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What is the treatment of decalcification of my spine?

I have spondylolthesis on my lower back but I was having some upper back pain and my doctor told me I had decalcification of my bones in my back (loss of calcium). How can this be treated? Also somehow because of this the disks between vertabrae are becoming thin and are pinching nerves.

  (+ info)

How can I whiten my teeth from home? Or get rid of decalcification fast?

Okay so I got my braces off and I have a lot of decalcification and I really want to whiten my teeth so that it isn't obvious. I have already tried baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Is there anything that will work faster that is commonly kept in the house. PLEASE! I have a date tomorrow and this is super ugly on my teeth!

I have used listerine whitening prebrush rinse with good effect  (+ info)

How do i make now whitened decalcification less noticable?

I had my teeth whitened and never knew what decalcification was. I just got my teeth whitened and i can now see all my declassificatior for it looks like rice stuck on my teeth. Will my decalcification eventually blend in with my teeth? How long will it stand out? Help im scared to go to school because i dont want kids to point out extra white spots in my teeth. and i love to smile! :(

Usually whitening will blend the white spots. Did a dentist do the whitening? If so I would go back and have it re-evaluated. Good Luck  (+ info)

How bad does your oral hygiene need to be to cause decalcification?

I have braces and just wondering if i will have the marks after i get them off

If the plaque sits on your teeth for long period of time (like you didn't brush it for months), then decalcification is likely. Because it's harder to keep plaque levels low with braces... there is a higher likely hood of developing decalifications.

Brush 2x daily and floss regularly, and you'll be fine.  (+ info)

Should i get microabrasion first or use MI Paste for my decalcification caused by braces?

I took off my braces 7 years ago. I still have the white spots left from my teeth decalcifieing due to my not taking care of my teeth well enough using braces. Anyways I am wondering which i should use first to guarantee the white spots will be removed?

Microabrasion is not indicated for your problem. It involves gradually taking away the outermost layer of enamel, and is really only good for fluorosis staining.
Use the MI paste for 6 weeks and you may get some improvement.
Anything left after this would probably need to be drilled out and filled with a composite.  (+ info)

What is the best toothpaste to use for preventing decalcification?

Any toothpaste containing fluoride will do the trick. Look for the ADA seal of approval on the box, and you're all set. Crest, Colgate, Aqua-Fresh...whichever one you prefer...Brush twice a day for 2 minutes each time. If you have braces, be sure to brush the teeth between the braces and your gums, since that's where most of the decalcification happens.  (+ info)

How old can decalcification be for MI Paste and Tooth Mousee to work?

I am 26, and I have recently gotten invisalign. I have four teeth with decalcification marks, and on actually has a little brown spot. These came from my original braces when I was around 13. I had them taken off and the ortho never told me what they were. Now the ortho tells me that I could get veneers or bonding. I personally think he goes for the most expensive choice. I'm not getting either because they are too expensive, not natural and have to eventually be replaced.

I heard about the MI and tooth mousse and wonder will it work with these old spots? I want to ask my reg. dentist, but was wondering about anyone else's experience.

Here's a pic of my teeth ( http://lh6.ggpht.com/azenithb/R4_zinZkRYI/AAAAAAAAAiw/062JjNcJi2M/s400/IMG_0147.jpg ), its the top front four Im talking about. Its fuzzy, but you can see the white cloudy areas and the brown spot on the far right. Also note, this is before I had my teeth cleaned and scaled. They look much nicer now,e xcept for the decalicification on the four teeth.

Yes it can improve it, but not totally  (+ info)

what should i do about decalcification?

I had braces from 6-7th grade. I'm pretty sure the dentists have told me i've got decalcification on about 4 of my front teeth. One spot is whiter than the rest, and on my two front teeth, there are lines from where my braces used to be. I'm now in 9th grade, and none of them are gone. How can i get rid of them? I brush my teeth daily, but i didn't take good care of my teeth at all when i had my braces. i wish i did, however.

In order to harden up the areas of decalcification you should use a fluoride mouth rinse like ACT every night. You can't do anything about the discoloration, because there is now a defect in your enamel. Although if you bleach your teeth there won't be as much contrast between your natural tooth color and the decalcified areas and it will not be as noticeable.
P.S. when I say bleach I mean go to your dentist and get custom trays. Not the zoom (this will make your teeth overly sensitive) or the over the counter stuff (this will make your teeth overly sensitive and the results are not guaranteed).  (+ info)

what is the best toothpaste to use for preventing decalcification?

A prescription fluoride toothpaste you can get through your dentist. There's no actual toothpaste brand out there at any store that would help you because they do not have enough amounts of fluoride.  (+ info)

I have a yucky looking spot of decalcification?

Is there any way for me to reverse this? It is like right on my top left canine by the gumline and it is not very good :/

Talk to your dentist about the following :

1. MI Paste....works like a miracle. The spot will be gone within weeks.

2. Enamel micro-abrasion (if it is a stubborn stain).

Thank me later :)  (+ info)

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