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has anyone out there had operation for dupytrens contracture.?

Why are you asking ?
The only long-term cure to release the fingers is an operation. If the function of the hand is affected, and the contracture is 30 degrees or more, then a surgeon may recommend an operation to cut out or divide the thickened tissue. This then enables the fingers to straighten again.  (+ info)

how to get rid of scar tissue around chin implants?

I have been trying without success at multiple doctors to get rid of "capsular contracture" around my chin implants. They were put in 15 years ago. Is there any solution??

I am not sure specifically about scar tissue around chin implants but for scar tissue in general it is good to massage out the effected area. I know this may sound weird but if your place the tissue between your thumb and pointer finger and apply mild pressure and move in a circular pattern you may be able to break down some of the scar tissue and reduce it however this may not get rid of it completely. If you are having issues with the scar itself I have heard that applying scar tissue to the effected area reduces redness and swelling.  (+ info)

Feeling Cracking in the Ribs When Stretching?

When I stretch with my chest out and hands pulled behind me instead of my back cracking I occasionally here cracking in my ribs. Its not painful, but rather unusual. I don't believe its a contracture in my pectoral muscles because I do not feel any soreness in my muscles along my ribs. Do you have any idea why this happens or if its any concern?

dont worry bout it  (+ info)

My 1 year old girl has full thickness burns to both hands?

My girl has just turned 1 and we had a horrible accident happen 6 weeks ago. She has full thickness burns to both palms of both hands and some fingers. HAve gone through 2 operations of skin grafting. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? as she now has contracture happening. She is in casts to try and extend fingers and palms from curling over too much. We know there will be further operations. ANyone ever been i this situation? This is destroying me

  (+ info)

Hand surgery in West of England?

I am to have elective surgery on my hands in Devon UK [Dupuytren's Contracture for what it may matter]. I can - to some degree - choose where to go. Does anyone know a good National Health hospital in the area that specializes in hands?

I have been treated in Derriford Hospital in Plymouth several times. Its huge and attracts the best of Surgeons.
Good Luck.  (+ info)

which of the following is likely to develop when a leg is immobilized in a cast.?

Choices : contracture, muscle hypertrophy, muscle atrophy, increased osteoclastic activity

  (+ info)

how can i treat a C.P child with physioteraphy treatment?

I have one child he is 16 years old boy and he is suffering with celeberal palsy and his gait is intoing and he haing little contracture in his knee and he gone through the spinal bifoda operation he needs some mucles strainthening excersize Dr told so help me and show me some excersize to me so that i can do the excersize at home becoze i cannot offered the physiotheraphy treatment outside. Thanking you all

I can help you out quite a bit but I need more information about your son so I can help you with the best treatments/exercises. I am a home health aide/ and also work as a special education aide at a school for severely disabled children so I have a lot of experience with physical therapy. Does your son walk?, How severe are his contractures? Do you have any special equipment for him at home to help his legs stretch? Like a standing frame or a gait trainer? Also where are you located? There are some areas that offer therapy to disabled children for free if the parents cannot afford it and also there are programs that provide free equipment to do therapy at home as well. Please feel free to email me at:
[email protected]

I am more than willing to help you out for as long as you need, you just need to help me out with the information!  (+ info)

I have a question about breast augmentation revision surgery?? Help please!!!?

I had breast augmentation surgery done last year in Feb and due to capsular contracture I am undergoing another surgery next week. Do you know if the sensitivity will decrease/ increase after second time? Will I experience permanent numbness of nipples?

I am really scared. The first time I lost some part of sensation around nipples I am not sure if by every surgery the risk of loosing more sensation will increase?

Have you had any similar experience?

Id say the sensitivity will decrease and numbness of nipples increase?
It's you're choice honey :) But I say let 'em be natural :)  (+ info)

Botox and contractures?

Does anyone get Botox for a contracture? If so, is it helping you? I have had Botox twice now for a severe foot contracture, I get the injections in my lower leg. They use 4 injections each time.

I don't do that.
Sorry.  (+ info)


DUPUYTRENS CONTRACTURE! Been to the NHS who want to cut me alive and leave me handless for 3 months, does anyone have any experience of needle aponeurotomy? apparently my finger can be straightened and useable within 3 days? - real life experience appreciated, like, does it hurt? :_)

CHris Xx

Go to this forum: http://www.biospecifics.com/forum/listthreads.asp?forumID=1

also here: http://www.handcenter.org/
This is the doc's site who does it in Fla.

From what I can read and what I have researched, it works great.
There is a doctor in Florida who does it and one in Tennessee and actually some in Ca. and Oregon.

I am thinking of having it done also. I had "open hand" surgery a couple years ago and yes, it is 3 months of physical therapy.

It is now back and my other hand has it. No way am I doing full surgery again. I"m going to Florida.

It is supposed to be pretty painless and no therapy.

Good luck. This stuff really sucks.  (+ info)

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