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please tell me everything you can (in nonmedical terms)
a family member just got diagnosed with it
they think there is a 95% chance of it being benign

This should be a good web site to carry you through all the stages Diagnosis, treatment, test and all...great news...most of the time they are benign....WORD OF ADVICE: stay on top of doctors...get copies of all tests, diagnosis reports and everything...keep copies with you and take to all doctors appointments...research research research...Know your options.....Here is web site.....http://health.allrefer.com/health/craniopharyngioma-info.html  (+ info)

What are the chances of craniopharyngioma?

How many people does this effect

plz vist this site..:)

http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/craniopharyngioma  (+ info)

Can females with craniopharyngioma give birth?

I met this girl whom has just been Diagnosed with craniopharyngioma. As time is moving on its feeling that she desperatly needs to be loved and gives me soo much attention. My fear is going from a normal quit life to one where im caring for her 24/7. IM hoping this does not stop her from having children, she has a seizure now & then, and the usual eay pain & headaches. If someone can tell me the real deal and not point out another self help group it would be much apreciated. Ive googled so much that google stoped loking. Self help groups dont give much as far as what else wiki can give on info. IM looking for first hand knowledge & experiance, thnx!

Is the tumor affecting her hormones? Does she menstruate? This would affect her fertility. Also consider why you would want to be with someone you had to care for 24/7, and could she care for your children? What do her doctors say? Is surgery in her future?  (+ info)

will Pituitary Gland recover its functions after surgery on it?(Craniopharyngioma)?

Hi ,I had one surgery on pituitary gland due to craniopharyngioma.afterwards ,for past 6 years I am on hormones.I have a small hope that Pituitary gland will restore its functions after the removal of a small tumor(1cm) from it.during removal of the tumor ,a small part of pituitary gland also may have been removed.

Does pituitary gland got cell restoration?will it work fully anytime soon?Is there any stimulants for pituitary gland to start working?in homeo or ayurveda or allopathy ?

It is possible, but unlikely. I am basing my answers on talking to others with pituitary surgery.
You did not list the hormones you take but I had pituitary surgery too. I had two pituitary tumors.
In general, TSH does not come back. Growth hormone can come and go depending on where you had the surgery - but it is the first hormone to go when hormones go.
ADH usually comes back but not in everyone.
Cortisol will not come back if you have been on it for an extended time. Be careful weaning on that one.

There is no natural source that I know of. I do myself go to acupuncture for relief from some symptoms. I see a doctor who does acupuncture.
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