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what causes retracted eardrums i am 12 years old and had cholesteatoma at age of 5 and 6?

should i still run to?

You should read all you can about it. Also get more than one examination. Many doctors are more concerned about money than their patients and will tell them anything that pays off to them and the hospital..  (+ info)

Ear condition - Cholesteatoma?

The doctor told me I had Cholesteatoma. Has anyone ever had this and what do you have to do to get rid of it?

Not had it, but seen it before. It needs to be removed surgically, and quite radically for that matter, cause it can erode into the mastoid bone ( part of your skull) and cause trouble there like meningitis etc etc. Don't delay the decision to have treatment too much, get it sorted asap.  (+ info)

What is is cholesteatoma?

A cholesteatoma is a growth inside the ear that usually takes the form of a cyst or benign tumor. It is usually caused by frequent infections. It is possible to have one for a long time and not know about it.
My 14 year old son had one in each ear. They were very large and required several surgeries.
A cholesteatoma can erode the delicate bones of the middle ear and can cause hearing loss and facial paralysis. It is very dangerous to ignore a cholesteatoma.
In my son's case the bones had eroded so badly that when they removed the cholesteatoma, they found that brain fluid was leaking out. They had to seal it with muscular tissue.  (+ info)

Cholesteatoma advice?

8 years ago i had a Cholesteatoma and had surgery to remove it twice. so now i have a glass bone in my ear and i ware a hearing aid. sometimes my ear hurts. sometimes my ear rings really loud. snd my head hurt around my ear somethimes. a couple of moths ago i wnet to the docter and had a ct scan and they said nothing was wrong just that the glass bone wasent atached as good as they wanted it to be. but is there anyway they could have missed it and i came back ? could Cholesteatomas turn into canser?? snd is it bad to get water in that ear?

your fine  (+ info)

Re: Cholesteatoma: Will surgery restore hearing?

I've been diagnosed with cholesteatoma. It's in my left ear. I've already suffered hearing loss.Surgery is required. My question is after the surgery what are the chances of my getting full hearing back in my left ear? I've had the condition for some time without really knowing it.Is there a chance that I'll lose hearing in my left ear completely?
And is swimming is a definite no-no? I don't swim often, like a coup0le of times a year, but I love it. Is there a high risk of getting it again if I swim?

Cholesteatomas are notorious to destro the conducting system of the ear.. they just not destroy the hearing, but they can erode the bony cavities and can enter the brain and can cause serious consequences... The surgery for cholesteatoma is rather done to prevent these complications than to restore hearing itself...

The chances of u gaining back the hearing acuity depends upon how nuch u have lost already permanantly... And also surgery for the cholesteatoma which is called MODIFIED RADICAL MASTOIDECTOMY itself will leave u with some amount of deafness... But ofcourse hearing improves than before surgery but rarely full hearing is regained..

Regarding Swimming.. Water entry into the infected ear should be strictly prevented by any means.. Tis aggravates the infection and the disease.. If u are so keen on swimming, than good ear plugs are advisable.. But they are also not 100% protective.. u better avoid these till ur Tympanoplasy is carried out and the middle ear is well secured.. Better take suggestion from ur ENT surgeon before diving..  (+ info)

Does anyone know anything about "Cholesteatoma"?

I'm sorry if that is spelled wrong, I'm a bad speller for being 13 years old. When I was about 4 or 5, my little brother had a major ear surgery in his left ear. He was only 3 years old, which is sad. My mom always said, "He has to get his ear cut open because there is something eating his brain" to me to dumb it down. Today I asked for the real name of it because I was curious again. She said it was Cholesteatoma. I have been searching it on the internet. I was wondering if anyone else knew anything about it. He is also 10 years old now and 20% death in his left ear. He had the surgery 2. once in 2003 and once again in 2004. Also bone reconstruction surgery in his middle ear part if that helps with info. That's basically all I know about the surgery thingy he has had besides the fact he got gift baskets and stuff and had bandages around his head(obvious). So anyone know anything about Cholesteatoma? Anything at all would be helpful. Thanks in advanced.

http://www.earsite.com/tumors/cholesteatoma.html ?Try this site, hun.  (+ info)

what tests would u undergo before general anaesthesia before ear operation?

this ear operation is to remove Cholesteatoma. I want to make sure there is no problem with waking up successfully from general anaesthesia (which i understand is some risk always).

except tests, what steps r recommendable before undergoing a general anaesthesia?

You will be FINE - I was just like you - but I'm still here. Please stop worrying.  (+ info)

Cholesteatoma? Surgery and Recovery?

I guess I have one of these and need to have it removed. What is the surgery like, how long is the recovery, will I need to miss work if so for how long. Is this rare in adults? Thanks for help.

Fairly common and benign ear problem. Done with an operating microscope through the external auditory canal. Maybe miss a few days work..  (+ info)

how likely is hearing loss after a cholesteatoma?

My son has had chronic ear infections and has a 60% perforation in his right ear drum. The doctor removed "massive" amounts of cholesteatoma last month and a cat scan of his ears will be next month. However, we are very concerned about permanent hearing loss. He has some, is it likely to get worse? BTW, he is 5 years old and has had a cholesteatoma for over a year now- it keeps recurring and he will be recieving a patch in the right ear after Christmas. His ear infections have been constant since he was 4 months old and he's had 5 sets of tubes. He has some scarring from the infections. Thanks!!!

my son is 24 years old.. when he was 7 years old, he was diagnosed with cholesteatoma..in his right ear, as well.. *my son never had an ear infection...just fluid in the left ear, which a tube was put in and fell out several months later...**
After the first of 5 surgeries, there were no promises of total hearing to be a result. From the beginning, the middle ear bones were completely eroded and the cholesteatoma was removed..2nd surgery at age 10; more of the disease was removed, along with the eardrum.. At age 12, the ENT specialist placed a prosthetic ear drum in...at age 15, an exploratory surgery was done (as well as comprehensive hearing tests, as in the previous 8 years, after the surgeries).. the cholesteatoma has decreased but was still prevalent..when my son was 17, one 'last' procedure was done.. it seems the cholesteatoma was not as prevalent...
The synopsis of my answer is not enlightened, but my son has compensated with the hearing that he has in his left ear and leads a normal life. He's an accomplished cook, has a beautiful daughter and a supportive family.
Good luck and ask any questions that you might have.  (+ info)

My husband has had surgery for Cholesteatoma and nows has problems with vertigo. Could he qualify for SSI?

My husband has had three surgeries for Cholesteatoma. The last surgery caused him to have vertigo. He got really sick and had to be off work an additional week because of his balance. He still isn't back to normal but pushes himself each day to get through the day. I honestly feel he shouldn't be working but I'm not sure what to do. He doesn't sleep well and when he does he has nightmares. He is also irritated easily, headaches often, and just doesn't say much anymore. I feel like he may be having problems with depression because he just can't seem to get well. Any suggestions for me? He visited his ENT two weeks ago and told him about the headaches and dizziness again but the dr. just says he will get better eventually. His hearing still isnt' back to normal either.

I seriously doubt it.  (+ info)

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