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Who is a medical professional i could contact regarding the use of stem cells to cure cerebral palsy.?

My brother is an adult male with cerebral palsy due to birth trauma. I have heard of some interesting research being done regarding the use of stem cells in curing cerebral palsy. Could anyone provide me with a contact for more information or a site where the procedures are discussed more in depth? Thanks.

you could look on line to see who is doing clinical research or conducting
trials on this procedure and may by become part of the research trials.
like U C Davis in california is doing clinical trials on emplantable
contac lenses. you have to pay for the procedure, but at least you
can get it done if you don't want to wait till its available to the public.
if you type stem cell research trials in your computer search bar
i would think something will come up to lead you to what you need.  (+ info)

What kind of treatment available for cerebral ischemia, and what is the success rate of the treatment?

Recently I visited eye doctor as my son is having a squinted eye. After so many tests doctor found out that the back portion of the eye is swollen and he has to undergo MRI. After I search on the internet I found that the swelling could be caused by cerebral ischemia. I am very much worried now as my son is 3 yrs old only now. I would like to know if any treatment available for this, if available what it is and how successful it is. Many thanks for your replies.

As far as supplements go-Niacin(flushing kind), vinpocetine, Ginko Biloba, and CoQ10 .Follow the instructions on the package and make sure you use the standardized versions-consult your pharmacist, especially with any other health problems and other medications either over the counter, or prescriptions.  (+ info)

What are your tips on how to help babysit a child with cerebral palsy?

I am soon going to interview to nanny this summer for two children, one being a young boy with cerebral palsy. Does anyone have an experience babysitting or caring for any children with this condition? Do you have any tips for me or anything I should ask/discuss with the parents when I meet them? Thank you!

I've worked with children with development issues and I find that mostly during the interview the mother more or less talk about what is expected. These children usually have a very scheduled life, activities to stimulate their motor cortex, play time, and sometimes even medications or treatments that you might have to give during your shift Sometimes they also have special diets, specific ways of being fed depending on the severity of the disease or condition. walking can be very difficult, do they have a wheelchair, does this child transfer easily, will you be compensated if you injure your back or fall at their house, do they have insurance for you.
Just a few things to think about..  (+ info)

I have a mild case of cerebral palsy and need help with driving. What tools are out there to help me?

It's a mild case of cerebral palsy. Only thing the matter is that my right hand is limp, i cant grab anything with it. Hence I need to grab a steering wheel when i drive. I have heard about steering control knobs or balls. What else is out there that could help me? I suppose this would make me be able to get a handicap sticker on my license plate too.

Car manufacturers are one of the most enthusiastic industries as far as special needs adaptations.

You can indeed get a knob on the steering wheel, or a pin or a ring. You can also get floor-mounted steering, if your feet have more mobility than your hands.
You can also get the gear shift, and other normally right-sided controls moved to the left.

Even better, there are several resources, including the car makers themselves, that will fund, or help fund the modifications.

There are many helpful links here:

Or, if you have a specific brand of car in mind, talk to your local dealership.

You probably would qualify for a handicap parking sticker. But keep in mind that these are intended for people with mobility limitations. If you can walk without impairment, do you really need one?  (+ info)

How many days does it take cerebral aneurysm before it raptures?

How many days does it take cerebral aneurysm before it raptures?
My dad had this before and the vein just raptures in his head, i don't know how many days when you had it at the beginning and it just raptures? I need a serious answer!

Mystifer answered your question pretty well but you should know that there are different treatments for cerebral aneurysms that have very different risks. Depending on the type of doctor that your dad sees, he may get different answers. He should talk with both a neurosurgeon (who generally does open brain surgery) and an interventional neuroradiologist (who does less invasive catheter based techniques). Depending on many factors (location, size, etc.) there may be more than one viable treatment approach with considerably different risks. Also, I strongly urge him to seek out a specialist and medical center that treats a substantial number (more than 50 per year). If you want to message me, I can tell you the names of some experienced doctors in your area.  (+ info)

What support groups and genetic counselors are there for the genetic disorder: familial hypercholesterolemia?

We are a group of high school students who need to contact a genetic counselor or support group about familial hypercholesterolemia for a biology project. Are there any genetic counselors or groups that you know of?

Couldn't find any support groups, but I found the NSGC (National Society of Genetic Counselors) website www.nsgc.org. The menu on the left allows you to search for genetic counselors by specialty or by geography. Hope that helps. Sorry I couldn't find a support group!  (+ info)

What kind of charity events exist to support Cerebral Palsy?

I am currently training for next years "Pedal to the Point" for the MS society. I have a brother with Cerebral Palsy, and I was wondering if there was anything that existed to support CP like a walk, run, or bike charity event. Anyone know of one?

http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Cerebral+Palsy+Charities  (+ info)

Can a 5mm cerebral be removed successfully from behind the right eye without death?

I have a 5mm unruptured cerebral aneurysm and I wanted to know can it be removed successfully?

It can be removed without death, of course, but if it is behind your eye, you are risking your vision. The optic nerve, which is what lets you see, travels behind the eye, so it's easy to nick it.

Repairing aneurysms is a very risky procedure because they can indeed rupture during the surgery. So you need to weigh the risks of it bursting during surgery, and bursting on its own. It is also important to consider the experience, expertise, and track-record of the neurosurgeon. The best person to talk to about this, obviously, is the neurosurgeon who would be doing the repair. They know this procedure inside out and can tell you the exact risks.

To summarize, death is extremely unlikely in this scenario. Simple aneurysms are not a big deal to repair. The problem with yours is its proximity to the eye, and also the depth of the aneurysm - how deep does the needle have to travel to get to the problem? Again, talk to the surgeon - they are the absolute best source of information.  (+ info)

How many peps out there with a child with cerebral palsy and a deployed husband?

I have 3 daughters ages 7, 5, and 20 months. Eldest with cerebral palsy (can walk with walker and braces but mostly crawls, and doesn't talk). Husband is in Iraq for 2nd time, 3rd time overseas. Just wondering if there are anymore out there in the same "boat" that I'm in.

My husband is also military, but he's home right now.Our two year old has CP. Feel free to email me if you'd like someone to talk to. I can be contacted through Y!A and will give you my email then.  (+ info)

What are the chances of Cerebral Palsy being passed through to an unborn child during a pregnancy?

My fiancee and I want to have a baby, but he is worried that his cerebral palsy (mild) will be passed on to the baby and since he is older, he wouldn't be around to help me raise the baby and also he knows the cruelness and the hard times he had while he was growing up.

Your child's chances are the same as anyone else. Cerebral palsy isn't something that is passed down from parent to child, it is a birth defect that happens before birth, during birth, or perhaps even shortly after birth. It is usually the result of a stroke. So, I would not worry too much, as your husband cannot "give" your child C.P. It isn't apart of him in that way.  (+ info)

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