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how do you deal with an undiagnosed mental illness in family?

What can someone do to deal with a 62 year old family member whom is obviously suffering from an mental illness, but refuses to get help, or acknowledge it? He self medicates with alcohol and prescription drugs. He alienates/can't get along with others, his only friend is the TV, has drastic mood swings and disorganized/illogical thinking. Is there a professional out there that can give me some tips?
Thank you for your really great answers. Unfortunately the doctor he does see is a pill pusher. How do you think he gets those prescription meds. He won't go to another dr. because he likes getting the drugs and the brush off!!

Sometimes those in our families need help and they blame everyone else around them instead of looking at themselves. These people make others need to go for therapy because they refuse to look in the mirror. If you cannot get them to seek the help they are in need of, go talk to someone so that you can learn the best way to cope with them. These people drain the energy out of those closest to them. Get the help you
need so you can deal with this situation. Best Wishes  (+ info)

what is mental illness and a few things about it ?

1.Define what it means to be considered mentally healthy.
2.Mental illnesses are of different types and degrees of severity. Highlight and explain these different types and how they can affect a person’s life.
3.Describe some of the factors that might contribute to a person developing a mental illness.
4.What are some simple tasks that a person can do to help prevent them from developing a mental illness?
5.Identify and describe some of the support agencies that are available for people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

1. You accept yourself and others. You are happy with your life. You are well socially, mentally, and physically.
2. I can't highlight your homework for you, but I can explain to you my experience. I have an anxiety disorder, mild OCD and PTSD, Depersonalization, and Schizophrenia. It's also possible that I have BiPolar, which would turn the Schizophrenia into Schizoaffective disorder. The Schizophrenia, being the worst, obviously affects me the most. So much of what I do is affected by it, and at it's worst, you feel as if you are in a living hell. Anxiety is right up there next to it, because I have a pretty severe case (the anxiety brought upon the Depersonalization and OCD). The PTSD isn't as bad as it used to be, but it still bothers me.
You may become socially withdrawn. Avoidant. People may not want to be around you because of your mood problems or crazy ideas. It may be harder to find a stable job and to keep up with the medical bills.
3. Abuse, one specific traumatic event, being bullied, having poor self-image....the general upbringing of a person.
4. I find that it's almost near impossible do prevent developing a mental illness. My own therapist says that I have insight, which means that I can tell that some of the things I am doing are bad, typically before it gets into a very severe case. This is a good thing. I have that to lean on, and so I mention it to the psychologist before it can get worse. If someone isn't so lucky, then....I mean, I don't know. Mental illness just comes. It's a hell of a lot harder to treat than physical illness, that's for sure, and you are usually never completely cured.
5. Family, friends, therapy, group therapy, rehab, mental institutions

I typically don't do people's homework for them, but I'm bored out of my skull and thought "Why the hell not?"  (+ info)

What effects to illegal drugs have on mental illness?

I have a friend that has some mental illness but has never dealt with it, he also is depressed a lot. He's gotten involved in pot and meth. I personally think he's trying to self medicate.

I was wondering though, how do these drugs effect mental illness? Will it make mental illness worse, or is there something too self medicating? Or is self medicating just getting so high, or drunk that you don't have to deal with anything?

...pot could help or have no adverse effect... other than the possibility of slight paranoia

but meth totally messes up people without mental illness to start with!!! it removes all form of normal reasoning and brain function from a person!!! ...not to mention with prolonged use all of his teeth will rot and fall out!!!

get him off of the meth!!! ASAP!!!  (+ info)

If you have a terminal illness should you be able to kill youself?

Say you have a terminal Illness that you know will cause you pain and anguish should you have the right to kill yourself, (but only if you have a terminal illness.) Do others have the right to tell you that you can't? Are they allowed to tell you how to run your life?

I think we should all have the right to end our lives if we are terminal and the rest of our days would only be filled with pain and suffering. We are allowed to end a animals life if it is suffering but not a human life. I personally think this is totally rediculous but of course this is against the law. If more people would stand up and fight for our rights it may happen one day.
If done in a medical/hospice controlled setting then I don't see anything wrong with it as long as the terminal patient has agreed to it and they are of sound mind.  (+ info)

What's the difference between having the mental illness depression and just having like a 6 month depression?

