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Has anyone had corneal dystrophy before? How was it treated?

Do you know if wearing contacts cause them and what are the signs of it? Under my upper eyelid, I see a grayish part. Is that corneal dystrophy?

Corneal dystrophies are inherited disorders, not caused by contact lenses. The grayish bit is likely just a normal variation, but check with your eye doctor to make sure.  (+ info)

What is corneal endothelial dystrophy?

I went to an optometrist and they told me that I have this and that I need special contacts to let my corneas breathe. Do I need to worry about this?

This sounds like a cousin of Fuch's dystrophy, which is an abnormality of the bottom of the five cell layers of the cornea. But the matter is of sufficient importance to warrant a detailed conversation with an ophthalmologist.
  (+ info)

posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy?

My son 11yrs went to get check for his glasses and we were told he had this problem. Anyone heard of it, have it or know what happens with it? The dr said it wasn't much to worry of but being Mom I am.
I have Googled this but I am looking for an actual experience.

I would just look it up on a search engine  (+ info)

conal dystrophy (NOT corneal dystrophy)... can anyone tell me what it is other than a sight condition?

blindness?  (+ info)

What are the chances that I will inherit Fuchs' dystrophy if my grandma was the first to be diagnosed?

My grandma who is in her mid-50s was recently diagnosed with Fuch's corneal dystrophy. I know that this is a dominant genetic disease but she is the first one in my family to be diagnosed. Is it quite possible that I will inherit this disease or is it possible that she is the only one in my family who will be affected by this disease?

Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy is a genetic, autosomal dominant disease with high penetrance. With this kind of gene each child born from a parent carrying the disease has a 50% chance of getting the Fuchs' Dystrophy gene, and a 50% chance of getting a normal gene and NOT getting Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy. Therefore, each grandchild has a 25% chance of getting Fuchs' Corneal Dystrophy.

This means that you should be checked on a yearly basis to see if you are "Fuchs' Dystrophy Free". Even you do have the gene, it doesn't mean you will develop Fuchs' Dystrophy. Just be diligent in getting your eyes examinations yearly and be aware of any vision problems that you might develop down the line. My prayers go out to your grandma for her eyes to become pain-free.  (+ info)

How to improve from recurrent corneal erosion?

Recurrent corneal erosion is a disorder of the eyes characterized by the failure of the cornea's outermost layer of epithelial cells to attach to the underlying basement membrane.
My symptom is very minor but my eye hurts sometimes when I try to open my eye the first thing when I wake up. Will the condition gets better over time or do I have to live with this.

The cornea has a number of layers. The outermost is the epithelium which sits on its basement membrane. Under this is the stroma which is made of collagen fibers running parallel to each other, going different directions, in multiple layers, then the innermost layer, Decemet's membrane, then the single cell layer the endothelium.

The epithelium is like the skin. It's base layers are sort of square, then they flatten out as they go towards the surface in mutltiple layers.

The epithelium is scrapped off when you blink, little by little, and those cells are replaced by the cells underneath.

When you sleep at night, and get all cozy, into deep sleep, your eye doesn't close completely. It leaves a small space or crack open to the air. This area gets dry. As it gets dry, it can stick to the lid margin. Then, when you go into REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, and you sort of start chasing rabbits in your sleep, you move your eyes and the surface layers tear. OUCH. The eye feels like someone scraped it, or that there's something in there. If you go back to sleep, it'll regenerate the defect and by morning most of the foreign body feeling will be gone.

When this happens more and more, the cells on the bottom will close the defect, but there isn't a basement membrane beneath them as that takes longer to regenerate, so they won't stick tightly. It then becomes easier for the erosion or tearing to happen, thus recurrent erosion.

If you have a mild blepharitis, or lid inflammation, which is usually associated with Staph. bacteria, the secretions of the lid, the fibrin, the cellular reaction and the salts in the tears themselves make the lids a bit more sticky. The lid margine will stick to the drying cornea which is exposed.

To avoid the erosion and allow the basement membrane to replace itself over a month or so, you'll have to put some type of oily, oil-like lubricant between the eye and the lid when you sleep. You could try refresh PM or other ointment such as Bacitracin, Erythromycin ophthalmic ointment or others. I've had this problem in the past and have used just plain old vaseline. It causes the vision to get a bit yellow, but you can wash it out in the morning with water and it won't do any harm to the ocular surface. The ophthalmic ointments require a prescription which shouldn't be that hard to get from your eye doc. They are 'sterile' too. But your eye isn't, so in a pinch the vaseline does work.

