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How can I relieve allergic conjunctivitis?

I've been using eye drops (Naphcon A) several times a day for over a month. It says not to use more than three times a day and only for a couple of weeks, but this conjunctivitis is not letting up. I don't want to overuse the eye drops, I've heard that it's a bad thing to do. I think I'm becoming photophobic from all the eye drops. Is there something else I can do?

If this product is used regularly for more than a few days, your body becomes tolerant to it. When you try to stop using the product "cold turkey," your body actually creates the symptoms that would make you want to keep using it (i.e. itching, redness, etc.).

I would recommend slowly decreasing the amount of times per day you are using the Naphcon A, and get a plain saline eye drop to keep the eyes moist when needed. Your symptoms will most likely improve. If they don't, you may possibly have a viral conjunctivitis.  (+ info)

What happens if you use an ophthalmic antihistamine and don't have allergic conjunctivitis at the moment?

Using an antihistamine eye drop when you either aren't suffering from eye allergies or only minimal symptoms at the moment but have recently. Is it harmful to your eyes?

No, but it will help prevent allergy issues from starting for the duration of the medicine's efficacy. Ideally, you should actually take the drops before you are exposed to the allergens that will cause an issue, to be most effective.  (+ info)

what foods should be avoided if u have an allergic conjunctivitis?

foods that are big NO NO to a person with allergic conjunctivitis

****genial***  (+ info)

How can you distinguish between allergic and viral conjunctivitis? How long can each last?

They look the same except that viral conjunctivitis is just that caused by an internal illness where as allergic conjunctivitis is cause by something external like pollen or dust. Viral conjunctivitis could be cured by going to the doc and getting meds same with the other.  (+ info)

How do I cure Allergic Conjunctivitis?

I think thats how it's spelled?Anyway,I have Conjuctivitis and it's have been sticking to me for 5 years!!! I really need a cure for this.I have seen 3 doctors, none of them can cure me....Please help me.For those who have experienced this type of disease, please help me.The one who can help me will get more rate for me.Thank you! :(

This condition is due to allergens creating inflammation in your eyes. I used to get allergies so badly that my eyes would swell closed and then drip with water for several hours. Additionally, I had viral conjunctivitis that lasted for several weeks and the doctors gave me steroids, etc. and nothing helped. If I had known then what I know now, I would have most likely avoided the whole thing.

I do not get allergic reactions anymore. My immune system is keeping me from getting all that. I suggest you work on that immune system rather than trying to treat the symptoms with medications like the doctors are giving you.

The reason the 3 doctors can't cure you is because they are trying to treat the symptoms and not the basic problem, the allergies. Your body can fix the problem, not the doctors.

Here is what I suggest you do. You need to put your immune system into high gear. If I were you, I would do the following:

1. Eliminate all SOY and Canola oil products from your diet.

2. Take 1 tsp. colostrum in the morning in juice and then 1 tsp. at night before bed in juice.

3. Take 12 - 14 oleuropin (olive leaf extract) each day.

4. Take 6 allicidin capsules each day (2) three times per day)

5. Take 1 to 2 nucleotides each hour for a few days until the symptoms go away. (probably 1 to 3 days)

6. Eliminate all sugars from your diet. Especially sodas, including diet sodas. These will stop your immune system for 3 hours after drinking just one. Very bad for you.

7. Get the Max Stress B and take 1/4 teaspoon first day and then increase it gradually to 2 teaspoons per day by day 10.

Go to: www.healthline.cc (not .com) to purchase the above products because they are the ones that really work. Do not go to health food stores, etc. because their products are not good quality. You need grade 10 herbs and you will see immediate results from these, unlike the store bought garbage.

8. Go to this web site and order the probiotics from them. These are very special probiotics and will boost your immune system and provide natural "B" vitamins from the probiotics. www.natren.com

After taking this probiotic for a few months, you can cut down on the B-vitamins because your body will be producing many of them. The probiotics will also go after the Candida Albicans that you most likely have that is an underlying problem causing this. If you took any, and I mean ANY antibiotics, you have this problem and need these probiotics to get rid of it so you can get well.

This will work for you and I believe you will be amazed at how quickly you will start feeling better.

good luck to you  (+ info)

My ophthalmologist prescribed drops for allergic conjunctivitis, should i not wear eye makeup in a while?

He didn't mention anything about it, and it just struck me if maybe i shouldn't be putting mascara on anymore... but since it's allergic and not viral or bacterial maybe makeup is ok?

I am an optician too. I have sensitive eyes. I wear contacts and mascara. Try to use a mascara that has no lengthening fibers, and use a gentle one like one from Almay, Physician's Formula, or Mary Kay. Do not use the waterproof kind either. Most of those either do not have allergy causing parabens, or they have very small amounts in them. Health food stores also carry more natural mineral based mascaras that do not have the funky additives that cause allergic conjunctivitis. Always take your makeup off beofre you go to bed. Always use your eye drops about 10 minutes before contacts or makeup. Always change your mascara tube every 6-8 weeks if you have sensative eyes. AND make sure that you call your doctor and ask them what they think, they might have just the right answer for you that us bone heads missed! SMOOCHES ! LORI O^O  (+ info)

Allergic conjunctivitis; how long will it last, please help?

I've had "pink eye" for a week, i've finally been prescribed benadryll and PATANOL eyedrops two times a day. It went away almost completely but now its coming back. My mom thinks its coming back because the night before i had cucumber on my eyes (for under eyes). Could that be it? And do i need something stronger?

How much longer could it be :( I've already had it for 8 days. What can i take to make it better

did u possibly put in different eye drops after u finished using PATANOL eyedrops? if u did, that would b why.  (+ info)

what are symptoms of a allergic conjunctivitis?

Pink Eye

discharge, runny, watery eyes,blurred vision, crusty morning eye. could only be in one eye....VERY CONTAGIOUS...  (+ info)

Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis HELP?

Every year around this time I get Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis. I always get the redness and especially extreme amounts of discharge from my eyes when I wake up in the morning. This year, however, I only have the redness and no discharge. Not that I am complaining, but I am wondering why I am not getting it and if it is something else that I should be concerned about?

for 30 years my allergies were so bad I was in the hosptial from them. Tried, pills, shots, drops nothing helped. This year my eyes as usual started, blood shot, itchy, sticky, gross! looking and feeling like crap. I got this stuff by bausch and lomb called "Alaway" it's a antihistemene drop that takes the itch away. It says to use 1 drop every 8 hours, I used it more than that, plus another drop to releive redness. Try that, it used to be prescription, now you can get it at the drugstore. I feel for you, i really do, cold compresses help the itch, try that too  (+ info)

been wearing eye makeup for 15 yrs solid and now I have allergic conjunctivitis, how is this?

umm...im sorry but what exactly is this we are talking about?

If its an infection, maybe you were using the eye makeup too long. Makeup is no good after a couple months. Remember, especially with pencils and brushes, we typically dont wash them right after use. How many times do you put on mascara and dip it back in the bottle? Or use eyeliner, and close the pencil throw it back in the bag? I could have been that the eye makeup you put on had germs and made you sick.

If its an allergic reaction, it could be many things. Allergies develop often out of nowhere...just this march I developed an allergy to apples...ive been eating apple since I can remember, all of a sudden, at 23, i ate an apple my lip got swollen, my throar all itchy, i thought I was gonna go to the hospital!

Change brands, see what happens, if you keep getting allergies, then its time to say good bye to the eye makeup.  (+ info)

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