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Cluster Headache.......?

For just over 2 days now I've had a Cluster Headache at the back of my neck, Ibuprofen doesn't seem to be working neither does paracetamol. Yesterday I thought it had gone, but it keeps coming back. I do have some Migraleve tablets from Migraines, but I'm not sure whether I can take them too, because I have recently took some Ibuprofen which doesn't seem to be working. Can someone help?

I was hospitalized for bad cluster headaches and they tried 1000mg of Ibuprofen, Ergotamine tartrate, and Sumatriptan (Imitrex) but none of them worked. The thing that finally worked for me was Compazine. It is typically used for patients with severe nausea and vomiting but my neurologist had heard of it working for cluster headaches as well. Good Luck.  (+ info)

cluster headache ???????????????????????.?

Ive had eye strain for almost 3 months due to refractive error got glasses still get it doctor said it will stop soon. But recently while being stressed a lot from the problem been getting really big aches in my right eye which do kill and gets worse. Every two days two times a day. Then for the rest of the day it is a mild ache. Sometimes it stops sometimes it dose not. Today i got it after it i went out in extreme heat 45 degrees but i also get eye strain from time to time. But how can only my right eye strain. i have unequal refractive power in both eyes

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what can I do at home to help my migrain or cluster headache till I can?

get to my doctor in three days? It hurts so bad today. I am going to get it checked out to see what kind of headache it is. The pain is right in my right eye and temple. VERY bad pain. I have taken a tylenol 3 for it but it didn't help.

If you can't get a hold of a prescription pain medication and you feel one coming on, the first thing I do is have a really strong cup of coffee. If you're feeling nauseous, don't drink it too fast, but it will help. My doctor prescribed me Cafergot a long time ago for severe migraines, and the two main ingredients in Cafergot, and caffeine and Ergotemine (sp?). The caffeine will help with constriction of the blood vessels and give you some relief from the headache.

I do suggest making your doctor aware if they're really severe. Mine gave me a box of Imitrex now, since the Cafergot made me a little too wiry, and I keep it in my purse. I just take it immediately at the even slightest feeling of an onset.

Like said before, if nothing is available, quickly make yourself an EXTREMELY strong cup of coffee. It might make you a little hyper, but that sure beats the pain.

Like someone above mentioned, Excedrin can help, because they also has caffeine in them. I know that sometimes the pain can be so bad that you don't want to move, so keep that coffee on hand.  (+ info)

What is the difference between a cluster headache, a sinus headache, a tension headache and a migrane?

What are the best treatment options for each?

In order of least severe to most severe:

Tension headache - a dull, consistent headache, often on both sides, and often near the temples - brought on by stress, being tired, loud noise, etc. Ibuprofen is best for this.

Sinus headache - brought on by sinus problems or infection. If tapping the sinuses under your eyes hurts, you probably have this.

Migraine - Caused by constriction of blood vessels in brain. Typically a throbbing pain on one half of your head. Causes sensitivity to light, sound. Often accompanied by nausea. There are several prescription migraine meds on the market (Imitrex, for example), but sleep is usually the best cure, in my experience.

Cluster - The worst - usually a sharp, shooting pain, often behind the eyes, that can last minutes or days.  (+ info)

Are there any cluster headache sufferers out there who would be willing to be interviewed for a news story?

I'm a student reporter writing a story on treatments and research for cluster headaches and would like to speak to some actual sufferers of this debilitating condition, and not just doctors and scholars. Please let me know if you're interested. This would entail me getting your phone number and email (you don't have to leave it in your answer) for contact purposes. Serious replies only, please. Also, Texas residents are of special interest to me.

I'd be willing to be interviewed if you'd be willing not to use my real name. Add me as a contact via YA and I think we can exchange info that way. Sorry, not from Texas (currently living in CT).  (+ info)

My husband has been diagnosed with cluster headache how do we move on?

I posted last week saying my husband has been diagnosed with cluster headaches, we are now 5 weeks into this and its still going on, I despair with this he has gone from being a man who was in really good job confident and strong to a wreck he has lost weight can't do anything, and relies on oxygen to get through each day. I feel sad and helpless as I am losing the man I married. is there any hope out there if so please give it to me.

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What Does a Cluster Headache Feel like?

Lately ive been getting a shooting pain on the side of me head and I don't know whats causing it. i'm not experiencing any symptoms like nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, its just a sharp pain. Is that what a cluster headache feels like? I don't want to know what causes it, just how it feels. I think my problem could be my eye. I feel alot better when I have it closed. im starting to consider getting an eyepatch. yarr.

remember when i answered one of your questions with a question and then i kept calling you to answer one of my questions because its only fair? thats what it feels like. by the way, you cant seem to understand that i like you. why dont you call me? your sister told me you were out all weekend and then when i called her friend she said she saw you at the cineplex with some guy. so, why would you lie to me? can you call me and let me know if you still want to split on that printer?  (+ info)

Cluster Headache sufferers, what do you do for pain relief?

After being in remission for a year, these little devils have returned to plague me again!!! I'm literally to the brink of just jumping off a cliff or something. Is there anything in particular that you found works for you? I've tried the whole oxygen thing and it's ineffective for me.
THESE ARE NOT MIGRAINES. I have cluster headaches which are completely different...they are not even a valid comparison. Migraines are a tickle in comparison to a cluster headache.

They just don't get it do they. I broke three ribs falling on a pipe once. I'd rather live everyday with that pain than an hour of these headaches. The pure exhaustion when they're over.
Ok so I've tried all the remedies that my Doctor can think of. He also suffers clusters. For the first week of an attack I can snort a little bit of cayenne pepper, the headache almost always goes away. It doesn't last the for the whole cycle. I gave up the drugs and lock up the guns.

also see http://www.clusterheadaches.com/symphony.html  (+ info)

can i have an idea of cluster headache ?

What are the main causes?
I heard that the the cluster headache is increasing the blood pressure during the headache attacks,Is this true ?
what is the perfect treatment mainly for patients who has hypertension problem?
Is there any herbal treatment for the cluster headache?
Is the massage useful to release the pain?If yes then how to do it?

Love the name, sunshine.

Your best bet to get the most accurate answer is to Google this question.

Best wishes.  (+ info)

Does smoking marijuana benefit cluster migraine headache sufferers?

I do believe that marijuana has great medicinal value in our society, but the corporate big shots, the mult billion dollar pharmaceautical companies and big government will NEVER allow it to be legalized because they will lose BILLIONS OF DOLLARS a year almost overnight. I was just wondering if smoking it can help relieve me of my migraine pains. Sometimes the drugs that the doctor perscribes are more expensive and can even cause more severe damage to your body than smoking something that is totally natural and from the earth. What do you think?

Cluster headaches are different from typical migraines, and generally not helped by pot smoking. I do know a number of classic migraine sufferers who swear by their smoke to get them through.
If you have true cluster headaches - do some research into psilocybin. It's capable of breaking the cycle of these headaches, but hasn't proved as useful in more common migraines.  (+ info)

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