Like apparently most people have a depressed period in their life but not all of them have the mental illness depression right?

There's short term depression, and then there's clinical depression.

Clinical depression is mainly categorized by not really having anything in your life that would cause you to feel so depressed.

Situational/short term depression is categorized by the depression being triggered by a certain event in your life.  (+ info)

What disease or illness can masterbating cause?

I heard that masterbating can cause a disease or illness but I am not certain. Can it really cause a deadly disease? If masterbating can't cause anything, is it okay to do it with a wet rag?

Masterbating can cause sores. There was an autistic boy who masterbated with a paper towel (because of a sensation problem) . Got horrible sores that can lead to infection. Image if you got that flesh eating bacteria.  (+ info)

What does it take to get disability for a mental illness?

I have extreme bipolar and borderline personality disorder. They're so bad that I cannot function normally; I can't keep a job, I failed out of college, I can't keep friends, I get into financial trouble all of the time, and meds don't work. I've considered getting disability for this before, but I kept telling myself that I just wasn't trying enough and so I tried once more. After watching it all happen again, even while compliant with treatment, I'm ready to give up.

So my question is, what does it take to get disability for a mental illness? Please don't respond that you can't, because I know that you can. My biological mother is the same way and is on disability for it, and in a nursing home (as an alternative to a mental hospital). Would I have to subject myself to hospitalization? What kind of steps are involved?
I'm in Tennessee, United States.
I'm already on a state insurance program called "TennCare" because I'm so mentally ill. Maybe that helps? And I can't stop working or else I'll be homeless again. If you have any suggestions as to how I can stop working and yet not be homeless, I'm willing to take them.

You must have medical proof.

I could tell you from working in Social Security with the judges, you will need the following:

1. a lawyer - While applying for a hearing in Social Security, you are entitled to a lawyer or a rep. (they should give you a list of pro bono lawyers)
2. make 3 copies of your medical records. - one copy will go to the judge, one copy will go to the lawyer and you keep a copy for yourself. Get all medical records, even if its a temp hospital stay in the psych ward.
3. make a list of all the medications you are currently taking.
4. ask your therapist, former employees, friends to write statements on how your condition affected you in the work place, your friendship. Your therapist should state how it will affect you in the future.  (+ info)

I asked a question about illness in the Philippines. Tell me what are some common illnesses?

I asked about illness in the Philippines, what are some common illnesses? What are the chances of catching the illness on the plane?

Most airbourne illnesses wont harm you on a plane for example. But illnesses that can occur in the Philippines vary from Dengue (from mosquitos), TB to bad cases of the flu.. The worst for the majority of people is taking ice made of tap water in a drink and ending up with 2 or 3 days stuck next to the toilet. If you are unsure on medical issues consult your doctor for advice. I have been here nearly 2 years and have had dengue 2 times and a few fevers but doesnt mean you will.  (+ info)

What kind of mental illness is the one that hillucinates, and what kind of therapist works with them?

The time has come when I should start wondering what job I want, and I've always found the mentally ill fascinating. So I really want to be a therapist for that, I just don't know which kind of therapist works with that kind of mental illness.

there r a lot of different mental illnesses that have symptoms of hallucinations but the mean 1 is Schizophrenia and u would need to see a therapist to see which therapist deals with this mental illness. Its like when u got to ur regular doc when u have an eye infection and then they refer u to an eye doctor.  (+ info)

What is a good illness to get you off school?

I usually do the belly bug business and pretend to be sick and head-achey, but my parents become suspicious when I make a speedy recovery when school is done and I need to go out to play. Is there a good illness which would keep you off school but still allow the patient to get out and about?

The symptoms must be easy to feign as I am not a great actor.

put a water bottle on ur forehead!! seriously they'll think u hav a temperature, or else hav a bowl of cereal b4 bed and when ur parents are sleepin go make some more and pour it down th toilet and den wake ur parents or wait till the morning and they see the tolet for themselves!! worked a treat always!! good luck  (+ info)

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