area.


Even a hypochondriac would know there is nothing any of us can do about it. So I'll just remind you that it's just your imagination.. do you feel better now ?  (+ info)

What are the long term effects of a carotid artery dissection that caused my brother's stroke?

At 52, my otherwise very healthy brother suffered a minor stroke due to the dissection. He is taking blood thinners, and no surgery is planned at this time to repair the tear in the artery. His major concern is making sure he does everything he can NOW - so down the road he won't learn what he should have done THEN. He has scheduled a second opinion, and working on a third. Please share anything you know about this condition. Thanks so much! Marcy

I'm sorry to hear this about your brother. If he didn't have the dissection because of trauma, then it was the result of a preexisting condition. In that case, he must attempt to correct the condition and avoid exacerbation. He is fortunate in that his CVA was minor so his chances of a full or near full recovery are very good.

The effects of a carotid dissection vary in severity from transient neurologic deficits to permanent deficits and sometimes includes death, especially depending on the extent of the dissection. There are other kinds of artery dissections and intracranial internal carotid artery dissection is associated with a 75% mortality rate.

I can't tell what from you've said which carotid artery was involved but it sounds like your brother is doing well. He may have no, or relatively few, long-term effects. He will no doubt get more information at his 2nd & 3rd opinion consults. Remind him to bring with him or fax/send ahead copies of all labs and reports, including ER, operative & imaging reports that are relevant to the dissection.  (+ info)

How long does it take to become unconscious after the carotid artery is severed?

I just read about beheadings and wondered if a person can die of shock before being beheaded? Can that person die before the act of decapitation is completed, thus not experiencing the whole ordeal?

You die instantly when beheaded.  (+ info)

Surgeons performed an occlusion of the right carotid artery on my son after an accident. What is this?

We've been told this procedure is rarely perfomed on children. He's 9. We'd appreciate any advice/help.

I've heard of it done on adults to prevent bleeding during head surgery.
Hope your son is feeling better.  (+ info)

Is the Carotid and Jugular artery hidden inside the sternocleidomastoid muscle?

Where is it located from the sternocleidomastoid muscle?

The internal jugular vein runs in the carotid triangle then deep to the sternocleidomastoid and the sternoclavicular joint. The internal or common carotid artery and vagus nerve accompany this vessel in the carotid sheath.
The sheath is derived from the deep cervical fascia and encloses also the internal jugular vein and vagus nerve, the vein lying lateral to the artery, and the nerve between the artery and vein, on a plane posterior to both.  (+ info)

Can Sleeping on a couch cause obstructed carotid artery in your neck?

Which in turn cause TIA's and if it does can sleeping in a bed fix this?

If you have to sleep on a couch, be sure to use a pillow or two to prevent problems.  (+ info)

How long would you live if your carotid artery got cut or your neck got cut?

I'm wonder how long it would to take to bleed out or die if you got your throat cut? Could you make it to the hospital or something? I know that if you have alcohol in your system you would die even faster since liqueur thins blood. Im actually writing a book and Someone in the story gets there throat cut.

A few seconds (maybe a minute or so) and you would be unconsious, followed by brain death within a few more minutes.  (+ info)

How much force would you need to use in order to sever someone's carotid artery with a plastic knife?

Perhaps it would be easier to puncture someone's neck with a pencil.

I'm illustrating a scene set in disciplinary isolation. An assault has been carried out.

Thanks for your help.

5 pounds with a pencil, so I guess if the knife was broken with a sharp point, then the same; if not then around 10 pounds I guess? But you wouldn't be severing the carotid artery, you would be puncturing it.  (+ info)

Do you know the data sheet for examination of a patient of carotid artery stenosis?

This is a part of vascular surgery.
Carotid artery stenosis may lead to cerebral stroke.

Carotid artery stenosis is when plaque forms in the carotid arteries, constricting the flow of blood to the brain. The carotid arteries are the main arteries coming from your heart to your head. The risk is that, if there is plaque, a small piece could break off and get lodged in a smaller vessel in your brain, causing lack of blood to that part of the brain. This can result in in a TIA, or mini stroke, or can even result in something as serious as a brain bleed. An ultrasound is the simplest and safest method for determining plaque, as well as velocity of the blood flow. Velocity at any point of stenosis is a key factor. I could go on about what range velocities should be in, but that opens up a whole worksheet of math problems that I can't begin to explain here.

It would be best to consult your physician if I did not answer your question here, especially as I am not sure what you mean by data sheet. If you are wanting the math equations for velocity, you can e-mail me and I will send you something.  (+ info)

Does statin drugs reduce carotid artery blockage?

It is known statin drugs reduce LDL. My question is, do they reduce the amount of plague already formed on the carotid artery? What reduces the plague? Is the carotid artery blockage a slow process? How fast does it progress? I’d appreciate it you could share some of the related articles.

No statin drugs do not reduce the amount of plaque in your carotid vessels. They only prevent you from making bigger globs of plaque.
Carotid artery plaque formation is different in different people. If they say you are 80% blocked, I imagine your doctor will follow up often to make sure you are not making a lot more plaque.
I am a RN, but this is not my specialty.  (+ info)

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