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i often had dehydration after cycling. i drink lots of water during and after cycling. what else can i take to prevent dehydration?

When you are doing lots of physical exercise you need to drink a sports drink like Gatorade or Poweraid. The salts in these will rehydrate you and the sugars will help keep your energy up. It is also important to drink these as appose to water as you can get water poisoning; your salts get low as you sweat and drinking water dilutes your body salts even further. Water poisoning is a very real thing and causes serious problems when it occurs (mainly in athletes while exercising).

This is knowledge which I already had, but I found an artical which you might find interesting if you would like to read up about it. Check out; http://www.wisegeek.com/what-is-water-poisoning.htm

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I think i have dehydration but only some of my symptoms relate to dehydration my symptoms include dizziness, fever ,head ache , sore throat , dry mouth and weak or soreness all over my body. If any body can tell me what you think i have that would be great thanks.

You have the flu. Drink Theraflu and rest.  (+ info)


What are the signs that i am dyhydrated, i havent drunken anything for 2 days now and havent eaten for 3 days aswell, i am sick with vomiting every time i eat or drink and i have dihoerria aswell...

i dont even feel like drinking anymore
i have tryed powerade but i just throw it up aswell as water or anything, have tried soup, but i cant keep that down either... but can you answers this aswel...

how many days without water will make you dehydrated and when should i call the ER

Signs of dehydration include flattened neck veins, sunken eyeballs, urine will be dark amber in color and decreased in volume, dry mucous membrane, diminished skin turgor, weakness, and neurological symptoms such as irritability, confusion, and dizziness.

Complications include hypotension, risk of falls related to hypotension, and decreased cardiac output. Severe dehydration can progress to hypovolemic shock. Other complications include renal failure and without intervention death.

You should see a doctor if you are experiencing these symptoms. This may be acute or chronic. Your doctor may prescribe antiemetic for your vomitting and antidiarrheals (ofcourse for diarrhea). You will require IV fluid replacement if you can't consume adequate amounts of fluid. You should also increase your oral fluid intake. Oral fluids should be salt-free due to the elevated serum sodium level.  (+ info)


If you were stuck in the middle of ocean and were desperate for water but the only water there is, is the ocean water, and you drank it would the salty water make you more thirty and as you drink would dehydrate you more and more (and/or dehydrate you faster)????

You hear about ship-wrecked sailors dying from drinking too much saltwater. This is true--your body cannot process and pass seawater very well and drinking it should be avoided at all costs. Even a small amount will cause diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration and make you delirious. According to Mayo Clinic nutritionists in Arizona, ocean water is approximately three times saltier than your blood, which makes it physically impossible for your body to process it safely. The major problem with drinking salt water is the dehydration effect, which can lead to seizures, brain damage, unconsciousness, comas and even death.  (+ info)

what are the signs of dehydration and long term effects of dehydration?

i always have dry lips and am thirsty allot and have dry skin. someone also told me that black bags under the eyes is a sign of dehyration.

what are the signs of dehydration?
what are the causes of dehydration?
what are the long term effect of dehydration?

It makes you thirst, fatiqued, loss of skin turgor. On the long term it can cause renal problems. Usually it is caused by decreased water intake, diarrhea,vomiting.

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How do I prevent dehydration while working out in the summer?

I do Tae Kwon Do, and it can get really hot and humid in the summer, when I'm working out in the workout area. It's an indoor sport, however, sometimes the instructors don't have the key to the building. We workout outside when that happens. So how do I prevent dehydration when working out in the summer?

Drink lots of water.  (+ info)

Is dehydration a deadly disease that can kill you?

I also have another question...

Can you prevent dehydration from killing you, if you are already diagnosed with it, by drinking a LOT of water?

Well yeah it can kill you because you need water to live
although its not a disease cause you cant 'catch it' and you cant give it to someone else.. well you can if you wanna not give them water?

drink water but dont bloat yourself with it so much that you explode because if you overdrink you can die!

the normal amount to drink every day is 2 litres!

eat watery foods! like lettuce,juicy fruits..you know the usual =P

Moisturise your skin because it will be dry if your dehydrated

And yeah, you wont die from it straight away you'll only die when you havent had water for like 2 and a halfish weeks or so..

Sooo..... try to drink water!

Also keep out of the sun and windy weather because you dry up in it!

You can tell if your dehydrated by if you have dry skin, headaches,and when you pull the back of your knucles/fingers back and if it stays in place then your dehydrated

so, good luck and keep hydrated! =]  (+ info)

What is the pathophysiological relationship between DEHYDRATION and FEVER?

I'm aware of how FEVER can cause dehydration but not the other way around. The only reason I ask is because my nursing professors cannot answer this question even though we've talked about it in obstetrics theory. IF any of you have healthcare experience and know about this I'd really really appreciate your response.. THANKS!

Check out this physician report on http://www.ch.missouri.edu/Education/STUDENT SYLLABUS. And if that link doesn't work, go into Yahoo search and put in Pathophysiologic relationship of fever and dehydration. This article is a wealth of information. I clicked on Objecives (PDF) when all the results came up. So, the information is out there for you.

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What is the link between osmosis and dehydration?

I have some questions on dehydration and osmosis.
Where within the body is the problem?

What tissues or organs are involved?

How is it linked to osmosis?

Why does it happen?
To redefine these questions:
How does osmosis play a role in dehydration/ electrolyte imbalance?

What organs or tissues (besides the kidneys) are involved with dehydration?

Dehydration: lack of water in your body.

When some tissues are starting to lack the liquid they try to absorb this liquid from surroundings, any way they can. (The normal way would be with the blood flow) The chemicals that are dissolved in the surrounding liquid also go with it.

Osmosis happens because of the chemical potential and because cell membranes are semi-permiable for small molecules.  (+ info)

What is the best way to avoid dehydration?

I happen to sweat a lot and I'm getting a job where I have to work outside. I'm in Michigan, and it is pretty humid around here sometimes, and I know I'm going to be sweating. I am a little concerned about heat exhaustion/dehydration. What can I do to ensure that I avoid these things?
What about Potassium pills or something like that???

I live in south Texas and used to pour concrete...
Its humid to say the least here...
Water is your best bet. gator aid if you must... but water is best. I had one of those bike rider water back packs with a tube that connected with your helmet or collar so you didn't need hands... Its best for saving time on the Job... you can drink when ever and the boss man don't think your just taking breaks to be taking them
Drink alot of water... avoid salt...
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