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What are some treatments for severe Idiopathic craniofacial erythema?

I think i have severe Idiopathic craniofacial erythema because my face goes red whenever someone even says my name. School it is most common and im getting tired of being scared to go to school fearing by face will turn red and it gets worse when everyone notices. I feel like im on fire and then i can't concentrate on school work, or ask questions or comment so my face goes red so i dont get very good "participation" marks. Please help me.

According to experiencefestival.com, "A number of treatments are available. The most successful non-invasive procedure is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), which attempts to alleviate the anxiety felt by sufferers.

"In extreme cases a surgical procedure known as Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathicotomy (ETS) is available. Pioneered by surgeons in Sweden, this procedure has recently become increasingly controversial due to its many potential adverse effects. Patients who have undergone the procedure frequently complain of compensatory sweating and fatigue. ETS is now normally only considered in extreme cases where other treatments have been ineffective."

I checked out Wikipedia.org for the definition of Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathicotomy, and it says that, "Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) is a surgical procedure where certain portions of the sympathetic nerve trunk are destroyed. ETS is used to treat hyperhidrosis, facial blushing, Raynaud's disease and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. By far the most common complaint treated with ETS is palmar hyperhidrosis, or "sweaty palms". In this disorder, the palms may constantly shed so much sweat that the affected person is unable to handle paper, sign documents, keep clothes dry, or shake hands. The result is often social phobia so severe as to be disabling.

Sympathectomy refers to the destruction of tissue anywhere in either of the two sympathetic trunks, long chains of nerve ganglia lying along either side of the spine. Each trunk is broadly divided into three regions: cervical (up by the neck), thoracic (in the chest) and lumbar (in the lower back). The most common area targeted in sympathectomy is the upper thoracic region, that part of the sympathetic chain lying between the first and fifth thoracic vertebrae."

I hope you find something that will bring you the relief I'm sure you're desperate for.  (+ info)

I got hit in the jaw craniofacial surgery can be undone?

About 8 years ago I underwent craniofacial surgery. This morning, I was playing some sports and was lighty hit in the jaw on the jaw. My jaw is experiencing extreme pain. Has my craniofacial surgery been "undone"? Should I be worried?

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is it possible to enlarge skull through craniofacial surgery?

my head is too small; this is especially obvious when my hair is pulled back. can anything be done to fix this?????

also, can bone be added to the mandible to make it longer/more square?

why would you think of something odd to do..?  (+ info)

How much does craniofacial surgery cost? I need protruding bones removed from behind both my ears!?

I would like a real estimate or an educated guess. This is a very serious problem for me. I am a average normal looking guy, but people make fun of me because of this disfigurement. I don't think anyone else on Earth has this problem, people are really insensitive and they make everyday even more of a challenge than it should be. I feel that surgery is my only option, but I need a price to consider. A consultation alone would cost me $150. I wanna see if I can get a rough estimate here for free.

If Health Insurance covers it, I think it will be under $1000; however, I don't think this is likely if they determine this to be a cosmetic issue. If the bone growth is impairing your lifestyle (some sort of health hazard), then insurance will help cover you. Without health insurance, my guess is the operation will cost somewhere between $5K-$10K, depending on how large the area is. If a cosmetic surgeon chimes in, you can probably get a better estimation, but you might need to provide more details.
In the meantime, you might want to look into alternate hairstyles...a cosmetologist can probably recommend something to help de-emphasize or obscure that area.
As for people making fun of you...that is just horrible. I think it might be a blessing in that you know immediately who your true friends are...the ones who can look past our imperfections and like us for who we are on the inside.  (+ info)

so I think I have Idiopathic craniofacial erythema?

if anyone has any info about this how is non-invasive procedure, what exactly is it?

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Are the symptoms of craniofacial deformities apparent since birth?

or can they develop later on life?

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What craniofacial anomaly does this boy suffer from?


Hemifacial Microsomia  (+ info)

Craniofacial Surgery?

I underwent Craniofacial Surgery 5 years ago. I recovered well and felt no pain up until 2 days ago. For the past 2 days the left side hurts. Is this normal? Is it possible that the surgery can be "undone" or something may be have popped? Is this normal? I'm contacting my surgeon tomorrow. But I need answers to ease my anxiety.

In my professional opinion, I don't think it is related to surgery. You might be experiencing a problem with your jaw joint (TMJ). There is a doughnut shaped disc between your upper and lower jaw that may have shifted out of place. You might consider using and anti- inflammatory such as Advil along with warm compresses while making sure that you chew up your food into small pieces. No gum chewing! Check out this link http://www.ada.org/public/topics/tmd_tmj.asp and discuss this with your Dentist. Good luck!
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What is Craniofacial Biology? 10pts!!!!!?

What do they study in the lab?!?!?!

Cranio relates to the cranium.
Facial - having to do with the face
Ology means the study of.

So, craniofacial biology includes dental studies. There is even gene studies that relates to head and face.which would fall in the category of craniofacial biology.

I assume, but don't actually know, that it would include the bony structure that forms the shape of faces as well.  (+ info)

craniofacial surgery?

I want to get plastic sugery, only it's more of cranioplastic surgery. I want to narrow/heighten my glabella bone (the nose between the eyes). Is this procedure legal or viable, or do is it only performed on people with deformities. I think i'll die if i cant change this thing about me. thanks.

I'm not 100% sure of what area you mean. Do you mean you want to build up the area between the eyes, or the area just above this? The area between the eyes is the upper part of the nose called the radix. The area above this, between the eyebrows is the glabella.

If you mean the area between the eyes, (the radix) you can use a permanent filler such as radiesse to build up this area. It tends to calcify (harden) when injected next to the bone.

If you mean the actual glabella region of the forehead bone, you can actually have a procedure where they use hydroxyapatite paste to build up the area. It is also known as skull cement, because it works very much like cement, in that it hardens once it is in place.

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