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can doctors test if heart attack or sudden cardiac death has occurred after the fact?

i was having chest pain and suffered from what felt like a serious heart attack, since i have an implanted defibrillator/pacemaker it was ble to revive me before any seious damage happened. My cardiologist says he thinks i just fainted but i have fainted countless times in my life and has never felt this serious. I am scheduled for an echocardiogram in a few weeks will this show if a heart attack or sudden cardiac death happened 2 months after the fact?

yes i think that doctors can see in the autphsy the doctors can see if the person had a heart attack because of the damage in the heart...hope this helps  (+ info)

How do I deal properly with the sudden death of my Father?

I went in to wait for him to get done a pace maker/defibrulator operation. One they said they had never lost someone from. When I went to see when he would be out they asked me to find my husband and told me he did not make it. I do beleive he was not healthy and it was his time but it is still so hard and I want to grieve healthy. How do I do this properly and do it healthy for my kids as well?

I'm sorry to hear you lost your father, and so unexpectedly. It's never easy to lose a loved one, and there is no best way to go about the grieving process. At the moment you are still a bit in shock over it. There is nothing wrong with crying, and even crying with your children. They have also experienced a loss. So cry if it makes you, and them feel better. If you are religious, contact your spiritual advisor for guidance while you work through this difficult time. Once you are over the initial shock and can handle it, sometimes it helps if you find ways to celebrate their life. Talk over pleasant memories, share them with one another. As time passes, perhaps you can find other positive ways to celebrate his life. Since your father had heart problems, perhaps you can all get involved with the American Heart Association, as volunteers. Learn CPR and teach others. Whatever you do, allow yourself to grieve and don't stay isolated from the others in your life, especially your children. Family supports one another in good times and bad, and that's a lesson we do need to teach our children. They are used to it always being you doing the comforting, and perhaps now it's time they had the chance to comfort you in turn. That is good for them and you, so let it happen. Take strength from one another, share the tears, the memories, and even a laugh if it comes. Let it become the point where the healing begins, so the last memory is not one of pain and loss. Gather your family near to you, get spiritual counsel, and you will do okay. Eventually, you will all find your sense of peace, even with this trying time.  (+ info)

Can arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease cause a sudden and silent death?

My mother was never diagnosed with this disease until after she died. Furthermore, she never received an autopsy. I've researched the term and this disease causes heart attacks. But when we found her in her bed she didn't look like she had suffered a heart attack plus she never called us for help, she went silently.

Sudden and silent cardiac death is the initial clinical event in 15% of people with coronary heart disease. Because death occurs within seconds there is not time for the body to develop visible changes.  (+ info)

what causes sudden death in elite athletes?

I know of plenty of athletes who have died while playing sports. I saw antonio puerta dying live on tv. Almost all of them, if not all of them, had a specific heart condition. If they have these conditions, why are they still allowed to play without an icd or just allowed to play period? Could sports really be that much of a business as to disregard someones life?

Sadly, many people go through life with undetected heart conditions which can often be fatal. Whilst sports palyers & athletes receive media coverage of their sudden deaths due to their status, most regular people do not - so fundamentally it appears that its generally active sports people that have these conditions and not regular people.

Many of these people who have sudden death are born with CHD - Congenital Heart Defects - which go undetected as many have no symptoms until fatal or until the heart is in severe failure.  (+ info)

How common is sudden-cardiac arrest/death in athletic children? How long can they go unattended before dying?

If they were to be rushed to the hospital, what would the doctors do in order to try to resuscitate the kid? Can the parent be in the operating/serving room while the child is being treated/resuscitated?

Children rarely suffer cardiac arrest in of itself. Children almost always suffer cardiac arrest as a result of respiratory arrest unless they have a congenital heart defect. For a child to have a "cardiac" arrest say at a sporting event it would be entirely too late to wait until arrival at an ER to resuscitate, the child would be dead by long before arrival, resuscitation needs to be initiated immediately by emergency medical technicians preferably with a paramedic who can provide electrical and chemical resuscitation. The outcome for such an incident is almost always death, they just are too far gone by the time they are at the cardiac arrest stage.

