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Is anyone familiar with cholesteatoma (tumor in the ear)?

Today my family found out that my cousin (12) has a cholesteatoma. The doctors found this during day surgery to remove a retracted pocket from his ear & cysts in his nose. They werent given much more information other than its normally not cancerous but it can be "very bad". Does anyone have any experience with this that could assist me? I'm curious as to what your (or the person you knows) outcome was? Was it cancerous? If so, how bad did it get? If not, was it just surgically removed and thats it? Thanks for your time.

Cholesteatomas are always benign. If it was an incidental finding hopefully there will be no problems, but they have to be removed as they can cause hearing loss, dizziness, balance problems and damage to the facial nerve. Left alone long enough they can eat through the covering of the brain.  (+ info)

With cholesteatoma, will I ever surf again?

I have a cholestteatoma in my ear. I am having it removed for a second time and was wondering, If it heals right, will I ever be able to surf or actully go uder the water ever again?

This is really a question you must put to your ENT specialist. You must follow his/her advice, not what you want to hear from responders at Yahoo answers.

Surfing is great fun, but is it worth permanent hearing loss?  (+ info)

i have cholesteatoma in my ears and am due quite major surgery next month?

i have already gone pretty deaf in the other ear due to previous surgery on it, and am now facing the prospect of going pretty deaf in my better hearing ear. any opinions / advice on this and the risks of the surgery?

Cholesteatoma is a potentially a very serious condition. Its is essentially an accumulation of keratin in the middle ear cavity. When I was training it was likened to a pearl growing in an oyster. This pearl can destroy much of the middle ear structure, and can, on occasion, eat into the lining of the brain. This is one reason it is so serious.

Surgeons would not, for a second, consider surgery if it was not necessary, especially as you have poor hearing in the other ear.

All surgery contains risk, but this is far outweighed by the risks of not operating. There is a risk that you may be hard of hearing in that ear too. Your surgeon must have discussed this, and other risks with you.

I know its not a nice prospect, but people with deafness after this kind of surgery generally do extremely well with hearing aids.

All the best to you.  (+ info)

Have you or anyone you know had a Cholesteatoma?

Did you have an operation? What type of operation did you have? how did you feel after?
I'm due to have an operation soon, just waiting now for the date. I think the scariest part for me is the pain........i remember how painful my ear was when it first started, i can honestly say it was worse than giving birth!!!!! How long have you had this for? i've had mine for 3 years.....probably longer but 3 that i know of. I kept being told it's just an ear infection but i new it wasn't.

Wow I just had surgery for it on Jan 6th 2009, It was a two hour surgery I also had a Tympanomastiodectomy ( hope i spelled it right) I was in pretty bad pain on days 2-6, I had vertigo on days 3-now. It has been pretty rough I have not slept good amd i don;t feel much like eating, My doc says all of these maladies are normal. I consider the alternative and it makes this bearable. If you have not had the surgery be sure you ask alot of questions of you doctor. If you had share some of you stories with me. maybe we can help each other. I have never met any one else with this so we are unique, I go back on the19th to get the packing out and the stitches out, Looking forward to getting back to normal. Good Luck to ya Jim  (+ info)

Cholesteatoma Surgery Questions?

I am having Surgery in 2 days, I have a Cholesteatoma. I havent met anyone else that has this but I really am looking for info, stories, I mean anything! I want to know how your procedure went, how you felt before and after, hear better? any diffuculties then? your hair behind ear have to be shaven off? Pain afterwards? How long was your operation, any details please about the surgery would be awesome!!

Hi, im Sorry you were alone in your question. Its now been one day since your surgery. I hope your doing well. I am scheduled to have the same surgery on the 15th and i am pretty nervous as well.I wonder all the things you are wondering too. Except for the shaving the head part i asked my Doc that one right off the bat lol.. he said he would not shave any hair, i was very relieved to hear that lol.. Anyway just wanted you to know your not alone...  (+ info)

ear surgery medical center for Cholesteatoma in germany or france?

should be germany, they have the best ear treatment centers  (+ info)

I had cholesteatoma remove 2 months ago.now I have a dry couth is theher any connection hear?

yes, these very may well be, but your reaction probably doesnt lie with your cholesteatoma, but with the actual operation to remove it. It is likely that you have had an adverse reaction to the general anaesthesia itself. Some side effects are sore throat and a cough that can last up to three or four months. This is especially true if you have been intebated. If you have, it is very likely that your cough is due to irritation in the esophageal area.  (+ info)

What is a rough cost estimate for ear surgery?

I have a Cholesteatoma, the presence of which was discovered during my entry processing into the military. I was denied entry until I have this "tumor" removed. It is not waiverable and I don't have insurance to cover this. What I need to know is how much it's going to cost and if there are ways of paying for something like this without insurance or a large amount of upfront money. I will also need reconstructive surgery on that ear, but I can get a waiver for my hearing loss as long as the Cholesteatoma is removed, from there I can use the military insurance for any other surgeries. Any help would be much appreciated.

Im sorry to hear about this. Well just to let you know that there is medicare out there for people who qualify. If your low income meats the qualifications you can get money for free. If I were you I would find a place that you can get some insurance. Any sugery is costly. Just to spend the night in the hospital its 2000 dollars alone. Also is this something that has to be removed? Or does it not affect any thing. You mite want to concider is going into the service is worth all the recovery time and money you have to do to get this removed. Im sorry about your trouble I wish I could help. Check on the Medicare thing.  (+ info)

Who are considered the best Otologists in the USA to perform a mastoidectomy?

My son needs to have a Tympanoplasty and Mastoidectomy. Who are the best doctors for this surgery? He has a a large cholesteatoma that has almost completely filled the mastoid and our ENT believes that there is significant damage the the middle ear bones.

Go to the University of Iowa (Bruce Ganz) You can also try Harvard or Johns Hopkins. I suggest that whoever you pick that you go to a major academic hospital.  (+ info)

I have cholesteatoma?

Last week my GP told me I had a 'little ear infection' in both ears & prescribed antibiotics in ear drops form. They didn't seem to kick in so I got my ear checked out by another doctor who prescribed another antibiotic to take (in tablet form) alongside the ear drops. Yesterday - another Doctor from this surgery and the same doctor both thoroughly inspected my ears & say they suspect I have cholesteatoma in my left ear and would need a referral to ENT to have microsuction. I have been looking up cholesteatoma on the internet & in my BMA medical book - sounds pretty serious & scary! I keep reading that I may have to have surgery - yikes! I hate going to doctors & especially hospital. Please could someone who has some experience or knowledge, put my mind at rest...

Cholesteatoma is a name given to cheesy chalk like material on the ear drum, It has to be treated by trained professional(ENT surgeon) as if left untreated can cause destruction of your ear drum, ear bones and even facial nerve which is nearby. Micro suction and removal with aggressive treatment with antibiotics is necessary. I advise you not to delay going to hospital and get it checked out. It is slow growing condition but can sometimes do lot of damage in short time. No one else except good ENT surgeon would be of any help you. Go and them straightaway  (+ info)

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