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How does a 13 year old girl get rid of chills and the want to throw up?

Please help me. I cant get rid of the chills and its so cold. Please someone tell me, i feel like im gunna die, i cant feel fingers anymore. I reallly want to throw up, but i cant cuz i just took medicine and i dont want my parents to get mad.

your sick. sit down, have hot tea, rest,try sleep. maybe you need to tell your parents how you feel, they might take you to a Doctor if you really feel like you need to.( hot tea really helps. try it!!!)
by the way, medicine upsets your stomach even more.  (+ info)

What does it mean when your sunburn tingles? And you get chills all the time?

I have to worst sunburn ever. It's tingling all over when I'm burnt and I get chills a lot then I normally do.

it just depends on the intenisty of the sunburn
i had a really bad sunburn last summer and i couldnt even lift my arms
i had to sleep with no fan and like 8 blankets cuz i was so cold with chills.
just use aloe vera and it should be better in a couple of days.  (+ info)

Why do i wake up with cold chills and tremors and my heart raceing at night?

Sometimes i wake up at night with chills,tremors,and my heart raceing.My thyriod TSH levels are normal.I am a 51 year old female.Whats going on?

A high cortisol/ low melatonin level. High cortisol causes racing heart. Also probability of an estrogen/progesterone/testosterone imbalance.  (+ info)

Not feeling the best today got the chills,body ache,migraines what am I coming down with?

Feeling a bit sick today chills,body ache,migraines whats wrong and how can I do to feel better again?

just sleep that's what i've been doing i'm sick too.  (+ info)

How does diabetes cause the symptom "the chills" or shivering?

Yea I'd just like to know the diabetes causes shivering or "the chills". I need the answer for an answer to a question for class, really appreciated if someone gave me a well detailed answer.

Flu, gallstones, MI, influenza, staph/strep infections, meliodosis, or UTI. These symptoms are more likely to cause chills if a client is Diabetic..  (+ info)

What does it mean when you get the chills when you run?

I run and it's very hot out. Im sweating and panting and then I get the chills and get cold. What does it mean and why does it happen? Also, is it bad?

that happened to me today. i'm not positive but i think it's a symptom of heat exhaustion. i asked my coach why i had goose bumps and she said it was because my internal body temperature was hotter than the air around me.  (+ info)

Why do I get chills when i take the first bite of my meal?

Whenever i eat lunch or dinner, the first bite i take and swallow gives me chills, why does this happen?

well either you are in love with food and are a general fatty or you suffer chronic jizzing  (+ info)

What is the problem symptoms:chills,diarrhea,back pain?

My husband always has a stomach ache. He has diarrhea no matter what he eats. Lately he has been having lower back pain (lumbar area), chills, and headaches. What is going on? Could he have more than one condition?

Sounds like drug withdrawals. Could be Chron's disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Could be a lot of things really. Has he gone to the doctor to get it checked out? He should really go. Take care!

Attached is a website where you can check the symptoms and it will give you a list of possible disorders and diseases.  (+ info)

Is it normal to get chills all the time?

I live in a fairly warm climate.
Sometimes, its really hot outside and I get chills when there isn't any wind.
Its not that I'm cold, I just shiver, and get goosebumps.
When I'm in a content room, my teeth start chattering, and when I put a jacket on, it doesn't help.
Does anyone know what is causing this?
It has been going on for about a month.
Oh, and the chills make my whole body shake very quickly in a jerking motion.
Almost like I'm twitching.

It sounds like you have low body temp. You don't have sweats right?
Do you ever take your temp when you feel like this and then when you do not to compare?

It could be a thyroid or adrenal problem or another endocrine issue and is common in other inflammatory conditions and autoimmune disorders.

It is very common in tick born illnesses such as Bartonella/BLO and Lyme disease. (That was my daughter's cause)

Hope you can get to the doc soon.

Best wishes~  (+ info)

Hot flashes and chills a sign of pregnancy?

Last week I spotted for 4 days (on and off), the past 2 days I've felt flushed and had the chills. My temp is normal, but it feels like a hot flash (which I've had plenty of before, but never with the chills). AF should be starting in 5 days, but these are not typical premenstural symptoms for me. We've been ttc for the past few months but don't want to get my hopes up just yet. I know pregnancy symptoms are different for everyone and every pregnancy, just wondering if anyone out there experienced anything like this. Thanks!

I had hot flashes with my first pregnancy. But I recommend taking a blood test not a urine. My first child showed up negative 3 times and didnt show positive on a urine test until my 8th month. This could be symptom of something more serious. So please see a Dr.  (+ info)

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