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Is a Doctor obligated to inform a sick person of their illness?

Regardless of ability or interest to pursue treatment, are doctors obligated morally or legally to inform a person of their illness or that they suspect an illness?
Are doctors today, not telling patients when they suspect life ending illness because they know the person doesn't have insurance and probably couldn't afford treatment.

Regardless of insurance most doctors are going to be straight with you & others will refer you to another doctor to tell you. Check out Hippocratic Oath.  (+ info)

What is the legal definition of a mental illness?

I'm doing a presentation on mental illnesses and I need to know the legal definition of a mental illness. It's very important that I get it.
I need the LEGAL deffinition only! Not some bull**** crap spam site links, or long ass definitions with multiple definitions in one. No. I only need the legal definition of mental disorder/illness. Thank you.

mental illness of such a severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality, cannot conduct her/his affairs due to psychosis, or is subject to uncontrollable impulsive behavior. Insanity is distinguished from low intelligence or mental deficiency due to age or injury. If a complaint is made to law enforcement, to the district attorney, or to medical personnel that a person is evidencing psychotic behavior, he/she may be confined to a medical facility long enough (typically 72 hours) to be examined by psychiatrists who submit written reports to the local superior/county/district court. A hearing is then held before a judge, with the person in question entitled to legal representation, to determine if she/he should be placed in an institution or special facility. The person may request a trial to determine sanity. The original hearings are often routine with the psychiatric findings accepted by the judge. In criminal cases, a plea of "not guilty by reason of insanity," will require a trial on the issue of the defendant's insanity (or sanity) at the time the crime was committed. In these cases the defendant usually claims "temporary insanity" (crazy then, but okay now). The traditional test of insanity in criminal cases is whether the accused knew "the difference between right and wrong," following the "M'Naughten Rule" from 19th Century England. Most states require more sophisticated tests based on psychiatric and/or psychological testimony evaluated by a jury of laypersons or a judge without psychiatric training. 4) a claim by a criminal defendant of his insanity at the time of trial requires a separate hearing to determine if a defendant is sufficiently sane to understand the nature of a trial and participate in his/her own defense. If found to be insane, the defendant will be ordered to a mental facility, and the trial held only if sanity returns. 5) sex offenders may be found to be sane for all purposes except the compulsive dangerous and/or anti-social behavior. They are usually sentenced to special facilities for sex offenders, supposedly with counseling available. However, there are often maximum terms related to the type of crime, so that parole and release may occur with no proof of cure of the compulsive desire to commit sex crimes.  (+ info)

What limitations does a mental illness cause on your life?

What do you find you can't do? And want to do? And how do you cope with work or school and so on and so forth and what kind of things do you do to help with your mental illness without taking medication? I am getting new medication when I go back to the Psychiatrist on 8th March.

And also, has anyone suffered from a Personality Disorder, Anxiety and/or Depression and got better? If so how ^_^ Thanks!

Every mental illness is different and everybody has different symptoms. Without medication you will find it difficult or impossible to function normally in society. I am so glad that you are getting a new medication in March, I hope that will help you. But remember there are the special therapies that teach you the skills you weren't able to learn in childhood.  (+ info)

How many people think suicide or depression is an illness?

I have depression, and I've tried to kill myself, hell, I even used to cut, but I want you all to help me out here..How many people think suicide or depression, hell, even cutting, is an illness? Cause really I'm sick of people thinking it is, so please, tell me you opinion, do you think they are illnesses?

Depression is an ILLNESS.

It is a chemical imbalance in the brain.
There are chemicals in the brain called Neurotransmitters -These send signals from one neuron to the next across synapses - ( they are chemicals that pass signals from one cell to another cell)
When these signals start to misfire -you can have depression.
They can even measure these signals in brain studies.
Medication can put these neurotransmitters back on track -which in turn will (hopefully, lift the depression.)
Yes, depression is an illness, just like other physical illnesses, altho it may not be as apparent as other physical illnesses,(cancer or diabetes - etc.)  (+ info)

What are the symptoms for mental illness in teens?

