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What are the problems in taking the DNA for the AIDS viruses envolope and inserting it into the cowpox virus?

The two previous answers are correct, it is RNA, not DNA. But if what you are eluding to is inserting the coding into the cowpox virus in order to make a vaccine, it still won't work.

HIV is a rather rapidly mutating virus - this means it changes it's code frequently. If you were to sample the HIV present in infected individuals world-wide, you would find thousands and thousands of individual viral codes. So by the time scientists would be able to make a vaccine and produce it and administer it, the virus they started with would have changed its code and may no longer be susceptible to the vaccine made. Besides, it would likely not be effective to the other thousands of viral strains that have mutated to be different form the one they started with.

In other words, it just wouldn't work, because even if you got vaccinated against one strain, you could still possible be infected by another strain.  (+ info)

how does the cowpox vaccine protect someone against smallpox?

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will chickenpox create an immunity to smallpox like cowpox does?

Cowpox is related to smallpox- vaccinia
Chickenpox is a herpesvirus, totally different  (+ info)

Is cowpox and smallpox the same thing?

Cowpox is a skin disease caused by a virus known as the Cowpox virus. Smallpox is caused by the related Variola virus. But when the patient recovers from cowpox, the person is immune to smallpox.  (+ info)

What is the prevention for cowpox?

I'm not sure if there is one. But cowpox was the worlds first vaccine. It was used for smallpox, and the name vaccine comes from the latin word for cow.  (+ info)

How is smallpox vaccine manufactured without smallpox virus?

Here an interesting question.

How is a smallpox vaccine manufactured for the military when it is supposed to be wiped out?

I can't seem to think of any other diesase used other the cowpox..

Smallpox isn't wiped out as in wiped out of existence off the face of the earth. It still exists, in the CDC laboratories, in freezers. They also keep stores of vaccine, and in 2000 contracted with a lab to produce additional stores of it. The virus is used to produce the vaccine, not cowpox or any other type of "pox". Cowpox infections offer future resistance to smallpox, but doesn't confer immunity- so the small pox vaccination would still be needed if there were an outbreak.  (+ info)

how many deaths has cowpox accounted for?

zero, it was used to immunize people against the human version of the disease - small pox.  (+ info)

Was Jenner The first person to invent a vaccine?

Jenner ( the guy who gave everyone cowpox to protect them from small pox) was he the first person to do any vacinations ??


Depends on how you define vaccination.

Before Jenner, variolation was done. They took smallpox pus from an infected person and jabbed it into your arm. Being infected this was was far safer than the normal inhalation route.

Jenner simply discovered using cowpox instead was much safer and just as effective. His new process was called vaccination (vacca is Latin for cow).  (+ info)

I'm worried about swine flu infecting me but...?

I have caught man flu quite a few times, And am just wondering if this gives me immunity against swine flu?
I've heard that Louis Pasteur used something totally different other than Smallpox to treat cowpox and it worked - So I'm going to assume the same for this.

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please answer quickly?

when was the vaccine for smallpox created. Im referring to the more primitive one that involved using cowpox to prevent smallpox. I think its somewhere in the 1700s but i need a date....please help me someone

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