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Does anyone know about cirrohssis particularly accumulating ascites/pleural effusion after 5 yrs of TIPS work?

My father had the TIPS procedure done 5 years ago because he had ascites accumulation and it went away after TIPS but now ascites is back plus pleural effusion. My dad has cirrohssis of the liver and according to the doctor his TIPS is working well so why does he have ascites and pleural effusion then?

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Is it possible to get ascites from protein deficiency alone?

I'm familiar with ascites because I knew someone who had it. I've read that it can occur in people with protein deficiencies, in varying levels of severity in appearance. Is it possible for someone to develop ascites from a severe protein deficiency?

I realize this doesn't directly answer your question but may provide some insight. Ascites is commonly seen in chronic alcoholism.  (+ info)

What is the prognosis w/ recurrent ovarian cancer and ascites?

My grandmother, who is 83 years old, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer over two years ago. She has been stage 4 once, back to stage 2, and now back to stage 4. She has extreme abdominal swelling and pain (ascites). She had 6 quarts of fluid taken off her stomach 3 weeks ago, and 8 more quarts taken off two days ago. Her stomach has already begun swelling again. She can not take certain types of chemo because her esosphagus has been damaged. She was supposed to get chemo intraveneously yesterday, but the doctor would not allow it because she did not look well enough. My grandparents are old school and do not question the doctor on anything, so we have no idea how long she may have to live. Does anybody have any experience with a prognosis, life expectancy, quality of life? She is a Christian, she is ready to go to the Lord, but she continues to have procedures (parencentesis) done because her husband is not ready to let her go.

A paracentesis will not make your granmother live longer, it will just make her more comfortable. She can breathe easier and sleep better if the fluid is removed. Problems is it comes back as quickly as it is removed and then creates electrolyte imbalances and literally dehydrates her. Sounds ridiculous, but its true. Most doctors leave the huge amount of fluid there and remove it only to make her comfortable.
Her husband is going to need a lot of support from your family since her days are numbered.
Peace and Gods love to your grandma, grandpa and family.
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Can you tell if Ascites is Malignant (from cancer) or from cirrosis?

I think my father may have been misdiagnosed. They have been saying its caused by cancer, but they (they meaning top hospitals in NYC) have been unable to locate tumor site. Also the diuretics seemed to work well and its not supposed to help in Malignant Ascites.

Peritoneal fluid aspiration of the ascitic fluid, with microscopic examination to look for malignant cells, is a common diagnostic procedure.  (+ info)

Can ascites from liver damage be intermittent?

My husband has what appears to be ascites and is seeing a doc tomorrow. We know he has liver damage and pancreatitis but don't know to what extent the damage is. I beleive he has ascites because his stomach has been round and hard for a long time now and he gets shortness of breath.

But he says his stomach size and shortness of breath sometimes gets better...and then worse...and then better.

From what I have read, ascities usually just gets worse and doesn't improve without medical help or dietary change.

Any thoughts?

I had cirrhosis with massive ascites, so I know a little about this. I used to have good and bad times with my fluid retention. If left untreated the ascites does get worse, but once I started getting treated with medications to try and control the ascites, it would vary at times. Some days the medicine seemed to work better than on other days. I'm talking about taking diuretics like Lasix and Spironolactone. Over time I would have to get the dosages changed to suit whatever was going on with me at the time.

If your husband does get short of breath, please pay careful attention to that and take him to the hospital to get tapped (paracentesis) if he needs it. He will be a lot more comfortable. He really shouldn't put up with being short of breath due to ascites and not get treated ASAP. It can turn into a dangerous problem. This only happened to me one time with being short of breath and I had to be rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night and get an emergency paracentesis done to allow me to breath well again. What a relief!  (+ info)

What type of oncologist is most likely to see a patient with malignant ascites?

I'm looking for specific subspecialties/areas of focus if possible, not just "medical" or "surgical" oncologist. Thanks!

My son had malignant ascites and he saw a pediatric oncologist. He had 30 pounds of fluid in his belly and was diagnosed with a rare abdominal desmoplastic sarcoma (presents as multiple tumors). They gave him a diuretic and he was able to eliminate the fluid in that way.

