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Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease.?

I need to find out the genotype for the disorder for a project, and google and everything isn't giving me anything except many results about phenotype/genotype correlations. Can anyone help?

Charcot-Marie-Tooth is a heterogenous group of disorders. There isn't a single genotype. The disease can be caused by any one of more than 50 genetic variants. see: www.charcot-marie-tooth.org/about_cmt/causes.php and www.genetests.org  (+ info)

does anyone have charcot marie tooth disease and really bad feet?

I am currenty looking into getting social security disability for my condition which I have found out is charcot-marie-tooth disease which came from my grandfather through my mother, from which what I have read so far, thats right. because of no cure, I am looking into getting some aide due to my feet are getting worse as I get older (47 now). thank you.

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Is Charcot Marie Tooth Disease associated with Diabetes Mellitus?

I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes about 3 years ago. It has progerssively gotten worse. I was diagnosed with Diabetic Polyneuropathy last year as well. I was always described as a "clumbsy" child. My mother said I was the only person she knew that could fall down without taking a step.

My neuro says I have a gait disturbance but has done nothing as far as telling my why.

I had some foot pain the last three days and had an x-ray done. My Internist told me I have arthritis and bone spurs but it could be Charcot Marie Tooth Disease.

Is there any information out there linking Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and Diabetes?

Are you confused on the name? Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease is named for the physicians who identified the disease, Charcot, Marie, and Tooth. It is not the same as Charcot's foot disease, a neuropathic joint disease that is a common complication of diabetes mellitus. http://www.neurologychannel.com/charcot/
For more info on Charcot's foot disease, look here: http://www.diabetes.usyd.edu.au/foot/Charcot1.html  (+ info)

Is there anyone out there with the disease charcot marie tooth?

charcot marie tooth ,Is there anyone out there with the disease charcot marie tooth .CMT.id like to know in in the uk england

nope. never even heard of it  (+ info)

my boyfriend has charcot marie tooth disease. and we want a baby what are the chances of the baby having it?

also how would you prevent it? is there anyone else out there with the disease?

Charcot marie tooth disease is an INHERITED disease.
It is very uncommon for a person to get this disease, unless one or both of their parents had it.

Depending on the type, many people can carry it and not even know.

Since the baby gets 50% of your genes and 50% of his genes, that's the bottom line - your baby has a 50% chance of getting the disease. Period.

"Each of us normally possesses two copies of every gene, one inherited from each parent.
Some forms of CMT are inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion, which means that only one copy of the abnormal gene is needed to cause the disease.
Other forms of CMT are inherited in an autosomal recessive fashion, which means that both copies of the abnormal gene must be present to cause the disease.

You cannot prevent passing the disease to your child - if it happens, it happens.
Well..I guess you could adopt, or use a sperm donor..but then it wouldn't be your boyfriend's child.  (+ info)

Anyone have this disease charcot marie tooth syndrome, have a question about it? Please help.?

My boyfriend has the diesease charcot marie tooth syndrome, which he has a huge arch on his foot and hammered in toes and walks with a gait, he has had it since he was eight. I read in an article eventually they lose sensation and muscle movement when they are older and have to be wheelchair bound? Is that true? What is the chance it will get passed down, if we have children? Is it hereditary?

CMT is hereditary. My mom, younger sister and possibly myself have it (being tested) Everyone is affected differently by CMT but you do lose sensations and muscles do waste away to a certain degree. Some people will end up in wheelchairs, but that is not that common for most forms of CMT. I believe there are 12 forms of CMT.

Here is a good place to learn all you can about the syndrome. By the way your boyfriend has had it since birth..just the symptoms started at age 8. Hope this helps you out some.  (+ info)

Is the gene for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease Dominant or recessive?

there are 3 subtypes of this disease, 2 arerecessive, three dominant (one of these is X linked)  (+ info)

I have charcot marie tooth disease and have had breathing problems an sweat alot is this normal with cmt?

Here is a good website:


Hopefully, this will give you the answers you need.  (+ info)

My boyfriend has charcot marie tooth disease and it bothers me from inside that he has it.I wish theres a cure?

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Does anyone have Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease?

Does anyone have Charcot-Marie Tooth Disease? I always suspected, but today it was confirmed. Did anyone ever do the surgery for the feet, to improve the high arch, straighten toes etc? If so, how did that go? And how is the condition affecting you?
No, I don't have diabetes, just this + EDS + congenital hip dysplasia.... that's pretty much it. I'm in my early 20's, not on any medications, and I joined the gym recently so I can strengthen my muscles...


My name is kathleen and 4 years ago i found out i had cmt. I am adopted so i have no backround to go on. i have never gotten to meet another person w cmt or much tlak to some1.
But if u recently found out, pseaking from personal experience, talk to people..get out alot n dont let it get u down. its hard though i know.
well my cmt i so advanced that when i was 20 its where some1 in there 50's would be. and now its getting worse. BUt cmt affects every1 totally diffrent n progression rate is a big thing, every1 is ata diffrent pace.

Educate urself as much as u can.
Can u get out n do stuff still?
Gyms are great. the best thing u can do for urself n ur body.
i have afo's(ankle foot othodicts) night splints n a cane.
i suggest trying to get inserts for ur shoes afo's n night splints n try those first b4 u even consider surgery

Its been quit diffucult for me recently but i moved all the way to cali from louisiana n i dont want to excersise by myself cause none would know if i feel n hurt myself.
i havw thought about doing the surgery before, but honest have talked to a few people over a pen pal magazine called quest, n its not a good idea to do. unless ur foot drop is so severe theres nothing thats working.
there are so many greta devices out there now that surgery is actaully not something u should be worring about.
i have a bunch of sites u can go to n magazines u should sign up for if ur intersted in learning more.
i have made it a point that since i have no family or friends to ask about cmt to educate myself ot teh fullest.

how did u find out bout the cmt?? if u dont mind me askin
Do ur rents have it?

sorry if my typing n spelling isnt so good, i do apologize, its funny if i write myself notes I cant even read them back to myself. lol
well u can always writ me back bout anyhting u want to know or if u just want to chat.
my email is [email protected]
and im also on myspace, myspace.com/kitty_kat127
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