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Why do Colonic Centers need a credit card to hold your appointment?

I want to get a colonic, but most of the colonic centers in New York City want a credit card number to hold my appointment. I don't like giving that personal information out. Is this true for all colonic centers or just the ones who are scams?

It's possible that some people chicken out and cancel their appointments and they want to ensure that they get paid for holding an appointment whether you come or don't. I know that it's common practice for some fringe medical places like chiropractors to require a 24 hr.-plus notice for cancellations and if you fail to do that, they make you pay. On "Seinfeld", George ran into that situation with a physical therapist. He was miffed that he had to pay.  (+ info)

How much weight can you lose from doing colonic irrigations sessions?

I am planning on doing 5 colonic irriagations in the next two weeks and i was wondering how much weight can a person usaully lose or what some of you have lost after doing this procedure?

Does that weight come back on easily or is it off for good as long as you exercise and eat healthy?

is it painful? any tips????

The weight you lose depends on the amount of crud in your bowels. That is determined by the amount of unprocessed food and other stuff you have consumed. Some people can lose 30lbs where as other people lose little to no weight. In lieu of the irrigation you can take a good fiber supplement like psyllium husks and drink a warm lemon water cayenne pepper drink in the morning and night over a period of a month you will clean out your system and promote some regularity as well.

If you have a lot of crud in there and it comes out with irrigation, chances are you have a poor diet. If you continue with the same habits the same weight will come back.

There are a lot of toxins in there and the release of them can cause moodiness and headaches. Pain can be subject to the user but don't shove anything huge up the rectum and that will aid in that pain.
Good Luck  (+ info)

Colonic irrigation. Does one session work or do you have to go back for a follow up?

I have a herd of dead cattle aching to rampage out of my intestines and a friend said that colonic irrigation is great, but I can only deal with doing it once. Any advice?

more fiber and acidophilus (can be found in yogurt or take supplements) acidophilus replaces "friendly bacteria" in your intestines, helps keep you clean and regular.........  (+ info)

Is it normal to bleed after a colonic hydrotheraphy session?

I just had my first colonic a few hours ago and when I went to the bathroom afterwards, blood came out on it's own. Is this normal? If not, why is this happening?

  (+ info)

Where can I get a colonic cleansing in Chicago or surrounding area?

Where is the best place to get a colonic cleansing in Chicago or surrounding area. Preferably on the southside of Chicago. How much does it cost???

Marcee, there is several places in the Chicago area to get this done, just look in your yellow pages under Colonic Irrigation, as for the cost, I don't know but here in Ca it's about $75. You can get similar results of a colonic by taking a series of enemas at home using different positions.  (+ info)

Does anyone know if you can have colonic irrigation with a slightly prolasped bowel?

I'm in constant pain with constipation and back ache's, nothing is working, the hospital keep teeling me to change my diet and eat more fibre but this doesn't work. I've heard colonic irrigation releives constipation and back ache's but am not sure it is safe with my condition.

It always takes me a while to answer questions like this as there is a delay while I stop laughing and my eyes stop streaming so that I am able to type.

It never ceases to amaze me what these charlatans can pursued people to do and how [people are so gullible they can't get the money out of their pockets fast enough to pay for these quack remedies.

The British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint against the Body Detox Clinic and ordered the clinic to stop claiming that its colonic irrigation and "detoxification" programs can help people with constipation. diarrhea. bloating. hemorrhoids. irritable bowel syndrome colitis, flatulence, bad breath, body odor, headaches, fatigue, eczema, psoriasis, dandruff, acne, joint pain, premenstrual tension and water retention. The clinic attempted to justify its claims by citing the writings of Bernard Jensen (a deceased American chiropractor noted for his promotion of iridology) and Michael Gershon, another American who it said had postulated that the intestine contains a "second brain." However, as noted below, the ASA concluded that except possibly for relief of occasional constipation, the clinic had "provided only anecdotal evidence . . . and had not been able to support those claims with robust clinical evidence."

In fact the whole concept of detox, which was invented by constipated Edwardians who refused to eat vegetables as they were lower class foods, is bunkum  (+ info)

Is it possible to gain weight from a colonic?

I just had one and I actually weigh more than I did this morning. My stomach is also more bloated. Is this normal and will it all have gone down by tomorrow morning or is this a case of the colonic not being perfermed correctly?

I would imagine your bloating would lessen after your next bowel movement, but I don't know, I've never had one. Maybe call the place where you got it and ask if that's normal?  (+ info)

Can I do a colonic at home using a douche?

I know its gross, but I took Fleet Laxative last night, and I still feel clogged up. I know when you get a colonic, the tool used looks like the end of a small douche. Could I use a small douche, and give myself a colonic at home?

I have a very old medical book here dating back to 1800! They show graphic pictures of colonic irrigation, using a long rubber tube which is inserted good four feet up the anus. That is attached to a glass bottle of water, held 3 feet up on a bottle stand and the Patient is sideways. So the height causes the water to run down the tube into you know where and the pressure inside you know where causes the feces to run out all over the place! A douche will not hold the right amount of liquid and unlike the colonic irrigation places, you have no vacuum system. Best of Luck  (+ info)

How many colonic should a person have?

