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How long does it take Ursodeoxycholic acid to work when you have Obstetric Cholestasis?

I have started taking Ursodeoxycholic acid today as i have been told I have Obstetric Cholestasis Just wondering if i'm going to be able to sleep tonight or not? I am being induced on sat and am sooo tired cause I've not slept very much in over a week.Just wondering if anyone knows or has had experience with this. Thanks for your answers.

i would imagine the drugs kick in pretty quickly, so i have heard from women who have taken it that it works very well, but it's more for controlling your actual bile acid levels which will often peak down to the upper scale of normal which can still make you itch a bit. why are they inducing you on saturday? what's the point, it won't make much difference as it's only 2 days away. they would be better off just inducing you, i would have thought.  (+ info)

Has anyone on birth control pills experienced itching all over your body (cholestasis?

Also, if you've ever been pregnant, did you have itching all over/cholestasis (ICP) during your pregnancy? I had ICP during pregnancy and OB says I can never take pills b/c it can cause same itchy problem as I had while prego.

Hi! I had ICP with my first pregnancy, it started at 28 weeks. It's horrible, isn't it? After my son was induced at 38 weeks my doctor put me on micronor, a progesterone only pill. I didn't itch at all, and it's a good pill to be on if you plan to nurse. I had no problems with my milk supply, and my fertility returned at about 9 months.

Rarely women do report itching while on the pill. Yahoo has a great group, itchymoms, who helped me alot.

24 weeks, 6 days and no sign of ICP yet (knock on wood).  (+ info)

Is it possible to have cholestasis of pregnancy if you've had your gallbladder removed?

I had to have my gall bladder removed when I was 6 weeks pregnant due to gallstones and elevated liver enzymes. I am now 31 weeks pregnant and having symptoms of cholethasis but was wondering if that was possible seeing I've had my gallbladder removed?

ask your Dr  (+ info)

Is itchy feet at 6 weeks of pregnancy a sign of cholestasis?

My feet itched so much last night that I couldn't sleep. I'm quite alarmed because I read on the net that itchy feet and palms is a sign of cholestatis which can cause fetal death. But most women affected were in their third trimester. Am I worrying over nothing?

I had Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (ICP) during my pregnancy with my son. I itched ALL OVER and it started towards the end of my 2nd trimester. Talk to your doctor about this, they can run a simple blood test to test your liver function. That will let them know if this is caused by cholstasis or not.

Its more then likely not just because its so early on in the pregnancy but you never know. Its better to be safe then sorry. Just talk to your doctor about it at your next appointment.

BTW reading things on the internet can make you go crazy!!! The doctors found a cyst on my son's brain and did some blood tests. They told me not to look it up but I did anyways. Worried myself to death over nothing. My son didn't have what they were testing for and was completley healthy.  (+ info)

Has anyone suffered from Cholestasis of the liver?

I was just diagnosed yesterday and if my blood doesn't come back any better after 5 days of medicine they will induce me. I am just wondering if anyone else went through this and what your experiences were??

I am 36 weeks so induction is ok, but I fear for the health of my baby.

They will be doing what is best for the baby. If they leave the baby in there with your condition it could be dangerous for the baby. The baby will be fine 37 weeks is actually considered full-term so by 5 days after the medication to the induction your baby will be full-term. Congrats!!  (+ info)

Has any one suffered from Obstetric Cholestasis during pregnancy?

My niece has been diagnosed with it and she is 33 wks pregnant, the doctor has told her she wont be allowed to go over 36wks as the baby could be stillborn

Until recently it had been thought that obstetric cholestasis caused a small increased risk of stillbirth. The risk of stillbirth in a normal pregnancy is about 1 in 100, and the risk if you have obstetric cholestasis was thought to be a little more than this.

However, an analysis in 2006 of the stillbirth figures looking back over a number of years concluded that the rate of stillbirth in women with obstetric cholestasis is no different to those without obstetric cholestasis. However, some people feel that the interpretation of these figures is not quite correct. They say that it is true to say that the rate of stillbirth in women with obstetric cholestasis is no greater than normal if they are actively managed. That is, if the baby is delivered at 37 weeks, which was common practice. What is disputed is that, if a woman with obstetric cholestasis is left to go to term, there may still be a small increased risk of stillbirth.

