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If a parent has a mental illness what percentage does the child have of obtaining the same disorder?

Say the parent has 3 kids, would all of them get the same mental illness, would only one, or none if lucky?
Thanks guys!

You have a 50% chance of getting it if only one parent has it. If both parents have a mental illness you have more of a 80% chance.

My parents both were mentally ill my father Bipolar and my with Chronic depression.

I have borderline personality disorder
My brother has chronic depression
my sister is bipolar
my little brother has already shown signs of Chronic depression.  (+ info)

What is the occupation name of a person who works in a mental illness hospital?

For a school report, I need to write a paper on what I want to be when I grow up. I don't really know the technical term though. I want to work in a mental illness hospital. I want to be like a nurse for the mentally sick people. Like give them their medication and council them.
Anyone know the technical term?
Thanks :)

A Psych. nurse is a nurse that specializes in the field of Psychiatry.
A social worker and psychologist can be therapists and help people look at their problems. A psychiatrist can prescribe psychotropic medications. A mental health worker is someone that works with people that have psychological problems. Good Luck on your report.  (+ info)

How do you know when a religious "pull" is really mental illness?

I am Bipolar, and have been an atheist for years. Recently I've felt drawn to Christianity, which has caused a lot of inner turmoil because IMO Christianity doesn't make sense. How can a person tell if religious feelings are "normal" or manifestations of a mental illness? I can't trust my own judgment; I once thought it was a really good idea to live in my car.

  (+ info)

What is the best way to wash en disinfect my hands to prevent illness?

I clean public toilets and such.
What is the best way to wash en disinfect my hands to prevent illness?
Most of time I don't wear rubber gloves.

here is a great thing to be aware of. ALCOHOL KILLS EVERYTHING.


Get some 80% alcohol and rub your hands in that stuff or soak your hands in a bowl of the stuff and then wash your hands in hot water and anti bacterial and anti microbial soap. Carry around hand sanitizer and use it regularly.

Make sure you wear gloves all the time and wash them at the end of the day.

Take it easy.  (+ info)

What is the point in faking mental illness?

It's been reported many times that people have faked illness to gain money but in the end they have been caught out.
What is the point?
People will see you as mentally unwell and be very wary of you.
You will need to take medication you don't need to begin with.
You will only get a at least a third of what you would work for [money]

Is it laziness?

They do it for attention they aren't getting.
But you know, there is a mental illness with which the symptoms include faking sickness that you don't have.  (+ info)

What illness could I have for the following symptoms?

Bloated stomach making it hard to breathe especially when exercising, stiff muscles, fever, headache. Is this just a cold or more than 1 illness?

Bloating is intestinal and not related to a cold. If it's bad enough to interfere with your breathing, I hope you'll see a doctor as soon as possible.  (+ info)

Is anxiety a psychotic illness according to the Bar association?

I looked at the Character and Fitness application for the Bar.

It asks if you have a mental illness. I think the would was "psychotic" or some similar word.

I was diagnosed 2 years ago with ADHD and Anxiety and put on medication. (I had problems due to a stalker.) I am now completely free of anxiety and I no longer see a psychiatrist.

Will my ADHD/anxiety diagnoses hurt me? Or are they more concerned with illnesses like schizophrenia and anti-social personality disorder?

Anxiety is not a psychotic disorder.

It sounds to me like someone should sue the bar if they are using mental illnesses to screen out candidates. That is discrimination, or at least it is per the state of California constitution.  (+ info)

What is the role of the social worker in helping someone with mental illness?

When an adult child has a mental illness (and of course is in denial), how can the family help this person as well. Is it appropriate to try to speak to their social worker? What can they tell us?

You have to understand that any ethical social worker or mental health professional will be scrupulous about observing confidentiality. My dad had and one of my brothers has mental health issues, I've interacted with their social workers, counselors, psychiatrists, and others in the field.

Your social worker should be able to point you and your adult son towards resources that can be used to help him, such as mental health centers, counselling programs, public assistance programs. He/she should be able to tell you, as parents, what the limits on things you can do are. My dad was bipolar and his social worker was able to advise us how best to interact with the police and the county psychiatric evaluation team to have him involuntarily hospitalized, and then how to proceed to make the 5150 hold (72 hour evaluation) turned into a two-week hospitalization.