I really need to know the symptoms for mental illness in teenagers.
Note: I have most of the symptoms for ADD, I say stuff without thinking and I don't always think about consequences. I also don't think things through.

look it up on Yahoo search or wikipedia‚ô¶  (+ info)

Why is nymphomania considered a mental illness in women but not men?

A lot of men are crazy horn dogs but they get away with it because "their men, their born with higher sex drives." So why is nymphomania considered a mental illness in women who are as horny or hornier than men?

Stupid double-standards:(
And I guess it sorta makes sense that guys naturally have a higher sex drive, just like they're naturally more aggressive, and often d-bags. You're completely right, though, it's ridiculously unfair.
Hahah, great question, though!  (+ info)

What is the difference between a mental illness and being mentally retarded?

Doesn't a mental illness retard you?

A MR person is generally born that way, won't sit up, crawl, walk or speak until much later than normal, if ever. The MR can occur at birth (cord wrapped around the neck, depriving the brain of oxygen, fetal trauma, etc.)

The person with MR generally doesn't improve much in IQ, and that is only with special training. Sadly enough, MR people can also have MI. My profoundly MR nephew is now 14 and has indicated in his behavior and what little speech he has that he is depressed. (We have a LOT of MI in our family). When he is depressed, he doesn't want to ride his 'trike, which is a specially built adult tricycle with extra safety features.

A mentally ill person, on the other hand, has a disease that usually onsets in the teens or early twenties, and even later. There is often a genetic predisposition toward the myriad of mental illnesses. It involves electro chemical aberrations (that affect thought) or a lowered amount of one or more neurotransmitters (dopamine, seratonin, norephidrine) that affect mood. There are also other 'MI's that include panic disorders, anxiety, paranoia, personality disorders, etc.

A small but growing movement in the MI community is to speak of MI as a medical diagnosis instead of as MI. After all, something goes wrong with an organ, the brain, and medication helps most of it. It is largely though to be hereditary.

Actually, when a person is depressed, their IQ may drop a few points, but nothing approaching MR. Hypomania does not retard you, but may add a few IQ points. Nothing particularly noticeable in either case.  (+ info)

Can homelessness cause mental illness or is mental illness heightened by homelessness?

I am aware that many people who are mentally ill are homeless. However weren't they already mentally ill, prior to becoming homeless? My main question is, if a person is medically proven to not have a mental illness or depression becomes homeless, does the traumatic effects of being homeless make said person mentally ill? If so, with help can such a person become socially normal, or are the mental changes permament?

If I have caught your meaning correctly,
my response is that both of these feed each other.

The mentally ill person -- with poor judgement and living outside of reality makes a series of bad decisions.

The series of bad decisions (mental illness) uninterrupted results in losing a place to live or homelessness.

The homeless situation lacks in stable healthy surroundings that would promote or sustain health -- and the mental health of the individual is further disrupted and endangered.

The further the mental health of an individual spirals down, by living in high stress conditions, the greater his dysfunction grows, and the less able he is to get himself out of the homeless situation.

Like I said, one condition feeds the other.

This is why family and community support is of necessity to assist people in becoming healthy and self-supporting.  (+ info)

What are the good things about mental illness?

Everything has a positive and negative side. I am training as a Medical Assistant, and hope to work for a Mental health clinic, or Psychiatrist.
Tell me what your diagnosis is(if u want) and the benfits of your illness or disorder.

My diagnosis is Major Depression, Recurrent, Severe without Psychotic Features. My medication gives me dry mouth. I compensate for that by always having a bottle of water nearby. This in turn helps ensure I remain properly hydrated. Remaining properly hydrated (most of us don't) is a good thing. I've become much more tolerant of others who don't seem that "together". From my personal experience, any struggle a person engages in and prevails against, or at least is able to successfully manage, makes that person not only stronger, but a better person. (I'd use the maxim here: "That which does not kill us makes us stronger.", except that may not a good thing to tell someone who is severely depressed and suicidal...) That pretty much sums it up.  (+ info)

What is the name of the mental illness in which one is basically special needs except for in math?

I knew a little boy with this issue, but I completely forgot the name of his mentally illness. He refuses to do a lot of stuff except for counting things. He was extremely good at that, though.

idiot savant (That's the real name)  (+ info)

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