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Most people say around 3 months but I hear that some have colic for 6 months. When did colic end for your baby?
(Just looking for a light at the end of the tunnel)

My sons colic lasted to about 2½ mos. I found holding him close, sitting on the edge of the bed and lightly bouncing the best remedy for my boy (of course we did this for an hour or more every night!).

My pediatrician said there are cases that last longer but it's rare. All of a sudden it will just be gone. There is a light ~ I promise!

Take a deep breath and try and relax during the day when he/she is calm and resting. It's a tough few months but you'll get through, so hang in there!  (+ info)


is it possible have colics when your 15 years old?
because i have a sharp pain in my chest when i breath out.
what is the cure?

You might have pleurisy which is an infection in the lining of your lung. Pleurisy can cause pain in one or all of these: chest, back, shoulder. It can hurt when you take a deep breath, cough, or laugh, or even just regular breathing. If you do have pleurisy you will need an antibiotic so you'll have to go the doctor. If it's not treated it can get worse. If you're doctor is not sure he/she can do an x-ray to confirm. Pleurisy sounds and feels worse than it really is.....I went to the hospital it hurt so bad, but antibiotic will clear it right up.
It's not colic...tha't for babies who are extremely fussy, gassy, and cry ALOT.
Also if you have pain or wheezing when breathing out especially with coughing, then you might have asthma. It's hard to say for sure. Best thing to do is go to doctor if it continues or gets worse.  (+ info)

What can you do to reduce colic in a newborn?

I'm a young mom and I'm expecting in December. I want to do the best I can to keep my baby happy and healthy, so is there any tips and remedies that I can use to prevent colic in my baby? Or will the baby just be born with it, regardless of what you try. I understand that not every baby has colic, but I'm just preparing in case it does.


Colic is when babies cry uncontrollably for 3 or more hrs, 3 or more times a day. In some cases colic is actually reflux, gas, milk allergy, or sensitive to formula or breastmilk, which in the latter case would likely be an upset tummy from something you ate that affected your breast milk (like spicy foods, onions, garlic, tomato, dairy)

Tips to help prevent colic:
Burp baby well
Invest in bottles that help prevent gas
Swaddle baby
Don't let baby get too worked up before a feeding

Tips to treat colic:
Swaddle baby
Gas drops
Hold baby belly to belly, the warmth of your body will help
White noise sound machine  (+ info)

What colic remedy did you use that worked best for your baby/babies?

I was just wonder what colic remedy you used that worked best for your baby/babies? I would appreciate any suggestions. Please no answers about breast feeding or breast milk. Thanks.

infants friend colic drops. they work wonders =) good luck, there al natural ingredients too =)  (+ info)

How do the anti-colic bottles work?

I have a 6 day old baby boy and we're finding out that he prefers the MAM anti-colic bottles over any other bottle. I was just curious as o how the whole venting thing works and how does it reduce colic?? Thanks!

With regular bottles as the baby drinks air enters the bottle from around the nipple to replace the milk baby drank this causes bubbles in the milk so baby swallows more air. With the mam bottle as baby drinks the air enters the bottle from the bottom so it doesn't mix with the milk.

  (+ info)

How did colic go for you that had colicky babies?

My 7 week old has been diagnosed with reflux, but they said it could also simply be colic (he doesn't spit up, so it's a little sketchy). Anyhow, he cries around mealtimes and it gets worse in the evenings. Occasionally, he cries basically all day. Did your colicky babies cry only in the evenings, or did they cry much of the day? He seems to be getting less fussy now, but last week it was ridiculous.

My second son had colic and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy! It was non-stop crying all day and all night for almost a year....at least 8 months. I know he was already standing up and trying to walk before it went away...and that was at 10 months. He was a formula baby and I ended up having to put him on a special formula that was almost $30 a can (Enfamil Nutramigen) and I bought him Dr. Brown's bottles and invested in milicon drops. The mix of those 3 seemed to help a lot but not completely...at least enough that I could get a good 30 minute nap in between episodes. Also...when your baby is able to drink juice, avoid apple juice....it makes previously colicky babies fussy again. It's pretty much a trial and error on what works and what doesn't.  (+ info)

What medications or natural remedies are there for colic?

We have tried many of the "manuvers" to help with colic like putting her on her tummy, and walking. She is breast fed so formula isn't the issue. We have addressed my diet and hydration.

I have seen a few posts here for different medication but what else is out there and how well does it work?

I feel for you! My baby cried from 6-11 pm every single night and there was absolutely nothing I could do for her, even the doctor said so. I just sat there and held her. She cried for hours in my arms for the first 3 months of her life. Buy ear plugs and hold your baby alot. If you can't help her with the colic, just hold her and let her know you are there for comfort. You can do soothing things like rocking, but that really didnt help in my situation.  (+ info)

What's the difference between colic and gas?

They say that in order for a baby to have colic they cry endlessly...

However, my baby doesn't cry, rather she makes pushing noises and gets red in the face then I bring her legs up to her chest and she lets out lots of gas, and sometimes poops...

So if she gas lots of gas and doesn't cry, then it's not the same as Colic is it?
No, she's not constipated. She has loose stools because I breastfeed.

She does poop normally, and her poop is watery and yellow mustard color.
She is EXCLUSIVELY breastfed.

well it sounds like she has bad gas or she is constipated. I used some gas drops called Little Tummies Gas Drops By Little Remedies. or you can also try the colic drops they also help with gas. And as for the constipation, if you feed her formula try changing to liquid ready made formula , the powder one tends to cause constipation. Or you can try to give her chamomile tea with no sugar or honey, if you want to go the natural way.  (+ info)

What's the difference between Grip water and Colic drops?

What's the difference between Grip water and Colic drops? They smells similar. Can we feed our baby both? Thanks!

Gripe water is made from herbs such as dill, ginger, and anise as well as sodium bicarbonate.

Some, but not all, colic drops are gripe water. The rest are a silicone derivative (simethicone)

Gripe water treats stomach upset, simethicone prevents gas bubbles from forming in the stomach.

You can combine simethicone with gripe water but not gripe water with gripe water.  (+ info)

Can a baby without colic or reflux be given Alimentum formula?

A friend of mine is in desperate need to formula for her son and I have a bunch of cans from my son, but her son doesn't have reflux or colic. Can he still be feed this formula? I hate to throw it away, it was really expensive and I cannot find anyone who needs it.

yes,,,,i had twins that were on this milk. i breastfed for 3 weeks and ran out,,,after going to formula my daughter had an awful time of it. being that there were twins,,,our dr put them BOTH on it to avoid the risk of my daughter getting milk that wasnt "hers"....it helped her tremendously and the dr said it would NOT hurt my son one bit. there was more risk in having 2 different milks and the risk of HER gettin the wrong one than him gettin the alimentum. there should be NO problem with handing down the milk.  (+ info)

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