Malignant ascites is a condition brought about by abdominal related cancers ( breast, lung, large bowel (colon), stomach, pancreas, ovary or endometrial cancers) and is treated by giving a diuretic (lasix) or the fluid can be drained with a tube by a process called paracentesis.

Ascites can be a real and debilitating problem with advanced abdominal cancers. There does appear to be a (palliative or curative) treatment for this called intra-peritonal hyperthermic chemoperfusion that may halt the onset of ascites.


My son underwent a successful cytoreductive surgery followed by intra-peritoneal hyperthermic chemoperfusion to treat not only the ascites, but also to kill off all the peritoneal seedings left by the fluid.  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of ascites? What does it look like? Is it ever associated with autoimmune disease?

Does it only show up in your abdomen, or on your back, above your buttocks, as well?

Ascites is accumulation of free fluid in the abdomen (peritoneal cavity). It causes abdominal distention. It does not accumulate 'on your back' or 'above your buttocks'. However, excessive tissue fluids (edema) or pus may accumulate in those two sites you mentioned.

Ascites is a sign or symptom of a disease but not a disease by itself. That its presence is an indication that a disease process is going on in the body. Just like fever or vomiting or headache - the cause has to be searched for.

There are several causes of ascites. Among the common causes are liver disease, kidney disease (nephrotic syndrome), heart failure, abdominal cancers. People with autoimmune diseases have higher risk of having lymphomas (a type of cancer) which may cause ascites.  (+ info)

Does the development of malignant ascites necessarily lower one's chance of survival?

This is to clarify an earlier question. I suppose what I really mean to ask is should I now be looking at palliative treatment options instead? At present I'm on day 22 of approx 40 of rad to my neck.

Your question is strange . . have you been diagnosed with malignant ascites? Usually a doctor would have removed fluid to test it for malignant cells .. and than explained what was going on. Ascites can be treated, so I am not certain what you are asking . . where is the ascites located and what is causing the irritation?

Anyway . . no . . the development of malignant ascites is just another annoyance in the whole cancer picture . . there is treatment for it .. usually chemotherapy or if it is abdominal related and its determined to help than there is also hyperthermic chemoperfusion (heated chemo placed in tumor area).

It's not clear from your question if you have metastatic disease but suspect that if you are truly dealing with malignant ascites than you also have advanced disease. If that is the case . . the presense of malignant ascistes just goes along with having metastatic malignant cells . . chemo is used to try and stop the progression of metastatic disease and should also address any mets that have made their way into fluid.  (+ info)

How do you know if you have ascites? How do you know yourself without going to the doctor? My fiancee stomach?

How do you know if you have ascites? How do you know yourself without going to the doctor? My fiancee's stomach protrudes out...almost like a beer belly but he doesn't drink...it's pretty hard...but not too hard...it's not grossly protruding out like you see in the ascites pictures...but he's pretty thin...so you can tell on him...how would you know if you have ascites...if he did it would probably a mild case...anyone know how I can tell myself?

Unless you went to medical/PA/ or NP school, you can't. Besides an exam by a professional, an ultrasound may be used to make the diagnosis.  (+ info)

what is the relation between mosaic perfusion and ascites?

Hello, Please your opinion only- NOT WEBSITE

How or what do you undestand in terms of relation betweem CT scan result (mosaic perfusion and other ct with mosaic attenuation pattern) and ascites with Upper Left Abdominal swollen followed by back pain that radiates from the same direction with back swollen and skin spot (skin looks okay but with mark as if someone bit inside is becoming bright or lighter skin color - not white), skin does not itch, I can feel the difference. Abdoniminal swollen makes noise, hurts and the noise radiates to chest left side as if gases are circulation follwed by pain. wird but this is the best way I can describe.

I appreciate your opinion - THANK YOU
I am going to Doctors over a year already and have not got a single answer.

Well, the doctors should have discussed these findings with you - ?  (+ info)

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