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What is the technical/ dental term for the Teeth marks on the inside of the cheeks along the line of occlusion?

These marks are on the line of occlusion probably on the both sides of the cheeks. These marks form the shape and appear as if have been caused by the outward placement of the lateral teeth. Can someone please tell me what is it that we exactly refer them as?
Thanks in advance for helping.

I think the scientific term for this kind of condition is called (LINEA ALBA BUCCALIS), and it's probably due to the occluding of teeth on the buccal mucosa of cheek.  (+ info)

How can I find a dentist who will make my currently normal occlusion extremely bucked?

I've always loved severely bucked teeth and now am ready to become what I've loved in others. In addition to the bucked part, I'd love to have my anterior occlusion made into an open bite. Are dentists allowed to perform such changes if their patients agree and, in fact, actually prefer them?

If anyone is knowledgeable about this, any time and cost estimates, given initial healthy dental structures with the age being mid fifties?
Though using the money to help another is a good, viable suggestion, one shouldn't assume I've never devoted my time, as a volunteer, for many a just cause; I have.
Heck, lots of people spend tons of money on fancy cars, expensive clothes, outrageous vacations and more. Why should this request be considered any different? In many ways it's quite similar (money spent, someone earns it, the economy goes on, and on, etc.).

I can't say that I would expect a dentist to agree to this (sorry!) due to the likelihood that other issues like difficulty in eating, speaking or larger issues like possible tooth loss, pain and complications would increase the possibility of you (and them) getting into a legal situation. Like an orthopedic surgeon refusing to do an amputation on a person who like to be an amputee.
JAMRDH - a dental hygienist  (+ info)

Do budget dentists like western dental actually strap down toddlers when drilling and filling cavities?

I am livng on a very limited budget and my toddler needs major dental work. She has an appointment with Western Dental, but I can't imagine them giving her an injection in her mouth and drilling away as if she is an adult. I dont think I am comfortable with them strapping her to a chair. That sounds like the whole procedure would be traumatic. Do you think they will give her Nitris Oxide or sedate her to make this more bearable.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's true, low budget dentists mostly don't seem to care about people. When I was in NY, I was on the lowest form of medicaid. The dentist used rusty tools and even the shot hurt so bad I was screaming, and I never had it hurt like that when I was on my dad's insurance which is really good and could see a better dentist at the time.  (+ info)

What are some suggestions for tuning out the sound of the dental drill?

I want a dentist who is patient, caring, and who understands how traumatic it be for some people to allow strangers into their mouths. Epecially with that Godforsaken drill/needle. I'm acutally looking for a recommended dentist in Manhattan (NYC) Thanks!

go to a dentist that uses electric drills. mine don't make a sound. it's the old air driven drill sthat are so loud  (+ info)

I'm a dwf, disabled mother and have heard MO Medicaid was going to reinstate dental for adults. Is that true?

I had job but have had a traumatic experience that has left me with learning how to live the rest of my life as an amputee. For those of you out there that find it so easy to pass judgement on those that you know nothing about, please refrain. Doing this just shows total ignorance and absolutely no humanity! Any helpful info I can get would be greatly appreciated. God bless!

Just Google "Missouri Medicaid" for your answer.  (+ info)

traumatic dental experience, will I ever get over it. I'm so scared to go back?

I had horrible experience today I had to have a little tooth pulled for cosmetic reasons to correct an abnormality. I was told it would be quick and simple. HE gave me 10-12 shots in my mouth and I wouldn't numb. My cheek got a little tingly.

He said they he would attempt to pull it without the anastetic and if it hurt he could stop. WELL IT HURT A LOT, but just before I filpped out, the tooth broke and we had no choice but to keep going. Then there was a ook at the end of the tooth and he needed to cut my gums to get it out. In all I was there 3 hour and eeded 12 stitches. It was awefull. I was told that with the abnormality, I could also have my nerves in the wrong spot making it impossible to numb, because nerves won't show on an x-ray.

Has anyone ever had this happen? I need about 5 more appointments to have perfect teeth, and I'm so scared that I won't get numb. I already started and can't stop now.

How do I get over this.
I will deffinately get sedated, but I'm already spending $15K to get this done, and it would be another $600 per sedation, thats another $3K I hadn't planned for.
I will deffinately get sedated, but I'm already spending $15K to get this done, and it would be another $600 per sedation, thats another $3K I hadn't planned for.

Since the 'hook' on the root showed up on the xray that was taken prior to the extraction, the dentist should have referred you to an oral surgeon to have it removed and not even attempted to tackle the extraction himself... also, that's WAY too much local anesthetic... anesthesia toxicity could have occured!

He shouldn't have even started the procedure if you weren't complely numb!!!!!

You may want to get a consultation appointment with a different dentist to have your work completed... there are a few dentists out there who only see dollar signs, and are not as practical with their treatment plans as they should be.

Good luck to you!  (+ info)

A person has an occlusion in right coronary artery. What are the possible consequences of such a condition?

A person has an occlusion in right coronary artery. What are the possible consequences of such a condition?

A total occlusion will cause myocardial infarction

A partial occlusion - cause angina  (+ info)

What are the dressings called that you use for topical medication occlusion?

I have a topical medication that's supposed to be occluded but I don't know what the dressing is called for that. Occlusion dressings?

And I don't know where to buy it. I'd like a cheap source since I have to use it every day.

Thank you!

Occlusive dressing. Go to a surgical supply store or large pharmacy. It will be a heavy almost plastic . On an ambulance we use plastic wrap used in any kitchen. You can do the same.  (+ info)

what would be the effect of a large occlusion in the aortic arch on the B P measured in the?

what would be the effect of a large occlusion in the aortic arch on the B P measured in the 1. left ventricle, 2. aorta before occlusion 3. right arm?

1. Left ventricular pressure increases
2. Pressure in the aorta before the level of occlusion increases and will be almost equal to that in the left ventricle.
2. Right arm presure decreases because the blood vessel to right arm (subclavian artery) arises from the arch at the level of the occulusion.  (+ info)

How long do post-traumatic hydroceles last after an inguinal hernia repair operation?

I had left inguinal hernia repair surgery 7 days ago. It caused a post-traumatic hydrocele on my left testicle (I know not very common, but it does exist.) and it is still there. How long on average will this last? I am seeing my doctor soon.

I found this article that may help.
http://www.emedicine.com/Med/topic2778.htm  (+ info)

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