EMT-Paramedic for 20 years.  (+ info)

How do I help my mom deal with my stepdad's sudden death?

My stepdad died suddenly last week at the age of 51. He and my mom were together for 15 years. The autopsy results are not in yet but it appears to have been a heart attack. My mom was the one who found him, while he was still alive, but he died at the hospital. He was the absolute love of her life. I have moved back into her house temporarily so she doesn't have to be alone, and I am helping her with the planning and doing everyday errands for her. My mom already has the loss to deal with and she also has his children bothering her for his "stuff" at the same time. I feel so heartbroken for her. I really want to help her but I don't know what to do other than be here. Any advice?

I am so sorry to hear about your mom's loss. Your just being there is a great help to her i'm sure. She has to grieve in her own way so just let her do that. If she wants to wait before giving things to his children then you will be the one to deal with that. sounds like you are doing all the right things. It gets a little harder after the funeral is over and the cleaning starts. Just let her know it is all in her timing. Milestone days will be hard too like birthday, anniversary and things like that. so be mindful of when they are coming. I hope my daughters are as thoughtful as you. My prayers are with you.  (+ info)

Am I at risk of sudden adult death syndrome?

Hi, I'm a 21 year old male and over the last few hours have been reading a lot about sudden adult death syndrome. I have always been an anxious person, but am worried that I might be at risk. There is no reason why I should be but hearing that it happens with no warning is scary. Am I being irrational?

You have probably answered your own question. As a 21 year old male with no other health problems, it is very unlikely you are at risk of anything, let alone sudden adult death syndrome.

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is really a term that describes unexpected death caused by a variety of factors which just happen to be undetected in the victim. It is very unlikely, if you have had no symptoms, that you have any of the conditions that might cause sudden death.

I can empathise with the worry that something like this can cause, but perhaps it could help if you changed your perspective - everything has a risk attached to it. Even life is a terminal disease. However, it is actually very, very difficult for a person to die, and very unlucky if it happens with no warning! So you can relax a little, take what you read with a dose of salt, and be content that so long as you are currently healthy, there is very little to worry about.  (+ info)

Could anybody please help me find a legitimate case and study of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in Philippines?

this is for my term paper in child psych but our professor would not let me pursue the topic unless i find a local study of that disease here in our country. so please if anyone could suggest a journal or an article or better yet a copy of that study.. i would highly appreciate it.

I dont know anyone who has suffered due to this syndrome but one of the cases could be that baby puts his head in the blanket or in his pillow and suffocates. It could be serious if he is not watched closely. Another case would be when baby starts rolling in his crib, he can accidentally get hurt by the rails of the crib if the bumper has been removed and that can cause damage depending on the force with which baby hits the rails. You can find such cases on the net but not necessarily in this section... I think  (+ info)

What causes sudden infant death syndrome?

What causes sid and how can it be avoided?

just dont keep anything in the crib with the baby like no - blanket , Teddy bear anything that the baby can suffocate the baby they say you shouldn't use bumper pads but thats only till they move around because they can get caught between them and suffocate you should remove it around 2 months also laying baby on its back to sleep and if you smoke do not around the baby and do not allow anyone else to smoke near your baby. SIDS is - sudden infant death syndrome heres a link where you can read about it more i looked all this up when i was pregnant good luck hope i could help

http://kidshealth.org/parent/general/sleep/sids.html  (+ info)

how much time does a sudden cardiac death take you off this earth?

I know the word sudden is in the name but does that mean 3 minutes?

The first 30 minutes are crucial. Within this 30 minutes time gap, if somebody could reach you to the hospital, the survival rate will be doubled. From the hospital you will get anti thrombolitic therapy using Streptokynaise injection, which will dissolve the clotted blood from the artery, thus regaining the usual blood supply to the heart muscles.  (+ info)

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