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How did you cope with the sudden death of a child.?

My 3 year old son was killed in an automobile accident two years ago. I am coping with the death and have had counseling to do so. However, how do you deal with the guilt of being responsible for their death? I was only 10 feet away and because I didn't look twice my son is gone. So I feel a lot of guilt. Any suggestions?

first off let me say that I am very sorry for your loss . I think you need to stick with counseling and just remember it is was not your fault . You just need to keep up with the counseling that helps alot . good luck and I will pray for you that you have some comfort .  (+ info)

Sudden death happens to people who dont exercise?

Or only who people who do exercise>?

Sudden death can happen to anyone, such as by the strike of lightening.

Its rarity should NEVER prevent someone from availing himself of the numerous benefits of exercise-- improvement of cardiac functioning, strengthening bones, contributing to sense of well-being, etc.

Best wishes.  (+ info)

How do you deal with sudden death of a very close friend?

I lost my very good friend due to a brain aneurysm last Friday. He was only 17. We are all just so devastated, the whole school has been in mourning the last week . I went to his funeral today and couldnt stop crying .My he rest in peace. He will be very badly missed by all of us.
I dont know how his twin brother is staying so strong right now

I am so sorry! :[

it's going to be hard, I lost a close friend in a car accident last year, so believe me I know how you feel.
you have to keep your chin up, he honestly woundn't want you to cry.
think about the crazy stupid memories you had with him, :) I know you must have had some :]

I know this sounds dumb, but he'll always be with you even though his body is gone, he's watching over you.

feel better <33  (+ info)

What are the emotional factors a family faces when experiencing a sudden death versus lingering death?

Sudden death, especially of someone young, can devastate a family. During a lingering death, some of the stages of coping with grief can be dealt with, or at least prepared for. There's opportunity to say good bye, to have some closure.
None of that happens in a sudden death. Grief counseling would be a very good thing for a family that has to experience this.  (+ info)

Is anyone else really worried about sudden infant death?

Im so worried about it, its beginning to stop me enjoying my two month old daughter. I constantly wake at night to check she's breathing. Does anyone else feel the same?

I did exactly the same sometimes i woke them up by accident making sure they were still breathing it wasn't til they turned 1 started to relax  (+ info)

Can children age 1 year die from sudden infant death syndrome?

How old would your child need to be, to be considered safe from SI.D.S.?

Yes, it's possible, but more and more rare as they get older  (+ info)

How do I deal with my aunt's sudden death from cancer?

I still find it very difficult to accept that she's gone forever.

talk to u'r friends and family, honestly sitting infront of u'r computer is not the best thing to do right now. Cancer is very much among us now, we have to accept it and pray that she rests in peace  (+ info)

Where can i find a video on line about Sudden infant death syndrome?

my husband and i are wanting to start a family soon, we want to educate our selves as much as possible about infants and toddlers. We have looked at books and rented a few videos from our local library, but i can't seem to find any good information about SIDS. I have checked my local health department and doctor,they only gave me pamplets. Anyone have any good websites or suggestions?

You CANNOT avoid SIDS or prevent for that matter. I lost a baby to SIDS and have done a lot of research on it (not Internet based either I've went to hospitals, doctors, surgeons, etc.).

First off positioning has nothing to do with why a baby suddenly stops breathing. Suffocation is not SIDS so a baby that dies on its tummy because it was face down in the crib or because of a blanket is not SIDS it is suffocation, not the same thing. They have changed the way they rule a SIDS death and suffocation is suffocation it is no longer considered SIDS. My daughter was on her back and still died of SIDS. I joined a SIDS group shortly after she died and guess what....most of the mothers in my group have also stated that their babies were on their backs, sides, in strollers, swings, etc. There were only a couple on their tummy. If a baby dies on its tummy and it was not suffocation then yeah it was probably SIDS but that baby would have died in any position just like my daughter did. A sudden cesation of breathing has nothing to do with positioning or there would be no babies at all dying other than in just one position. People are so hell bent on this back to sleep stuff that they follow it so cautiously along with everything else they have come up with and then like me their baby dies and they are left saying but I did everything I was supposed to. It doesn't matter what you do. Whatever is causing these babies to stop breathing is beyond our control as parents. It is something you have no control over and if it's going to happen it's going to happen. You should just enjoy your baby and not let this overwhelm you. I've had two more and both of them slept in whatever position they wanted, usually on their stomach, and they are both fine. SIDS has been known to happen up until 1 year but the risk decreases after 6 months. I know three people in my SIDS group that lost their babies at 10 month and two at 12 months. There are also 2 that lost their baby to SIDS while their baby was awake so it doesn't even have to happen while they are sleeping. They say it is more likely to happen to males, in the winter months, and african american babies but my baby was a girl, it happened in June, and she was white. I don't buy any of the garbage they try to tell people anymore because more than likely if you do your research and ask people that it has actually happened to you can discredit everything they are saying. Just like the pacifier supposedly reducing the risk, yeah right, my daughter had a pacifier in her mouth and it fell out when she stopped breathing. That is another one that got asked of the mothers in my group and as it turns out the pacifier did not do their babies any good either. Good theory but it is not true, but people will believe anything because it is easier to beleive that something, no matter what it is, is a solution for why babies just suddenly dies, but they need to get some facts and proof before they start preaching it to people  (+ info)

How do I get over the sudden tragic death of my husband?

My husband died on 6/18 of septic shock. He was not sick until Friday the 16th. I came home and he was in bed and hurting. He works in a hot factory so I thought he was in heat stroke and dehydrated. I took him to the local hospital and they air lifted him to st louis. The sight I saw when I arrived at the hospital was something no person should have to see. He was bloated up and had tiny blood clots all over which slowly turned his face and body black. The doctors tried everything they could but it just wasn't enough. he died that sunday on fathers day. I cannot get over this. I cry all of the time and just cannot get motivated to do anythning. To make matters worse I have adhd and bi-polar disorder. Does anyone have any tips to help me get on with my life and atleast accept the fact that he is gone??

You will not find an easy answer here. I can't even begin to understand all the hurt you must feel, but you can make it through this. You need close friends to lean on and a lot of time to heal. You need to be able to express whatever you feel openly -- maybe even go see a counseler. It sounds like you've been through a lot and my heart goes out to you. Be strong, but don't bottle up your feelings. You will be okay.  (+ info)

what are my chances of dieing from Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome at 23 ?

please help i so afraid does any one know any test you can take to prevent his !

  (+ info)

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