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Has anyone every had a cerebral angiogram?

I was just told by my doctor that I have to have a 4 vessal cerebral angiogram, and i was wondering if anyone has ever had one before. Can anyone tell me what is is like, recovery time, anything at all about it.

A cerebral angiogram (or arteriogram) is a diagnostic test that produces images of the arteries in the brain and/or head and the blood flowing through them. It can help physicians diagnose a number of problems with the blood vessels in the head and neck, including ruptured vessels or blockage of an artery, usually by fatty plaque. If a vessel is blocked, the patient may be at increased risk of stroke. Other conditions (such as a cerebral aneurysm) may also be revealed through a cerebral angiogram.

To perform an angiogram, the physician injects a special dye (contrast medium) into the arteries of the head or brain through a long, thin tube called a catheter. The catheter is threaded through a blood vessel, usually in the upper thigh and into the head. Once the catheter is in place, the physician injects the dye through the catheter and into the targeted arteries. After the dye has reached the arteries, the x-ray images can be taken.

Although the physician typically numbs the area where the catheter is inserted, the patient is awake for the entire procedure. The patient receives a mild sedative before the procedure and usually does not feel the movement of the catheter within the blood vessels. However, there may be some sensation, such as heat or flushing, as the dye is released.

Preparations for the test may vary and patients are encouraged to discuss the matter with their physicians. The test is usually performed on an outpatient basis and patients generally return home the day of the test. They may be placed on bed rest for 24 hours following the procedure. In some cases, patients will remain in the hospital for observation or further tests.

The most common risk associated with cerebral angiograms is an allergic reaction to the contrast medium. Patients should inform their physicians of any known allergies, especially to iodine, shellfish or strawberries. There is also a risk that the catheter will rupture an artery or dislodge a piece of plaque that can block blood flow and cause a stroke. Women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant or who are nursing need to discuss the use of this test with their physicians. Angiograms are usually not done on pregnant women due to the risk of damage to the fetus by radiation.
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Why did my friend and her husband have 2 kids with cerebral palsy?

What could cause a couple to have 2 kids with cerebral palsy? I know that she did some drugs back then... namely LSD. but could drug use make that happen?

Although CP is associated with problems at delivery, or with premature birth that requires the newborn to be on a ventilator, there are cases where doctors never do figure out what caused it. It is possible that her drug use did play a part, because many of them do cross the placental barrier. Drug using mothers also don't tend to eat right or have prenatal care, and those also raise the risks of having problems with the newborn. It's not a genetic problem, but it can be a developmental problem during the pregnancy itself or injury during the birth process. Given the history of drug use, especially if it was during pregnancy or in between them- yes, that could be part of the explanation.  (+ info)

What would you like to ask?is there any mantra cure for a Cerebral Palcy Child?

Need to know if anybody can say any mantra for a (cerebral palsy)mentally disabled child. this child understands all things, but unable to co-ordinate the body parts to perform something". if any body can help.

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are your child able to done anulom viloma?
have you give him medicine of baba ramdeva?
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Is there a foundation to help my sister who has Cerebral Palsy?

My sister who is 40 years old and has had Cerebral Palsy since birth, this is a women who can make you smile and has a great sense of humor but has gotten to a point in her life where she does need help to even move now. She doesn't have much money and is on Social Security is there a foundation to help her to be able to get help of any kind?


would you vote for a contest with my grandson who has cerebral palsy?

My grandson has Cerebral Palsy and I put him into a contest with my daughter.She has him in so much she is non-stop busy with him.She's is in school too.They all need a break.I didn't put in that he's having surgery on both feet next month.I know other people have it bad too.

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Can someone help me on my Cerebral Palsy paper?

So I have this Genetics paper due tomorrow on Cerebral Palsy. I have most of it done. I just need a closing paragraph. It has been very difficult finding information because technically CP may or may not be genetic.

Could someone give me ideas or an outline of what I could write?

check out this site! www.webmd.com Hope it helps  (+ info)

Where is the best place to live in Florida for someone who has cerebral palsy?

I'm 22 years old and I have cerebral palsy and I won't to move from Tennessee to Florida.But I was told that the only way that I could live out on my own was that of I would have to live in a assisted living program I was wondering.What are the best places in Florida for people like me to live?Thank you for your help.

my favorite place in florida would be on the gulf coast side across from miami, its usually warm there year round,,find a small town in that area with assisted living and go for it,  (+ info)

Is it advisable for a man with OCD to marry a woman with Cerebral Palsy?

Is it advisable for a man with OCD to marry a woman with Cerebral Palsy (mild, affecting leg alone) considering the health of the offspring they would produce?

there is no reason at all why they can't get married. as for any children born, cerebral palsy is normally caused by problems giving birth like lack of oxygen to the baby. and OCD stems from anxiety, so none of these are hereditary and as long as they are happy go ahead.  (+ info)

What actions do you think might decrease the cases of new (non-familial) autism?

Autism has various causes one is familial traits.
non-familial autism comes from new mutations from older father's sperm or is carried by mother's who had older fathers. In these cases these are de novo mutations new genetic disorders.

I'm sorry Christine but all autism is not genetic and from birth. If so, explain how my daughter developed ahead of her peers up until 14 months? Then she has a flu shot and two weeks later seizures, after the seizures the regression started.  (+ info)

Does anyone know if cerebral palsy and epilepsy can be related?

I have cerebral palsy and epilepsy, both of which have caused various other problems; like sciatica, arthritis, asthma, anxiety, hypersensitivity, occasional aphasia, sensory integration disorder, ADD, and dyscalculia. I have noticed that many adults with cerebral palsy whom I have talked to have epilepsy or some sort of seizure disorder, as well as one or more of the additional disorders mentioned. Are these two main disorders intertwined? Can anyone relate?

Cerebral palsy is the result of some sort of insult to the central nervous system in utero, during birth, or during early infancy.

Epilepsy is not much different. It occurs because the brain is miswired so that the electrical signals can start jumping out of control. The miswiring can occur because of a developmental mistake, or it can occur while recovering from an injury to the brain (a stroke, for example).

We may not be able to see anything different on imaging (CT or MRI), but we know that ultimately both are the result of a physical abnormality in how the neurons are wired together in the brain.  (+ info)

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