What the social worker cannot/should not be able to do without your son's permission is divulge details on his diagnosis, recommended treatment, details of therapy, or other information that could be regarded as personal and privileged.

FWIW, your son's social worker will be assessing you, at the same time you are assessing him/her. He/she is going to make an appraisal of how helpful you are likely to be, how much you know about dealing with mental health issues, whether you are reasonable, rational people who are still involved in and concerned about your son's life. (Many parents of adult children with mental illness basically "check out" of their children's lives over time, partly because they burn out, partly out of self-defense if their child presents overt dangers to the family, and partly out of sheer rage and frustration that comes with dealing with the mentally ill who resist accepting help or even that they have a problem.) If your son's social worker finds that you are willing to listen, to be educated, to accept that there are limits to what can legally be done, and that you are not going to make his/her job harder, the social worker will be more willing to work with you within the limits of what can be done.

What you can do to assist your child is, first of all, to recognize that there are clear legal limits to what you can do. Dealing with an adult who is mentally ill and in denial can be like stepping into "Alice through the looking glass" into a topsy-turvy world where you have sane, rational people pleading with insane, irrational people to please please please get help. Sometimes, however much it hurts, you have to step back and let the person go "splat" and hit bottom, just praying that they don't take someone else with them and that once they hit bottom there will be some pieces you can pick up to help get them back together.

Your social worker should be able to point you towards support groups in your area, but if he/she can't, try contacting NAMI to see if they have a local chapter. http://www.nami.org/

Good luck.  (+ info)

What is the most dangerous most contagious illness you can have and get a prescription for it at a pharmacy?

I want to play a joke on the Pharmacists who I work with. I work at a grocery store right outside the pharmacy area and know them all. I just want to have a bit of fun go back there really close to the Pharmacists and say " My doctor prescribed me ####### could you tell me how much it is? " :D What would be a good illness to freak them out that I'm so close?

The course of the disease can be shortened and the excretion of bacteria stopped quicker by giving antibiotics, such as doxycycline (eg Vibramycin).

Tuberculosis (pulmonary - active of course)
The bacteria that cause the disease are inhaled in the form of microscopic droplets that come from a person with tuberculosis.
An undetected infectious TB victim will, on average, infect another 10 cases in a year, each of whom could transmit the disease in turn.
Today, treatment involves three or four different kinds of antibiotics given in combination over six to nine months.
The most commonly used antibiotics are isoniazid, rifampin Some Trade Names
, pyrazinamide Some Trade Names
, and ethambutol Some Trade Names
. Streptomycin is sometimes added to this regimen.

You had better read up about them first and practise keeping a straight face.
Swine flu might be easier!!!  (+ info)

How do people who have a chronic illness cope with it?

Thinking about any chronic illness seems so depressing because you must suffer from it for too long of a time. It would take a lot strength to cope with this without losing hope and wanting to give up.
What drives people to keep moving forward regardless of having to deal with such a weakness?

According to the CDC, of ALL Americans in 1905, only less than 5% were chronically ill. In 2005, the CDC reported that over 53% were chronically ill. So when you walk down the street or walk into a room of people, over half of them are chronically ill.

The other answerer, "nicole n" that is suffering from "acid reflux" is a prime example. She could get over that very easily in minutes and would not have to suffer that problem.

That so called disease (GERD) is not a disease. It's due to the lack of stomach acid being in the stomach to digest her food. There are many reasons for this, but the drug companies, doctors, etc. are not going to help her. If she listens to them, she will be suffering with this for the rest of her life and it will not get better.

The rotting, undigested, fermenting, and putrefying food not being digested properly in her stomach is generating LACTIC ACID that is causing the problem. Drug companies know this and they are still promoting antacids that are generating $50 billion dollars a year that would vanish in an instant if people were told the truth.

I can help her fix the problem so simply and for a fraction of the cost.

It is issues like this that are simply disgusting and for Americans to waste $50 billion dollars of health care costs on this is ludicrous. There are solutions to making Americans healthy and most of the degenerative diseases would go away if some changes were made in the food supplies and the way medical science approached sickness in this country. That more than dealing with the diseases is "so depressing" and extremely frustrating.

good luck  (+ info)

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