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what's the best treatment for a muscle contracture?

the muscle is the soleus

when the muscle contracts (spasm) the best thing to do is to stretch it, massage it or friction it. To stretch the soleus bend the have your leg straight while sitting on the floor or bed, put a towel on the bottom of the foot (the ball of the foot) bend the knee a little and pull back.
heres a site where it can show you how to do it while standing too.
Good luck ^i^
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has anyone ever had a contracture from chemo?

Interesting question....
In a literature search I could not find anything about direct effects of chemotherapy causing contracture. In fact, there are reports of some chemotherapy drugs (mostly antihormonal types) being used to treat contractures. Radiation has been associated with it, and malignancy as well (as a separate paraneoplastic process, see here for more info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paraneoplastic_syndrome).

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Muscle contracture,plz help?

Hi thanks for reading, I just got a back muscle contracture in the gym and, I was wondering if doing pilates will help, or will get it worse, and what is the best way to deal with this situation? thx again.

The best way to deal with this without seeing you is to use ice. The ice is used for fifteen to twenty minutes per hour. The use of Pilate's would be okay if it is kept to light movements. Stretching of the back muscles would also help but this has be done correctly or you could wind up with more problems. There is no specific area designated in the description so it is going to be impossible to state what movements to do. Just take it easy on the stretching for what the muscle really needs is to be strengthen. That must be done very gradually in the beginning.  (+ info)

do I have dupuytren contracture?

....or could it be something else? I'm worried, I have a nodule in the palm of my hand. I've read that the younger you are the more serious it is. I'm 36.

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Psoas muscle contracture?

Does anyone know anyone in Hawaii, especially Maui, who knows psoas release therapy? My psoas muscle is in contracture and I'm trying to find someone here who knows how to release it.

If not Hawaii, what about California or Washington.

Any help will be appreciated. I been having this problem for 3 years!

Hi practice of Yoga is good for psoas muscle .But if you Google Psoas Muscle theres a lot more info for you, good luck. take care.  (+ info)

What causes Dupuytren's contracture?

It is a thickening of deep tissue which passes form the palm into the fingers. Shortening of this tissue causes "bands" which pull the fingers into the palm. The cause of this is unknown but it tends to run in families and may affect those with viking ancestry!! The condition is progressive and the only treatment is surgery.  (+ info)

Contracture Disorder--- Help please.?

Can someone please tell me a weird or bizarre fact about Contracture? Thank you!

A contracture is a tightening of muscle, tendons, ligaments, or skin that prevents normal movement.
The only one I'm familiar with is Dupuytren's contracture which occurs in the hand just below the base of the fingers on the inside of the hand. It tends to get worse as time goes on and eventually surgery is needed.  (+ info)

how can i correct my hip contracture?

i am an above knee amputee

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dupytrens contracture.?

is it possible to get dupytrens contracture of the feet?

No, its a hand related disorder.  (+ info)

what causes duputrenes contracture, is trauma a possible cause?

It is spelled Dupuytren"s contracture-hypertrophy (thickening) and contracture of the palmar fascia, resulting in flexion deformity of the palm, more commonly seen in the white race. The cause is unknown. Trauma does not cause it but rather aggravates the condition. Treatment is surgical-Z plasty.  (+ info)

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