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if someone has a heart attack and falls into a coma..what are the chances of the person surviving?

Survival is quite possible. Truth is though, if there is coma after cardiac arrest it suggests that oxygen to the brain was cut off for too long and brain damage ensues. Or, other organ failures in the body (kidney, liver, etc) caused by the heart attack may result in coma.  (+ info)


If someone's in a coma for whatever reason, would the people eventually turn their life-machine off? Or would they keep someone alive for years until they woke up?
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It depends on a lot of things, whether they can determine if the persons still has brain function, etc. The parents or husband next of kin usually have the authority to make that decision though.  (+ info)


I randomly woke up in intensive care, I mentally freaked out meaning that my subconscious mind new nothing of the happenings. Just in case I had hypnotherapy to check. I was checked for alchohol and drugs and the results were negative.
I've had a scan and my brain is normal. I have dissociative amnesia yet by body is in perfect condition, no traumas, etc...
I really don't want it to happen again because hospitals suck. I was out for over 3 days. Can anybody think of what may have happened.
P.S: This is a stab at the air because all the docters baffled.

As you got damnesia you may have suffered emotional stress and anything to do with what happened may be stored in an alter, hopefully you won't get DID (dissociative identity disorder). If hypnotherapy didn't work it may be so called distant damnesia, where only you, through a type of self hypnosis, or under a certain element, may leak information out of your alter or call him up. Bieng unconscious after acquiring did is supposedly possible so you may have developed the early stages of DID. Your body may have somehow gotten rid of drugs or alcohol you may have taken to make you feel better, your alter (maybe existant) may have attempted to commit suicide. This is highly unlikely thought.
Get checked out with more psychiatrists. The scan may change to, with possible development of any mental disorders.  (+ info)

What is the longest known coma a person has came out of?

I know that coma's can sometimes last up to years. What is the longest known amount of time a person has spent in a coma, and awoken from?

On August 6th, 1941 Elaine Esposito went in for a simple Appendectomy and things went horribly wrong. After she received anesthesia, she lapsed in to a deep coma in which she stayed for the rest of her natural life. On November 26, 1978, after 37 years, 111 days, Elaine Esposito passed away. She was nicknamed "Sleeping Beauty," and holds the position in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest Coma. Born December 3, 1934, Elaine was 6 years old. She developed appendicitis and was taken for surgery. While under anesthetic, she had convulsions, and her temperature rose to 107f. Doctors could never decide if encephalitis, or lack of oxygen while on the operating table lead to this event. She had intermittent periods where he eyes were open but unresponsive the entire time. Her last words to her mother before the surgery were, "Mommy, I'm not afraid, don't worry." She was 43 years, 357 days old.  (+ info)

How long is too long to be in a coma and fully recover?

My 47 year old nephew hospitalized because of a serious genetic heart problem (ICU on cardiac floor) was erroneously injected with a massive dose of insulin - he is not a diabetic. In a coma for several days. Vitals are good, brain scan normal but he remains in coma. We have no answers! Have any of you had a similar situation with positive results? How long is too long to be in a diabetic coma?

This is a question for a doctor to answer no one on here is really gonna know... Nor would it be fair for someone to give you false hope, go with that facts from a profesional  (+ info)

What are the chances of surviving a coma if getting shot in the hand and almost bleeding to death caused it?

*sigh* my good friend got shot in the hand and he didnt go to the hospital right away cause know one was around to take him. He obviously didn't take it seriously cuz it was just in his hand. The next day he went to the hospital and almost bled to death and now he's in a coma. What are the chances of him getting out of the coma from this terrible accident? serious answers only please thanks.

It really depends on the cause of the coma. If he got brain damage from low oxygen to his brain, he might not get better. If he is in a coma due to blood loss, he should be able to recover.  (+ info)

What usually happens if you slip into a coma after a brain aneurysm?

My mom had a brain aneurysm Monday night, they clipped it, then she slipped into a coma on Wednesday. The coma wasn't induced either. No body will really tell me anything that's happening. How bad is it?

I asked this earlier and got almost no answers.

I really wish i could help...
My sister is a nurse...if only she had an account.
I would call her and ask her, but its one in the morning.

Im really sorry about your mom Ella.  (+ info)

What is the difference between coma and unresponsive?

What is the difference between being unresponsive and being in a coma? My mom is currently in the hospital and the doctors say she is unresponsive. They now believe she had a severe seizure (she is epileptic) and somehow she lost oxygen to the brain. Unfortunately they we do not know for how long. After a second cat scan, they found tiny damage all over on both sides of her brain. She is on a respirator. They can not explain why she is not responding. Doctors say there is a chance she may respond and a chance she may stay as she is. Is there any hope?

A coma is pretty much your body going to sleep and healing itself. The brain is still very responsive and responds to things like voices and touch, but the person is essentially asleep and can't be woken up.

Being unresponsive is like being brain dead, only there is hope. There may be brain receptors that are still firing so she may not be completely brain dead. Thus, unresponsive.

That's as much as I know. But I hope I helped a little?

-hugs- I'm sorry your put into this kind of situation.  (+ info)

How do opioid analgesics cause coma to patients with liver disease?

I know opioid analgesics are metabolized by the liver therefore they wouldn't be metabolized properly in people with liver disease. But how does this lead to coma? HELP!

maybe you should ask your doctor that question  (+ info)

Can a person in a coma with pneumonia become any worse if they are exposed to someone who is ill?

I have a friend who is currently in a coma. Another friend of mine and myself are planning on visiting tomorrow, but my one friend has a pretty bad cold. What we were wondering is that if it would make our friend in the coma become any worse if she was exposed to my friend with the cold. We weren't sure because of her being in a coma and sick with pneumonia if she could become any sicker then she is now?

Yes your friend can get sicker.  (+ info)

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