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How long is it possible for a head to remain alive after decapitation?

I know it doesn't happen every time, but when it does, how long can it stay alive?

about 20 seconds. as soon as the blood, which is the source of oxygen, drains out.... lights out!  (+ info)

Can a severed head still feel after decapitation?

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It can feel enough to blink for 15-30 seconds.  (+ info)

What happens right after decapitation?

...What happens to the brain? Would someone still be able to see, talk, move? How long does it take for the brain to stop functioning?

Sorry for such a stupid question.

Your head falls off. The brain dies due to lack of blood supply.  (+ info)

What are the initial symptoms of decapitation?

Light headedness.  (+ info)

How long is your head alive after decapitation, and can you watch your headless body fall to the ground?

Are these talking heads giving me answers??

which head??  (+ info)

How Painful is Beheading/Decapitation?

An odd question, you may be thinking, but I've been reading about The White Rose, who distributed anti-Nazi leaflets in Germany, World War II and were decapitated.
So I was wondering: how painful IS it? Is it hell for a second? Too quick to notice? (Like when you stub your tow and it takes a moment for the pain to be realised.) Do they die immediately after, or could they still be alive a few seconds after the blade has dropped?

Thanks in advance.

My grandfather was in WW2 ,not sure where he was stationed ,but im pretty sure wasnt Germany . Anyway when my grandpa was alive he use to tell us storys of being over there ,and how it was. Told me a story one time of watching a man be beheaded ,and how the man ran around without a head for a few moments before falling. I believe even without a head it takes your heart a few moments to realize ,and it does still beat .  (+ info)

Do you still feel pain after decapitation?

It has been confirmed that you do not die instantaneously so...

I think that you would be feeling the worst of the pain during the decapitation itself and after that, if you are still capable of feeling pain, it would be lessening from there as the blood loss drains away any life left in you.  (+ info)

Self decapitation and stimulation?

what if i put myself in a guillotine and jack off. when i start to cum i pull the string to the execution device and cut off my head? will i live, or just die in another lonely world?

typically (unless you are an actual chicken or a bug) you have to have a head to live...I would suggest not testing this question.  (+ info)

After decapitation....how many seconds will your brain function?

When people were decapitated back in the day, was there enough time to see their own body and realize what had occurred?

Or is decapitation instant death?

it depends on how well the brain was oxygenated prior to decapitation. It will function for from 2 minutes to 7 minutes based on oxygen levels, the body or torso dies immediately as it no longer has brain function to tell it what to do, but the brain can go on for some time. It is a horrible way to die, there are accounts from the French revolution of people seeing the heads in the baskets rolling their eyes and trying to talk.  (+ info)

How long does it take to become unconscious after the carotid artery is severed?

I just read about beheadings and wondered if a person can die of shock before being beheaded? Can that person die before the act of decapitation is completed, thus not experiencing the whole ordeal?

You die instantly when beheaded.  (+ info)

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