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I've had the chills on and off lately. One period I'll have it , the next I'll be burning. When I have them my body feels so warm to touch. This is all I feel, so I don't think I'm sick. What do you think it is?
Why would this mean I am too sick? I don't feel sick, but I have tons of chills.
I am female, it is not hot flashes.

Are you sure you are not comming down wwith something? Be sure to talk to your doctor.  (+ info)

What does it mean when a person gets chills and goosebumps for no reason?

Sometimes when I'm in my room(which is pretty warm), out of nowhere I feel a strong chill, I feel cold, and I get goosebumps then I feel tired, my head feels heavy and I don't feel like myself. After a couple of minutes I feel normal again. The chills are so strong that it feels like my breath is being taken away. Can someone tell me why this happens to me?

My dad always told us it was someone walking over our grave.  (+ info)

What sickness causes fatigue and small chills?

Lately I have felt Fatigue and weak,and I have had small chills.What could be causing this?

There could be alot of different things, from the common cold to mono. I would go to the doctor to see what they say. The chills are probably called by a fever.

To check your symptoms here is a good website that might be able to help you


Good Luck! I hope you feel better!  (+ info)

How can I get rid of these chills by tomorrow morning?

Okay so I had chills for about three days and I really want to go to school tomorrow morning because the new semester starts and I want to be at school everyday. I have drank Hot Green Tea and drank medicine but I still have the chills. I also took two hot showers and I felt way better after but I got the regular chills back. I still have this cough and these chills! Can someone tell me how? Thank you very much!

If you really need to go, just go.
In the meantime, drink fluids, take zinc, get plenty of sleep, have cough drops on hand, and dress warmly- but in easily accessible layers. That way, you can adjust to how you feel temperature wise. But no matter what, dress more warmly then usual, to ward off your developing sickness.

p.s. Margie how on earth do you know that? A cough and chills could signify a number of things, and plus you could live on the other side of the country! jeez lol  (+ info)

What are some good tips to get rid of extreme chills?

I am freezing right now. I woke up sick yesterday morning with a sore throat and congestion. Nasal drainage down my throat. I have extreme chills 24/7. What are some things that I can do to get rid of my chills?

A small space heater is a good way. A hot shower another.  (+ info)

How do you get the chills or goosebumps?

I know you usually get goosebumps when it's cold and whatnot, but like say you hear an amazing singer hit a high note and you get the chills or like for me. Everytime I re-watch the interception that Tracy Porter made at Super Bowl 44, I get chills. How does that happen?

  (+ info)

What do sudden chills followed by sweating mean?

This morning I was sitting in class, and all of a sudden I started feeling weak. Chills ran through me, and I started sweating. My hand was shaking, and my stomach felt like it would explode, and I felt like I was going to black out. What does this mean?

It means you have a fever. The cold sweats. is your skin a little sensitive too?
Just catching the flu or something. Bed rest, plenty of fluids. Nothing to worry about.  (+ info)

What does getting chills while listening to awesome songs mean as your bodies response?

What psycholigical is happening here? Sometimes when im listening to a really awesome song i havent heard in a while i get chills down my spine

its a musical orgasm  (+ info)

Why does getting cold chills make leg hairs grow back so fast?

Every time I shave my legs I get cold chills after I get out of the shower and they seem to grow back instantly. Why is that?

Okay I learned this in Anatomy class this year haha :). The reason for that is because ther hairs all over your body are connected to whats called dermal papillae under your skin. When you get goose bumps or shivers the dermal papillae go erect and release heat or something to that effect. Therefore making it look like your hairs have grown much faster or like your skin has been pulled back...so thats what they mean when they say "your hair stands on end" or whatever.

heres a pic.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dermal_papillae  (+ info)

Is it normal for cold chills to make your upper body jerk?

My 17 yr old daughter has what she describes as cold chills, that cause her upper body to jerk. Her arms fly up and forward and she says they hurt sometimes. It seems that they happen more when she is tired or upset. Sometime these are quite violent. Could this be something serious?

psychological ,  (+ info)

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