How do you know if you need addition colonics? If your diet does not consist of a lot red meat- but instead, fruits vegatables and grains, should'nt this be good internal cleansing? My patient had a colonic, not much was elimitated. Later when she had to eliminate, there was just bile. She was told she needed additional cleansings, thats is the reason why there waas no actual stool.

One can safely undergo multiple colon irrigations (colonics). When performed by a certified colon therapist, it is a safe, and non-addicting procedure that often helps cure many of a personas ails that are caused by chronic constipation.

Here is some information about colonics that may be helpful to your patient:

by author Camille Breitman

Cleansing and fasting are wonderful healing opportunities. When you fast, your body uses the energy normally required to digest food to eliminate toxins instead. But fasting may not eliminate the toxins, yeast and other harmful elements quickly enough to promote the healing you are attempting to achieve. Colonics expedite the elimination of these toxins.

Norman W. Walker, PhD, a nutritionist and researcher, has called constipation "the number one affliction underlying nearly every ailment." He was an early proponent of fresh, raw vegetable juices, positive attitude and regular colon cleansing (twice a year) as the way to become younger and stay healthy. He wrote, "There is no ailment, sickness or disease that will not respond to treatment quicker and more effectively than it will after the administration of a series of colon irrigations."

A colonic offers a gentle cleansing of the last five feet of the digestive tract. Performed by a certified colon therapist, it’s a safe, non-medical procedure that helps strengthen a weakened bowel. Unlike laxatives, it’s non-addictive.

Colon cleansing therapy was used as far back as the Egyptians. During the early 1900s in North America, colonics were performed right in the doctor’s office, generally by nursing staff. It’s a healing modality that conventional modern medicine has turned its back on. Now colonics are once more gaining popularity as a wonderful tool that can enhance any health program.

Regular cleansing rids the body of impacted fecal matter, parasites, mucus, yeast and unwanted bacteria. Benefits include an improved inner ecology, a better absorption of nutrients, a reduction in toxins, healthier blood circulation and a general feeling of well-being.

Cleansing Regimen

The reclining client is usually clothed in a pair of colonic pants that provide comfort and privacy. The gloved therapist will insert a small disposable speculum gently into the rectum. If you prefer, you may insert the speculum yourself. Warm filtered water is gradually allowed to enter the bowel. The therapist monitors the temperature and pressure of the water, making adjustments to precipitate productive releases.

The colonic unit is a closed system in which waste material is eliminated through the speculum and tubing directly out the drain line. There is no odour or mess. Mild cramping may be experienced occasionally when the water comes into contact with blocked gases, but this passes quickly and is generally followed by a release of material. The procedure generally takes 30 to 60 minutes.

I encourage my clients to take a course of acidophilus before, during and after a colonic to help re-establish a healthy colony of bacteria. These products are available at health food stores.

The entire digestive tract benefits from a clean bowel. When the bowel is overly burdened, your eliminatory systems are stressed. Your liver, kidneys, lungs and skin all work hard to keep your body free of toxins. The tell-tale signs of toxic overload in the body include bloating and other bowel disorders, halitosis, skin eruptions, frequent headaches, persistent cough, fatigue, poor memory and body odour.

The portal vein conveys blood to the liver from the spleen, stomach and intestines. If the bowel is in distress with diarrhea, constipation or chronic conditions such as spastic or irritable bowel syndrome, the blood circulated through the portal vein is toxic and disease-laden. Colonics improve the quality of blood by reducing the toxins being circulated throughout the body.

Colonics help identify foods, vitamins and minerals that are not digested and absorbed. Most everything that goes through the "view tube" can be identified and analyzed. Easily identified materials include yeast, parasites and mucus. The "view tube" is a clear plastic section of tubing which is part of the evacuating tube leaving the bowel. It will be obvious to you and the therapist what is working for you and what is not.

Don’t further compromise your colon and your overall health with processed non-foods. Rather treat yourself well with the nutrients your body needs to build healthy cells.

For more information on keeping your colon healthy, read Good Digestion: Your Key to Vibrant Health by Ken Babal, CN, number 25 in the alive Natural Health Guide series, available at your health food store (or call alive books-800-663-6513).

Colonic Prep Diet

Eat plenty of fresh, organically grown fruit and greens and increase fibre intake before a colonic to make it a more productive treatment. You’ll minimize the addition of toxins and help soften stool.

Cleanse with a simple fruit fast.
Add one tablespoon of psyllium powder to half a cup of water and drink quickly. Follow with another full glass of water.
Avoid all refined carbohydrates, meat and uncultured dairy products.

Camille Breitman is a certified colon therapist living in North Vancouver, BC.

Source: alive #226, August 2001  (+ info)

Does colonic irrigation flatten your tummy and love handles? Does it make you lose weight?

Im currently on a strict diet and I have lost alot of weight but It just wont seem to budge from around my tummy and sides. Im having a colonic done on Friday and wanted to know will this help me achieve a flatter tummy and sides?

Appreciate any help you can give.

Amazingly -yes - because you have trapped air and solids in your colon the colonic therapy will eliminate the trapped air and solids therefore reducing those uneven bulges. Good Luck!  (+ info)

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