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Can Kegals COMPLETELY correct a mild bladder prolapse or cystocele?

I have been diagnosed with mild Cystocele and mild Rectocele. I don't want to wear a pessary and I don't want
surgery. The doctor has not recommended either of those, I just know about them from doing research. She did however recommend kegals and physical therapy. Will these two things treat this problem? I want everything to be the way it was before. Will Kegals do that? Is this something that will get worse?

Not 100 percent sure if they will,,,,But Kegals will not hurt you at all.....so start sqeezing and see what happens.  (+ info)

Will giving birth to a child make my existing cystocele get any worse?

I am 23 years old and have a low to medium grade cystocele. As of right now I have four children, my last was born almost a year ago, and I am currently pregnant again. The cystocele didn't show up until the middle of my last pregnancy. I am wondering if this pregnancy and childbirth will make my problem any worse. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

No it shouldn't have any effect on it.  (+ info)

An embarrassing question about cystocele of the bladder?

Ever since I got cystocele of the bladder and rectocele (mild, stage 1), I do not have good muscle tone (down there) anymore. Am I stuck with being loose, or will Kegals make me strong again? If I have to have surger to correct this I will.

kegals will strengthen the floor of your peritoneal area, but you will need surg to keep the bladder and rectum in place..  (+ info)

Is it safe to get pregnant if you have a mild Cystocele / bladder prolapse?

I have had a mild cystocele for 3 years which i have treated with pelvic floor exercises and weight control, however, i want to have another baby and the problem hasn't quite corrected itself....

The doctor said it should be fine but they might do a caesarian this time round so no more stress is put on the muscles. Has anyone else had this problem, or had another baby with one? I found one website that said c-sections don't really help the problem......

Any answers will be greatly appreciated!!
Anyone answering my questions today?

hi there i did some research for you i never heard of it but i still wanted to help cos i know how frustrating it can be to ask questions on here and no one helps so heres a link i found for you hope ive helped sorry if ihaent given you enough info LOTS AND LOTS OF BABY DUST FOR YOU!!!

http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/BHCV2/bhcArticles.nsf/pages/Cystocele?OpenDocument  (+ info)

Is it possible to do a hysterectomy and fix a rectocele/cystocele under a spinal anesthesia?

General Anesthesia always makes me violently ill, and I'm trying to avoid that and any "sedatives" like Versed/Midazolam for an upcoming operation.
How do I get the Dr to agree to this? Any good suggestions?

Yes, it is possible to fix a rectocele/cystocele during a vaginal hysterectomy. This can also be done under spinal anesthesia. But each physician has his or her own "favorite" anesthesia. If your doctor does not accept to do it under a spinal anesthesia, it would be better for you to find another one.  (+ info)

Can a general surgeon remove my gallbladder and fix my rectocele/cystocele at the same time?

Or will I need 2 separate surgeons: 1 for my gallbladder and 1 for the prolapse? Can both procedures be done at the same time if I need 2 surgeons?

You'll need two surgeons but you should be able to have both procedures at the same time. Talk to your surgeons.  (+ info)

How much can you lift after you have had a hysterectomy and a cystocele done?

And do those restrictions ever go away or are you limited for ever?

Do not lift or do excessive exercises or you will tear something that's been repaired. Especially if they tied your bladder up!! I did and tore my bladder loose!!  (+ info)

Is it possible for a virgin to have had a cystocele?

I'm only 19 but i'm scared this is what i've had. If i strain down, it feels like a bulge. But i've read that this is only generally caused by heavy lifting or giving birth etc... But i have done neither of these.
Could it be a tumour pushing down upon my bladder? Please help me.
I have no pain.

go to your obgyn and ask its the only way to know for sure.  (+ info)

Is there a chance of mesh erosion in paravaginal cystocele repair via laproscopy?

yes  (+ info)

Urologist or Gynecologist for cystocele repair?

If and when I decide to get this done, has anyone here had a repair of a cystocele and/or rectocele done? Who is best to see for the procedure? I am a senior citizen, good health. No pain with this but some bothersome symptoms from time to time. I read on medical sites of folks having to have repeat procedures or not having a good outcome with a particular one. I'd like input from this website too. thanks.

u may use either a gynecologist or a urologist for treatment:


good luck!
c  (+ info)

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