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Can a head injury put you into a coma?

I was wondering, can a person get hit on the head so hard that it puts them into a coma?

yes, if its hard enough to cause bleeding inside ur skull.  (+ info)

How do people recover from coma after a head injury do they have amnesia or dramatic personality changes?

Someone close to me was involed in a car accident and is in a coma for more than a month;can anyone tell me if the person whom i love will recover his memory and personality or will they be altered for ever(i add the fact that his recovery is good and mental progress has been made);

my wife had a brain injury 10 weeks ago coma for 3 weeks is recovering slowly but recovering don't seem to be any brain damage just a lot of slow memories but seems to be all there so far BUT brain damage is different in all people i hope you have a lot of good luck & get back the person you love the way thay were  (+ info)

Has anybody suffered a head injury and been in a coma?do you have personality changes and amnesia when waking?

Hello im very worried for my beloved because he had a TBI(traumatic brain injury)and lies in coma but is responsive to stimuli and awoke 2 times but fell unconsciouss again;i would like to know what happends when you awake do you suffer complete memory loss also called amnesia or personality changes are you the same person when you come out of the coma;please give me some advices im so scared for what might happen;thank you all bye

I have two concusions. there is a time afterwards where confusion is their. but personality changes, I did not notice any and neither did anyone else  (+ info)

My boyfriend is in a coma for 7 weeks after a head injury will he lose his memory and will it be permanent?

My lover has hit his head during a bike accident and has been in a coma for over 7 weeks he responds to stimuli and has opened his eyes and once he awoke and asked "who he is" his recovery is good but chances are that he might lose his memory and im very frightened by that possibility;can his malfuction of memory last for ever or will it be temporary

It takes a long long time for a brain injury to heal (if ever )...I'm sorry to say he will probably have memory issues for the rest of his life. He may also have personality changes. Unfortunately, it's not like the soaps...memory doesn't just come back in a flash. The hard part about TBI (traumatic brain injury) it that the doctors just don't know how the patient will heal. It's a total unknown. They can guess with averages but everyone is different.Be prepared for a long uphill battle. The harsh reality is that the man you love is probably no longer. There will be a new man now. I'm sorry if what I am saying sounds negative. Its not intended that way. I wish someone had told me.Good luck.  (+ info)

What happends to a person waking from a coma after a head injury can they remember their past and their family

Hello im having a reall problem as my bf is lying in a coma i am concerned if he will have amnesia and forget his family and his past feelings;has anyone been in such a situation or ever heard of something similar

I have known a few people who have had head injuries. It basically depends on what part of the brain is injured. I would suggest finding a book or website that shows you the different areas of the brain to see what functions could be impaired. You can also ask his doctor or his family to try to get the answer. Good luck, and I hope he's ok.  (+ info)

What is the chance of surviving a second severe head injury?

A friend of mine sustained a very severe head injury about two years ago and has never been the same since. Last night he got into a brawl and was knocked unconcious by the fighter. I heard that the blows from the fight weren't that serious. He got up and walked away from the fight, however, later he began puking up blood and others called an ambulance. He was flown out by helicopter to a critical care unit in Westchester County. He is currently under a medicated coma and is on life support. Whats the chance of surviving TWO head tramas?

Assuming that the damage is not compounded, there really isn't any codependence. Statistically, the odds of surviving any type of accident don't change based upon previous history. For instance, the odds of surviving a lightning bolt might be 50%. That does not meant that if you get hit again, you're automatically going to die. If you're all healed up and in the same condition when the second bolt hits, you're back to 50% (or maybe a little less...since you might be a little older, a little weaker, etc..). However, if the 2nd bolt struck you while you were recovering in the hospital and connected to a pace maker, it wouldn't be an independent event.  (+ info)

What prognosis can we expect for a head injury patient?