Once you've allowed the basement membrane to be replaced, you won't need the ointment. But, if you continue to sleep with your eyes partially open, which you don't really have all that much control over, it'll happen again...hence RECURRENT.  (+ info)

i have corneal dystrophy. i am only 23--what is it ?

its not found in my family, and i have suffered for 2 years watching my vision slowly fade to 15% in my left eye. my right eye is not bothered. my doctor has recommended me to the cleveland clinic to have a PRK
what is a PRK
what is corneal dystrophy

has anyone had an eye surgery. i am scared.

any words for me

fuch's --is it different than just a corneal dys.
or the same with another word on its name?
again...what is PRK
i have seen a corneal specilist for almost a year now.
he is the one who is sending me to the clinic for surgery.

There are many corneal dystrophies. Did they give you a name for it or just say corneal dystrophy. Ask your doctor. They should give you more information on the dystrophy and the alternative treatments other than PRK. PRK is Photorefractive Keratectomy. It is the precursor to Lasik. What PRK does is it uses a laser to remove tissue from the cornea.  (+ info)

i've just been told i have a corneal dystrophy?

yesterday i could see fine, this morning i woke up, nothing seemed unusual then i put my glasses on and my right eye was blurry, i rubbed my eye a bit thinkng it was just what everyone sometimes gets but it was still the same so i went to the bathroom and rinsed out my eye a couple of times but it was still the same, so i went to the dr who had a look and said it looked ok but i should see the optician as soon as possible, so i made an appointment for today, they took a picture of the inside of my eye which they said was perfect then he got the thing with a light and got close having a look all round the eye and said he could see something on the cornea so he got some dye and then got a better light thing and had another look and said i have a corneal dystrophy, he said it was strange that it had just happened over night, but said my vision shouldnt get any worse, and i have to see a specialist, i'm really worried now that it is something really very bad, i have had no other symptoms, last night before i went to bed i could see perfectly fine through my glasses, its just all of a sudden... has anyone else got a corneal dystrophy? what is the prognosis? i also see slight ghosting through the affected eye even with my glasses on. please anyone with experience i'd appreciate some assurance that im not gonna go blind or anything!! i;m ony 29!

well there's more than 1 type of corneal dystrophy...but basically corneal dystrophy is a group of inherited corneal degenerative processes that cause corneal clouding. something is wrong with your cornea and its not inflammatory related (in other words it doesnt turn your eye red, its not "pink eye", its not contagious, etc). some common ones:

epithelial basement membrane dystropohy: top layer (epithelium) repeatedly comes off or is not well adhered to the next layer

fuch's endothelial dystrophy: back layer (endothelium) stops functioning and causes corneal swelling

there are many others but those are probably the most common 2.

the usual initial treatment for all corneal dystrophies is "hypertonic" eyedrops, or concentrated salt drops. they sting, but they temporarily clear some of the corneal clouding. they're over-the-counter ("muro 128 5%" is a really comon brand)

if/when that doesnt clear the cornea enough or doesnt provide relief from the symptoms, surgical options are usually next...DSEK, PK, etc:


http://www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/cornea-transplant.htm  (+ info)

does anyone else have Schnyder crystalline corneal dystrophy or have experience with the disease?

I really appreciate and thank you for helping by sending the link which I will check out in the morning, I am also looking for individuals who know about this or experienced it =} thank you again
I have this disease, I was diagnosed at 3 and am 33 now, my dad and his uncle had it as well, has anyone else had expierence with this disease or have this disease themselves? I am trying to find olut more about it as well as places that know more about it as well as know where I may find studies for living people, it may be too late for me but not for someone else that may be a student who may want to have a family someday etc so I would like to help now to help those in the future I have been all over the state of Kansas as well as my home state of WI when I was younger and no one knows a whole awful lot about this
I have read a few articles also, mentioning "fish heads/eyes" does this mean or has anyone heard of animals cats, dogs etc geting this? Im assuming it just mean the eyes were used for studies

http://hmg.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/full/5/10/1667  (+ info)

How long will muscular dystrophy telethon go on?

Doesn't most muscular dystrophy patients have insurance?

I would think if they are poor they would have medicaid.

So, are most of the money made during the telethon go to research?

Not making much progress are they? I think they've been doing the telethon for over 30 years at least.

I think it's a scam.

It will be on for 24 hours.  (+ info)

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