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what is it thats in cranberry juice that is good for cystitis? ?

does putting vodka in cranberry juice change the beneficial properties of whatever is in cranberry juice that helps cystitis?

ie does it change the acidity of whatever is in cranberry juice that is good for cystitis? thanks

i would like a scientific answer, not one that goes on about how bad vodka is for you thanks =)
I KNOW its the cranberries, but WHAT in the cranberries? what compound? sodium citrate like you get in the sachets? or is it the acidity?

Actually, there's nothing in it, it's a mental thing completely. At least according to my doctor and my UTI's it is.

Cranberries helping a UTI or cystitis (depending on what you call it) is an old wives tale.

Your best bet for cystitis is ANTI-BIOTICS, it's an infection, that needs treating, not more fluid, fluid doesn't flush the infection out, it just sticks, all fluid does is dilute your urine, any fluid does this, not just cranberry juice.

I hate cranberry juice with a passion so asked for an alternative when I was at the doctors about my latest UTI and he said it doesn't matter that I don't like cranberries because it doesn't help. Try mixing a spponful of bicarb in some water and drinking it, that helps. Sometimes it's complete relief and no need for anti-biotics, sometimes it's temporary enough for me to drive to the doctors without doubling up in pain. It tastes foul but it's worth it.

(Just my doctor's take on it and my personal experiences with cystitis)  (+ info)

What is the old homeopathic recipe for a concoction that helps cystitis?

My mother used to mix baking soda and lemon juice and something else that really gave symptomatic relief. Does anyone remember exactly what the ingredients were?

no but cranberry juice is good for cystitis it flushes the system  (+ info)

Is it possible to have honeymoon cystitis and a yeast infection at the same time?

I started having symptoms of a yeast infection recently and am now also experiencing mild pain in my lower abdomen. Is it possible to have both of these conditions at the same time?

Yes, it can happen. Start taking cranberry pills and eating yogurt everyday. That should help prevent these issues.  (+ info)

Is there an immediate remedy for interstitial cystitis?

I've had this condition for many years, but it only rears its ugly self once every few years. Most remedies takes months to work. Does anyone know of any quicker options?
Sorry my husband's picture is coming up, but the question is actually for me. Most remedies for this condition take months. I was wondering if anyone knew of any home remedies that work immediately. I've been through all the medical tests, so need info on that aspect of it.

Treatment of first-time cystitis is usually by means of oral antibiotic medications. Recurrences may be treated in the same way if they are caused by a different organism. If the same organism is causing the trouble again, the condition may require larger doses of the medication or long-term treatment. (Daily doses of medications may be necessary for six months or more.) It is important that dosage instructions be followed exactly, because a person is vulnerable to a new infection or reinfection if the entire course of recommended drug therapy is not completed.

Some individuals are prone to repeated episodes of cystitis or upper urinary tract infections. If there is an anatomic defect, such as a narrowed urethra, dilation (enlarging) of it may be needed. If stones are present, they may have to be removed. If the source of infection is the prostate gland, antibiotics are usually tried first; surgery is a last resort. If no obvious cause of recurrent cystitis is found, low doses of antibiotics may be prescribed for long periods of time (this is called prophylactic, or preventive, therapy).

Women may be able to guard against recurrent cystitis by front-to-back wiping with toilet tissue and by cleansing with soap and water after each bowel movement. They should also try to urinate immediately after sexual intercourse to wash away infecting bacteria that might enter the urethra. Loose, absorbent underclothes allow evaporation and absorption of body fluids and thus help prevent infection. Both men and women should drink plenty of fluids and urinate frequently, completely emptying the bladder each time.

Now that u have reviewed the specifics of cystitis, you can be more informed if you need to speak to a medical professional.  (+ info)

How bad is cystitis and how long does it last?

I found out I had it yesterday, I know to drink cranberry juice and lots of water and all that, but like how bad is it and does it usually last very long?

Usually a doctor will give you antibiotics, and you should start feeling better in a day or so, but keep taking the antibiotics until they're all gone. Did they not give you antibiotics?  (+ info)

What is the treatment for proctitis radiation and chronic cystitis?

After 2,5 years of prostate cancer radiation, I am diagnosed of having both side effects mentioned above. I look for the treatment available

i dont know but hope you get well  (+ info)

How do you cope with interstitial cystitis?

What foods affect you the most? If you eat something "bad", how long does it take you to feel the pain? Any medications that have helped you? I have just been diagnosed and the pain gets to me sometimes.

I was dignosed with IC over 2 yrs ago.I find that caffeine, acidic foods/drinks, like citrus, tomatoe etc bother me.Alcohol bothered me the most,(Never a big drinker, but every once in a while I would have a couple) I do not drink at all anymore,it is not worth it.One time a few drinks sent me into a 6 week flare.Elmiron has helped me quite a bit.(Some people it causes stomach problem is, but have found if you tke it out of the capsule it doesn't, as it is not the med, but the capsule it is in.)You might want to get a pain mgmt Dr if you do not have one.I take suboxone for pain and it helps, I take Norco and Naproxen for breakthrough pain.I also take Vistaril,Flomax,valium and or muscle relaxers,and pyridium.You need to have your pain "managed" You do not need to suffer.If your uro is not sympathetic to your pain, find another one, I know I had to at first.I also get bladder distentions with DMSO every 3 months that seem to help with the other symptoms, but not so much with pain.There is a website that has info on IC, and a diet for IC. www.ic-network.com  (+ info)

How do you get rid of cystitis forever?

I have had it on and off for one and a half years, tried several remedies-including cranberry juice and baking soda which gave relief but only for a short period

Have you tried this one:
Ingredients: Half glass milk (any kind, cold)
half teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate
Instructions: I've suffered from cystitis for years, and i know how unbearable the pain can be. This remedy definately works, just mix the milk and sodim bicarb together and drink straight away. Tastes foul but Works in an instant.
For a list of vitamins/herbal remedies try here: http://www.homeopathyhome.com/services/rshop/vshoppe/remguide/urinary.shtml
Good luck!  (+ info)

How can you ease cystitis pain?

My sister has really bad cystitis. I'm taking her to the doctor tomorrow, but is there anything she can do for the time being, to ease the burning pain?

She can drink water to dilute the urine. Some people feel worse on cranberry juice, although it's often suggested. Also, you can ask your local pharmacist about over the counter treatments to reduce the pain of a urinary tract infection. I hope your sister feels better soon.  (+ info)

How long does cystitis usually last - WITHOUT antibiotics?

I've had it 8 days now & it's not getting any worse or particularly any better.
I dunno why everyone's so keen to jump onto antibiotics all the time, I think they're what gave me this in the first place. SO, without them - how long will my cystitis last? I've cut out sugary drinks, caffiene, alcohol etc. & I'm drinking loads.

First off, why do u think that antibiotics gave u your cystitis...what's your evidence? Do u get cystitis every time you take antibiotics? How do you even know you have cystitis?

Also, there are many types of cystitis so it is difficult to answer your question. The most common type is one that is caused by a bacterial infection...and can USUALLY only be cured with antibiotics. If you do have an infection in your bladder, if not treated, it can lead to pyelonephritis (a kidney infection), which will make you very ill, and could eventually lead to urosepsis which can easily kill you. In light of all that, I would be "keen" on taking antibiotics.  (+ info)

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