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Will vinegar remove calcium deposits from a dental retainer?

I know vinegar removes deposits from hard surfaces, but would it be safe to use on a plyable rubber/plastic retainer?

Yes.  (+ info)

What is the best whitening technique for calcium deposits?

After I got my braces off about 5 years ago I was left with ugly calcium deposits. I don't have enough money for a dental whitening (college student). So if you know of something that will work let me know. Thanks :)

  (+ info)

How to get rid of calcium deposits on front of teeth?

On my front two teeth are those weird bright white lines. I have heard they are calcium deposits. What causes this, and how do I get rid of them? I have very good dental hygene, I floss every day, use listerine every day and brush 2X daily...HELP?

These spots actually form as part of the tooth and so unfortunately they can't be cleaned off. Sometimes whitening can make them less noticeable. If they are really noticeable your dentist can place veneers over them. I'm guessing though that nobody notices but you, right? If that is the case, I wouldn't worry about it.  (+ info)

What can change the texture of dental plaque to make it more noticeable?

I'd like to know what a person can put on their teeth to change the texture of plaque deposits to help them find it with their tongue (instead of dyeing the plaque red with a chewable tablet).
I'm looking for something that a person with a visually impairment might be able to use - so changing the color of the plaque is not useful in this case.

i know there is a type of listerine called agent blue, its ment for kids but it does turn the plaque on your teeth blue so u can see it, its ment as an aid for brushing  (+ info)

Will vinegar remove mineral deposits on a plastic retainer?

I've heard that vinegar removes mineral deposits from coffee makers, bathrooms, etc. Will it work on a flexible piece of plastic? I have a dental appliance that is getting mineral deposits on it. Thanks.

yes. Just rinse it really well after soaking. That vinegar taste can linger!  (+ info)

can I get back a deposit for a dental procedure?

I was told my 5yr old needed dental treatment so booked the hospital and paid a deposit. however, now I find out that the treatment is not necessary and want to cancel the hosp. appointment. If I do this, can I get my deposit back?

I don't see why not. Treatment was never completed. the sooner you do it, the better though.  (+ info)

Is it normal for a dental office to charge a deposit to get started on dental work such as braces?

I am taking my daughter to get braces tomorrow, I have to pay 25% down and make monthly payments for two years. My friends kids have them as well and they had to do the samething.  (+ info)

Where can i find cheap dental work in Southern California?

I'm under the age of 18 and my parents have horrible dental insurance. Their dental insurance covers less than 10%. I need to find a place that has rather cheap dental work, but not at a dental school. (I need a lot of work done). Thanks.

I would also recommend Mexico because ive been, although like anywhere else you must do your due dilligence.
and get recommendations before you decide.I managed to save around 90% of what it would have cost me.
I had 28 top quality porcelain caps/crowns at a cost of $2400
Quite a saving on the $36,000 i was quoted at home.
For more info see below.

Hope this helps  (+ info)

What is the difference between the Dental Assisting I and the Dental Assisting II course?

I'd like to go to school to become a dental assistant but noticed there are courses for 'Dental Assistant I' and 'Dental Assistant II'. Which is the better one to take?

You don't have to take the second level, but if you do, you get to do more things like polishing people's teeth, take impressions (for mouth guards and whitening trays), you get to learn how to place a rubber dam on people, and in some places you get to apply temporarily fillings, apply sealants, and other things. This means that you will have more responsibility in the dental office.

Unlike with just taking level 1, you must take an exam at the end of your course with an examination board in order to practice your level 2 skills. The Canadian board is the NDAEB http://www.ndaeb.ca/

Also I forgot to mention that level 2 assistants usually get paid about 2-3 dollars more an hour.  (+ info)

What's the difference between Dental Ins and Dental Discount?

I do not have a job and need work on my teeth. My father is trying to get single dental ins for me but he can't find ins only dental discount plans. When we start out they say insurance plan, then when we call to order they say well this is just a dental discount plan. What's the difference?

Insurance allows you to see a dentist who charges, for example, $1000.00 for the crown. You pay $500 and the insurance pays $500. The dentist is paid his full fee. With a discount plan, the "insurance" company pays $0.0 and you pay $500.00. But now the dentist only makes $500.00. Do you think that the dentist that accepts $500.00 as full payment does the same type of quality dentistry as the dentist that accepts $500.00? You can't get something for nothing. Only the government thinks that way.  (+ info)

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