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What colour are Dental Fissure Sealants?

If one is needed, is it black and can people tell? Also, on my oral health assessment it says fillings UR4, does that mean just one filling upper right 4?
Please could you also tell me is shallow drilling is sometimes done with sealants? just major drilling, just really shallow?
i meant to say minor drilling, really shallow!** my dentist says that from the xrays he says he doesnt know if theres anything wrong with them :s


Fissure sealants are usually white, but can be clear. I have never seen them in colour and they most definately would not be black.

Shallow drilling is sometimes done for fissure sealants to remove any decay but sometimes they are done with no drilling at all. A fissure sealant is more of a preventative measure rather than a treatment and so if any major drilling was required, the tooth would probably need to be filled and not sealed

Some material is applied to clean the tooth and then washed off, sometimes followed by a glue.

The sealant is brushed on and then usually 'cured' using a light shone onto it for 20 or so seconds. All in all a very small 'procedure' :)

As to what the UR4 means, it could either be a 'base chart' which shows what you have had done in the past, or a treatment plan showing what you need to have done now. Unfortunately your description isn't clear on which one this could be, but you probably know whether it has been filled before and your dentist should have explained any treatment required :)  (+ info)

How much a dental assistant earns who is?

certified in Pit & Fissure Sealant and certified Coronal polishing?
How much they earn in Chicago area?
How much they earn in suberbs?

Serious reply only.

Thanking you all in anticipation

I am in texas and i can only do pit and fissure in areas that are low income. I make $18 an hour but i do ortho as well. good luck and it is an awsome job if you like to help people change there minds about going to the dentist and education them on good oral home care.  (+ info)

Where can i find cheap dental work in Southern California?

I'm under the age of 18 and my parents have horrible dental insurance. Their dental insurance covers less than 10%. I need to find a place that has rather cheap dental work, but not at a dental school. (I need a lot of work done). Thanks.

I would also recommend Mexico because ive been, although like anywhere else you must do your due dilligence.
and get recommendations before you decide.I managed to save around 90% of what it would have cost me.
I had 28 top quality porcelain caps/crowns at a cost of $2400
Quite a saving on the $36,000 i was quoted at home.
For more info see below.

Hope this helps  (+ info)

What is the difference between the Dental Assisting I and the Dental Assisting II course?

I'd like to go to school to become a dental assistant but noticed there are courses for 'Dental Assistant I' and 'Dental Assistant II'. Which is the better one to take?

You don't have to take the second level, but if you do, you get to do more things like polishing people's teeth, take impressions (for mouth guards and whitening trays), you get to learn how to place a rubber dam on people, and in some places you get to apply temporarily fillings, apply sealants, and other things. This means that you will have more responsibility in the dental office.

Unlike with just taking level 1, you must take an exam at the end of your course with an examination board in order to practice your level 2 skills. The Canadian board is the NDAEB http://www.ndaeb.ca/

Also I forgot to mention that level 2 assistants usually get paid about 2-3 dollars more an hour.  (+ info)

What's the difference between Dental Ins and Dental Discount?

I do not have a job and need work on my teeth. My father is trying to get single dental ins for me but he can't find ins only dental discount plans. When we start out they say insurance plan, then when we call to order they say well this is just a dental discount plan. What's the difference?

Insurance allows you to see a dentist who charges, for example, $1000.00 for the crown. You pay $500 and the insurance pays $500. The dentist is paid his full fee. With a discount plan, the "insurance" company pays $0.0 and you pay $500.00. But now the dentist only makes $500.00. Do you think that the dentist that accepts $500.00 as full payment does the same type of quality dentistry as the dentist that accepts $500.00? You can't get something for nothing. Only the government thinks that way.  (+ info)

How much does it cost a dental implant at a dental school?

I know a regular dental implant costs about 3200$ (total cost with crown) but I heard dental schools have cheaper prices.Anyone knows how much is it and are the students reliable?Do they perform under the supervision of an experienced dentist? Is there a dental school in Tampa?

You can generally assume when going to a dental school that the price will be about half of a normal dentist. We have two schools in our area, Detroit, at U of Michigan you have to see a student if you want the cheap price but they dont stick you with the rookie students, and they have actual dentists who come and check what they are doing step by step to make sure everything looks good. At the other school over here, U of Detroit Mercy you can see a student or an instructor as you wish both at half price so it depends on where you go.
I went to U of M for a root canal and though the appointment takes longer, since they have to have the teacher check it out every so often, but it was worth it to save 300 bucks.

I found this on a search...

There are 2 dental schools in the state of Florida - Nova Southeastern is in Ft Lauderdale and University of Florida at Gainesville is in Gainesville. Both should be accepting patients for their clinics.  (+ info)

Dental assistants. What are the most important things the office will expect you to know?

In a few months I will be working as a dental assistant. My classes have gone by so quickly I feel like I haven't really spent as much time as I should had on certain areas, or know everything I should know to be ready for the real job..

What are the most important things the dentist will expect me to know when first starting off? Just little curious I am very nervous! (:
By the way I currently live in Montana if that matters at all.

I'm a dentist.

I can tell you what I expect from assistants.

Basically, it depends. If you've been through a dental assisting program, I'd expect you to know the following:

1. what materials/instruments are used to place amalgams
2. materials/instruments used to place composites.
3. a general idea of what root canals involve and what instruments are used.
4. a general idea of what instruments are used for extractions
5. how to properly set up and clean a room.
6. the difference between "clean" and "unclean" (this is a big problem with dental assistants....some of them don't know that items that touch the floor shouldn't be put back on the counter!!!).

Basically, the doctor with whom you'll be working will train you, as will the other assistants. But since you've been through a course, they will expect you to have some knowledge of what they're doing.  (+ info)

Is it possible to get dental work done at a school for dental assistants and technicians?

Ok, here there is no dental school close to where I reside.BUT, there is a school for medical & dental assistants and technicians. Would it be safe to get work done at this kind of school?

No, since dental assistants can not perform restorative procedures... they can only assist the dentist when they do it.

Edited to say that licensed assistants, if applicable in your state, can work independantly and perform expanded duties, but only under the in-office supervision of a licensed dentist.  (+ info)

How can I get dental treatment done in Canada as a United States citizen?

I'm an Iraq war veteran and the VA is refusing to continue a routine (but expensive) dental treatment which began while in the military. I cannot afford a dental plan and I do not qualify for Medi-Cal (California's single-payer health care for the poor). I'm willing to go to Canada to get this done.

Anyone have any resources on how I can get this done through Canada's Medicare?

You need to get a local news station to air your story. The VA should be ashamed of themselves.
Thank you for your bravery in protecting our country.  (+ info)

How do you get dental floss out of your teeth?

My dental floss rips and shreds and then I am more uncomfortable as I then have food and dental floss stuck inthat small space. What won't shred and get rid of this uneasy feeling.

Use a floss that says it doesn't shred such as Glide, Satin Floss, Eze Thru, Eze Slide or Colgate Total floss. Now floss through the problem area but don't try to floss back out simply let go of one end of the floss and pull it through the side with the other end. If this hasn't solved your problem try flossing with a double piece of floss or tie a small knot in your floss then floss with a smooth piece, let go and pull the knotted area through between the teeth and remove everything.  (+ info)

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