So, some people still feel that there may be a small risk of stillbirth unless the baby is delivered early (at about 37 weeks). More research is needed to clarify this issue.

  (+ info)

apart from itching are there any other signs of obstetric cholestasis?

itching on palms of hands, fingers, soles of feet, face and legs and arms just wondering if there are any of signs?
i'm 26 weeks if that makes a diff!

* Tiredness.
* Poor appetite and feeling sick.
* Mild jaundice. You may go 'yellow' and have dark urine and pale looking stools. This is uncommon and due to an increased level of bilirubin (a constituent of bile) leaking from the bile ducts into the bloodstream.  (+ info)

has anyone ever had obstetric cholestasis or pre eclampsia?

heya i had it with my daughter and am planning another child but am really really scared i will get it again, i also had gall stones and pre eclampsia with that pregnancy and was induced at 38 weeks and ended up with a c section because of it . if anyone has had more than one baby and had the condition could you please fill me in. also stories of your exp would be nice for both as i just want something to NOT be worried about

yes you can get everything again, you will tend to find people who have never had these problems think they know more, speak to your doctor, they will tell you that with every pregnancy there is risks of everything whether youve had them before or never! I myself had a perfectly healthy first pregnancy, which due to being overdue and baby being in distress, i too had to have an emergency c-section. Im now currently pregnant with my second child (36wks) and iv had every problem there is! Im being induced monday thanks to Cholestasis - But even tho my first pregnancy resulted in a c-section, and the fact that i have cholestasis, there is no reason why i cant try natural! I have the choice whether to be induced and try natural or to go to theatre for a section (i still havent decided what to do!!).
Dont let people or whats happened scare you, if we all let these things bother us we'd never have children. Listen to your heart and if you want more kids go for it... Your doctor will look after you (iv had fortnightly checkups with an obstetrician all thru my pregnancy as well as scans once a month!) SO long as you keep up to date with your apointments, you will be fine. And you will be in the best hands if they were to think something wasnt right.  (+ info)

Is Cholestasis determined by a basic liver function panel or bile acid labs?

With my First pregnancy at 30-32 weeks I started itching severly. I had to beg the OB for more test. Finally the labs urged I have the baby asap due to cholestasis results.

I'm now on Pregnancy #2, I'm 37 weeks, I started experiencing sever itching, since last weekend. My OB had my baby monitored at the hospital, turns out I was also contracting and 2cm dilated. I was injected a strong anihistamine to knock me out. I had labs, the lab tech and nurse refuse to tell what labs I had.

On my Monday follow up with my OB, he said, He wanted me to have more labs. I said, I thought my labs from the hospital were fine. He said, " i need to know the levels of your bile acids".

Its now Friday and my OB's office still does not have the results. Meanwhile I started requesting results of my bile acid labs done on Monday, since Wendsday, because of the sever itching.

My questions is, which is the correct test to determine I'm having cholestasis again, Liver function panel or bile acid lab

The doctor will have a much better picture with both LFTs and bile acids.

I think he's on the right track clinically, but boy does he need a better bedside manner.

Do you think you can say to him, "Hey look, I'm worried and no one is telling me anything. Tell me now. What is happening? What have you done? What will you do? Is my baby OK?"

I've parented three medically fragile children -- I know how frustrating it is when the doctor isn't forthcoming. I have found that most will answer direct questions.

If your doctor does not, or if you don't feel comfortable pushing him ... is there a nurse, or another doctor, in that practice who you feel more comfortable with?

I understand the hospital nurse and lab tech not telling you the results -- they'd probably get yelled at if they did. But SOMEONE has to talk to you. It should be the doctor. But anyone in his office can step up.

Another month or so and you won't have to deal with this doctor any more.

Hang in there.  (+ info)

ok i am 35 weeks pregnant and have been diagnosed with cholestasis and gallstones is this harmful to baby?

i was wondering if i should havew labor induced any advice would be great thank you

No, no harm to your fetus - it will hurt physically when your body tries to pass them and you need to balance acute pain with being pregnant. Bile (in your gall bladder) is made from used heme molecules, used to conduct oxygen into your body in your red blood cells, helps you absorb fats and fatty vitamins from your diet. More fat means your bile duct will try to squeeze more bile out, and thus try to squeeze the stones out - and more pain. The baby will take what it needs, it will be okay to let it be if you can stand it.  (+ info)

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