A few days ago my brother, a long distance truck driver, had a heart attack while driving and ran the truck off the road, where it rolled several times. He survived the accident (he was wearing a seat belt), but suffered a head injury. He was rated as extremely critical upon arrival at the hospital and stopped breathing a couple of times. His coma was rated very low, near death. However, four days later, he's still considered comatose, but he's able to follow some directions and can speak some. Today he was able focus his eyes on someone and answer some simple questions. Does anyone have any experience with head injury patients and can tell us what to expect as to his chances of recovery or how much he can recover?

no one can predict what the damage is, they can tell you the severity but not what is affected and how badly. this will be a slow process, take it easy with him and don't push, let him recover in his own time. there are things you can do to 'stimulate' his mind though, photos, objects from home he holds dear, recordings from family and friends. i was in a care accident years ago and went through the windshield and suffered a subdural hematoma, basically bleeding inside the skull...it caused some damage, mostly speech and recall issues. i have had three concussions over my lifetime including this one and mostly i just struggle with getting words out, not stuttering because i know what i want to say but there's just a break down in the connection from brain to verbalization. that major head trauma was 30 yrs ago. i had an uncle who died a few years ago of natural causes but he was in wwII and was the only survivor of 10 a plane crash, he was in a coma for 8 years and one day he just woke up and spoke his wife's name (although she had divorced him 5 yrs earlier because the doc's said he would always be a vegetable and there were no detectable brain waves) anyway, he just woke up and within a few weeks with rehab mainly for his limbs from lack of use he was out of the va hospital and home talking and walking as normal . he did lose the majority of his eyesight and he had what they call a permanent shunt inserted into his skull (its basically a tube that drains the fluid buildup - i guess its to do with the type injury he had) other than that he was very able and lived well into his 80's when he died of natural causes. so who knows what will happen for your brother, he has sustained two major traumas but a lot depends on his fighting spirit too. i would just encourage you and your family to love him and keep talking to him about everything, childhood and family memories, family happenings, holidays...really anything that could trigger a positive response. reading his favorite books to him whether he seems to respond or not is good too. i remember after my concussion that i could hear all that was going on around me but i could not respond so i think deep down he will hear you. good luck.  (+ info)

I need a professional advice my lover suffered a coma after a serious head injury will he have amnesia?

Hi i am humbly asking for a professional reply i am in a turmoil for almost 2 months because the man that i love more than my very own life has been in a highway accident and he is in a coma;though he is recovering and is responsive to external stimuli (he awoke 2 weeks back and rolled his eyes but fell back to unconsciousness)there is a grim probability that he may have amnesia ;my question is will it pe permanent will he recognize me or his parents and will his personality change dramaticaly; in other words my worse fear is that he will be someone completely new;pls help me through this trying time any useful advice will be of service thank you very much

it really depends which part of his brain got damaged. the very front part of your brain affects personality, so if he hurt the front of his head or the back (because often brain injuries can be caused from the impact of hitting the opposite side of the brain, as the brain returns back to its right place at high speed), then his personality might change, yes. most memory, etc is controlled by the back of the brain. so depending on his injury, he could have any number of problems, or he might be able to return to normal functioning.

there are certain kinds of amnesia that disappear after weeks, months or even years but others are life long. again, depends on the injury.

hope hes okay  (+ info)

if you suffered a head injury and were in coma would you want to be kept alive?

Definite YES. People have been known to come out of comas.  (+ info)

hospital induced coma. My friend got kicked in the head by a horse and has been in an induced coma for a week.

Why is it neccessary to do a tracheotomy after a week of being in a coma? It is a hospital induced coma he was kicked by a horse in the head. He is violent when he is brought out of the coma is this normal with a brain injury. The MRI scan didn't show anything untowards. I am not allowed to visit so relying on other peoples past experiences to help me out. I can say he is terrrified of hospitals so coming round may naturally frighten him anyway.

With severe head injuries, it is sometimes necessary to induce coma in order to keep the patient safe. If he's awake and not coherent, he could become agitated and injure himself or those trying to care for him. An induced coma also reduces the risk of elevated intracranial pressure which is important to prevent further injury to the brain. Obviously because of this, patients need to be intubated since they then can't breathe on their own. If they require intubation longer than a week or two, they need to have a tracheostomy or else they are at risk for tracheomalacia (essentially erosion of the windpipe).

Best wishes for your friend.  (+ info)

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