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how do u get rid off chilblains

The best thing to use is this green stuff called Snowfire. I don't actually know if it's still made but have a look because it is the ONLY thing that works for me!  (+ info)


OK, these are really bugging me; I have very bad circulation, and as such am naturally prone to chilblains. I've had them before, but not as bad as this! I got this 'batch' in late September, and they still haven't gone away. My toes are swollen and purple and itchy, and it's very painful.
Also, I have started developing hard lumps on the knuckles of my index fingers which feel like hard skin but don't itch at all, could this be related?

i went to my dermatologist and she gave me a medicine thats called CLOBETASOL PROPIONATE its a prescription that is an ointment and its helping me alot!! i get ALOT of chilblains too!!!!


I have really terrible circulation and chilblains?

I'm still at school and my school is not exactly great for central heating! I wear very thick gloves every time and I put ointment on my hands but I still get very bad chilblians on my fingers, almost all year round. This time last year, my chilblains got nfected and I had to go on medication for them. Can anyone give me tips to improve my circulation so that my chilblains won't break and get infected again? Please help, I am desperate!

I too experience chilblains and poor circulation.

Doing cardiovascular exercise such as jogging will improve your circulation and hopefully reduce the effects of your chilblains.

Chilblains occur when your hands are subject to a dramatic temperature change so if they are cold when you are at school and you put them in a hot bath for example, that can cause chilblains.

So try to warm your hands gradually

Hope this helps x  (+ info)

Has anyone got a miracle cure for chilblains?

The cream, especially for chilblains, that I have been using for a week is doing nothing. In the evening when my feet are warm, several off my toes are red hot and itch like mad. So far the skin hasn't broken.
Any suggestions gratefully received. Thankyou.

http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=chilblain+remedy&meta=  (+ info)

Is there anything I can do about chilblains ?

I get terrible chilblains on my little toes every year. I have really bad circulation and sometimes my feet get cold when I'm wearing 3 pairs of socks in my bed with 3 duvets! Is there like any creams I can put on to make them go away? Anything I can do for my bad circulation?

Did you try any Calamine lotions? It probably would not go away but it will help lessen the itchiness. Are you wearing wool socks? Wool socks are much warmer. Do you have central heating in your house? If not try to get a heater, it is very important to keep your feet warm. Do you smoke, smoking causes bad circulation. Also try do some exercise, try not to stay put in one spot. You can also try to massage your toes with warm vegetable oil with a few drops of lemon added.  (+ info)

What are some home remedies for chilblains?

I think I have it but I'm not sure. The symptoms sound like mine. But I don't want to go out and buy some creams if I don't have. Does someone have an at home remedy I can use?

Here is a link regarding home remedies, what causes them, etc:

The best way to avoid them is to wear thick socks and gloves in cold weather, avoid getting hands and feet wet or damp at all in cold weather, and avoid warming your hands and feet too quickly if they do get cold. Never put very cold hands or feet directly in front of a fire for instance or that could trigger them.

If you have diabetes and develop chillblains.... see your GP or diabetic nurse.

Best wishes.  (+ info)

help i have chilblains and i thought i had atheletes foot or fungus?

How do i treat it because it comes back everytime when it is healed? It appears on my fingers and toes and when it is cold. It's swollen and red and really itchy. My toes had developed blisters and i treat it with AHA lotion on and it helps shed the dead skin away. My toes look red still but it healed. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Try to keep the areas warm to prevent recurrence.
The cause of chilblains isn't known. But tests in some people with chilblains may reveal abnormal proteins that tend to sludge in cold temperatures.
In chilblains, it's important to slowly rewarm the skin after cold exposure. Treatment may also include:
* Corticosteroid creams to relieve itching and swelling
* Medications to improve circulation
* Keeping any sores clean and protected with sterile dressings
An episode of chilblains usually clears up within seven to 14 days. To prevent chilblains, avoid or limit your exposure to cold, such as by dressing warmly and covering your head and all exposed skin when you go outside in cold weather.
Best wishes to you. Keep warm!  (+ info)

I deliver frozen food to stores being in and out of my truck could this cause chilblains on my toes?

Will workers comp take care of any medical bills?

  (+ info)

How do you get rid of chilblains - or prevent them?


Keep area warm
Avoid scratching
Anti-itch creams, such as Calamine lotion
Zambuk ointment
Nifedipine may be used in more severe or recurrent cases... Its vasodilation helps reduce pain, facilitate healing and prevent recurrences.
Self-medication can be provided by urinating on affected area and leaving to absorb for approximately 30 seconds. This should be repeated regularly during cold months.


Avoid cold exposure
Wear gloves
Use warm footwear
Keep hands and feet warm
Healthy diet
High doses of vitamin K  (+ info)

What causes chilblains and how do you prevent them.?

It's an old wive's tale, weeing on chilblains!
Before the days of central heating and when I hadn't the sense to wear warm gloves, socks etc I used to get them, but never weed on them!

It is thought that about 1 in 10 people in the UK get chilblains at some stage in their life. It is not clear why some people get chilblains when their skin gets cold. It is probably due to 'poor circulation' in the extremities (toes, fingers, etc). The tiny blood vessels under the skin narrow (constrict) when the skin becomes cold. The blood supply to areas of skin may then become very slow. As the skin re-warms there is some leakage of fluid from the blood vessels into the tissues. In some way this causes areas of inflammation and swelling leading to chilblains.

The way to avoid them is to keep warm. Warmth is the gold standard prevention.
You can pee on them if you like shoild you get chilblains this winter. Let us know if it works!  (+ info)

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