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Why do I sometimes have throat Constriction while eating?

On occation, once a month, when I am eating either too fast or big bites, my throat constricts. I begin to have hecups and noting will go down, not even water. After making the food "come up", the constriction doesn't go away sometimes for 15-20 minutes.

dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing, has many causes and is often a sign of an underlying and serious condition
you should get that checked out
some possibilities are
autoimmune disease
neurological damage
swelling in the throat and neck due to enlarged thyroid, yeast infection, bacterial infection
gastroesophogeal reflux
in the meantime, eat slowly and small bites, it sounds as if the eating fast and large bites may be triggering the nerves in the throat and diaphragm to cause spasms.  (+ info)

What could be d cause of throat constriction with terrible headache and voice hoarseness.Pls help,very painful?

Been experiencing for more than 5 yrs already.I had throat nodule removal operation last July, I thought my problems would go away.It did not. I always feel nauseous because of the terrible headache.

You do have a muscle under your chin that you can release and that should make some difference on your throat.
Press your thumbs up under your chin near the front. Between them you should feel a muscle that is very tight. Press your thumbs into that and hold. They really wont go into it for it's like it wants nothing to penetrate it, but press onto it and hold.
Relax now, take a deep breath and exhale and don't tense up any part of your body.
After about 30 seconds the muscle should start to release. When it does, slowly start to raise your head at the rate of the release. When you have your neck fully extended remove the pressure but hold your head there for one minute longer.  (+ info)

Can anyone help me with my anal constriction?

I have been really bloated lately and it is for the dumbest reason. Like my asshole has been shy lately. It refuses to fart during school hours or in a public setting. So the fucker just keeps it in there until i get home. My gas is in a fucking concentration camp! How do I fix this problem?

Oww see a doctor  (+ info)

What are the best alternative remedies for urethral constriction in men?

Forget alternative, go to the doctor now. Don't you realise something is causing the constriction? My mate has the same. His is bladder cancer. Curable if attended to in time, before it gets through the wall of his bladder. Please get to the doc ASAP.  (+ info)

My doctor said that I may be experiencing constriction of the esophagus caused by acid reflux.?

I have difficulty swallowing when eating meals. I sometimes have trouble breathing because of food trapped. Has anyone experienced this?

Yes I have had this for over 20 yrs. There are many medications to relieve the symtoms (nexium,axid etc.) There is also surgery for the more stubborn cases. I do NOT eadvocate the surgery. Take the medication for as long as possible to avoid surgery.  (+ info)

What substance(s) in cigarette smoke cause a decrease in circulation and constriction of blood vessels?

  (+ info)

Can migranes be caused by constriction of the nerve endings?

Does anyone know any good relaxents?
I want info about really bad migranes, because ive had to go to the hospital for them.
Please help
Please help

migraines are caused by dilating blood vessels in the head. Tylenol products are good for migraines. Also cold compresses, cold showers, naps, and relaxation techniques such as yoga may help. If the migraine is severe or you are suffering with a fever or visual disturbances you should seek professional help immediately  (+ info)

Why does constriction of the veins helps to increase arterial pressure when blood pressure falls?

Your talking about vasoconstriction. Long story short it's the narrowing of the blood vessels resulting from contraction of the muscular wall of the vessels, included in this are the large arteries, arterioles and veins. When constriction occurs the flow of blood is restricted/decreased, this retains body heat and increases vascular resistance. The skin typically becomes pale because less blood reaches the surface, therefore preventing the radiation of heat. On a larger scale vasoconstriction is one of the mechanisms by which the body regulates and maintains mean arterial pressure. In other words it compensates for the falling pressure/rising pressure.

Here's the more technical means behind it. Posted for speed.

The mechanism that leads to vasoconstriction results from the increased concentration of calcium (Ca2+ ions) within vascular smooth muscle cells. However, the specific mechanisms for generating an increased intracellular concentration of calcium depends on the vasoconstrictor. Smooth muscle cells are capable of generating action potentials, but this mechanism is rarely utilized for contraction in the vasculature. Hormonal or pharmokinetic components are more physiologically relevant. Two common stimuli for eliciting smooth muscle contraction is circulating epinephrine and activation of the sympathetic nervous system (through release of norepinephrine) that directly innervates the muscle. These compounds interact with cell surface adrenergic receptors. Such stimuli result in a signal transduction cascade that leads to increased intracellular calcium from the sarcoplasmic reticulum through IP3 mediated calcium release, as well as enhanced calcium entry across the sarcolemma through calcium channels. The rise in intracellular calcium complexes with calmodulin, which in turn activates myosin light chain kinase. This enzyme is responsible for phosphorylating the light chain of myosin to stimulate cross bridge cycling.

Once elevated, the intracellular calcium concentration is returned to its basal level through a variety of protein pumps and calcium exchangers located on the plasma membrane and sarcoplasmic reticulum. This reduction in calcium removes the stimulus necessary for contraction allowing for a return to baseline.  (+ info)

What to do for throat constriction?

It feels like my throat becomes more and more constricted as I eat. It becomes hard to swallow and it's painful. It's annoying.

You might be suffering from GERD. Constriction of the throat during inhalation will limit the amount of air flowing into the lungs thus adversely affecting your breath capacity and breath control. The tell tale signs of throat constriction are guttural sounds that can be heard while air is passing through the throat into the lungs. To relax the throat so no constriction occurs I suggest you try this simple exercise. First off, put one hand in front of your face and blow air onto the palm of your hand. The physical sensation you will feel will be a cool air column hitting the hand. Next try dropping your jaw and opening your mouth as wide as you can while blowing air onto your hand. The temperature of the air you feel now should be warm. The physical result of this part of the exercise is a throat cavity that is open and relaxed. This physical state should closely resemble the condition of the throat while yawning. Yawning is an involuntary reflex that brings oxygen into the body and is the most efficient breath we can take. Although it is not practical to play with warm air in all registers it is the physical sensation of a relaxed open throat that you must learn to bring to your playing at all times.

Tightness or rigidity in the lower abdominals (muscles in the lower abdomen) will impede the natural process of breathing by limiting the amount of air (oxygen) that you take into your lungs. Without the ability to completely relax the diaphragm you will never be able to take a full breath. Constriction of the lower abdominals will also negatively affect the control of air speed and pressure. This is detrimental not only to your breath control but to your pitch control and range. With only a limited ability to change your air speed and air pressure, changing the speed of the vibration of the tissue of the aperture will be greatly hindered. Thus, limiting your range extension and ability to alter pitch when necessary. I�ll discuss more on these topics shortly.

While discussing breath capacity and constriction I would be remiss in not talking about the condition of the upper body. Although your shoulders and rib cage will naturally rise while taking a breath it�s wise to make sure that they both are relaxed. The shoulders should be naturally rounded, not pulled back to far or slumping forward before taking a breath. The upper body should be in a position that promotes expansion of the rib cage allowing the rib cage to expand and contract freely. If there is tension or constriction in the chest cavity or shoulders that tightness will limit the expansion of the lungs thus limiting the amount of oxygen you can take into your body. As you can see it is important relate the action of breathing to the ability of taking a full breath because, �air� is the fuel of a great sound.

Lastly, taking a full breath every time you breathe is of ultimate importance  (+ info)

Why are the pathologic conditions peritonitis, pleurisy, and pericarditis all accompanied by pain?

In medical terms anything that ends in '-itis' means swelling. So with swelling comes pain.
Pleurisy is swelling and fluid on the pleura of the lung lining which is a step down from pneumonia.
Hope this helps and have a great day/night.
K  (+ info)

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