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Can cervical cancer be secondary to something in the brain?

I got a call from my doctor today saying that my smear test came back showing 'abnormal cells' and I'm being referred to the gynaecologist. I was wondering, if it is bad, that it's secondary to something going on in my brain. See, I've had trouble remembering things and my eyesight isn't like how it used to be - I wear glasses, the prescription is right at the time of testing, but my eyes go blurry at random times. I'm 26 years old.

No. Having abnormal cells doesn't mean you have cervical cancer, anyway.  (+ info)

Can a person have secondary polycythemia at age 21?

I moved up to a high altitude of 9000ft, and have been experiencing symptoms of polycythemia (opposite of anemia), even after a year later when I moved back to sea level, then went back up to denver which is roughly 5000ft. (symptoms are rash in bath, blood count above 15 etc )
Anyway is it possible for someone my age to have it? Also as it's secondary, is it treatable? Or life long term like primary?
I'm off to the doctor first thing tomorrow, but any answers would be appreciated.

Lxxiodan answer your some question but not address all your question.If you have secondary polycythemia and not due to chronic disease we call physiology polycythemia and the prognosis is very good completely should not compare to polycythemia vera.Many athletic train in high altitude just want to take this advantage and this condition usually no need to get treatment once you return normal altitude slowly your red cell count to return to normal.
polycythemia vera(primary) we consider it as blood malignant disease and eventally to end up to sever anemia.  (+ info)

What's the purpose of secondary fermentation?

I'm just curious about what secondary fermentation would contribute to a beer, as opposed to just sending it straight to bottle conditioning?

% The secondard fermentation gets the rest of the yeast used up so you have a tasty beverage. It also lets the particulate matter disolve or settle and allows the brew to get to it's max Alcohol content.  (+ info)

Can you designate one health insurance as primary and another secondary?

I have health insurance through my wives work, and I am starting a new job that offers me health insurance. Can I carry my wives health insurance, and carry a secondary through my work? Or will the two companies fight over who should pay as primary and secondary?

It is determined by where your birthdays fall with in the calendar year. For example, if your birthday is in March and your wife's is in June, your insurance would be primary (for both of you if you are both on both plans, also for your children) because your birthday is earlier in the year. The other would be secondary. If you google "insurance birthday rule" you will find some more information.   (+ info)

Is there ever a time when you would need a secondary cataract lasered again?

About 6 years ago I had cataract surgery with a lens implant. I needed laser surgery for a secondary cararact and it seemed ok for a few years. Now it seems as though the secondary cataract is back. Do they ever re-do the laser treatment?

yes it can be lasered again


its probably not a "secondary cataract" (posterior capsular opacification) as having that a second time would be UBER rare. *if* it is that then YES it can be lasered...but i doubt thats the problem, even if thats what it "looks" like.

seed to go for an exam to find out what the problem is  (+ info)

How long does it take for a cavity to reach the dentin of the tooth?

I have to wait two weeks until I get my cavities fixed. Is that too long to wait?
* Because I heard if the cavity reaches the dentin I have to get a root canal and I DON'T want a root canal instead of a filling.

It takes 2 to 3months as dentine is softer than enamel  (+ info)

How do I handle write offs when the patient has primary and secondary insurances?

I work for a dental office. I have a patient who has two dental insurances. We are in network with the primary and secondary. The patient came in and the visit was $150. The patient's primary insurance paid $115 with a $35 write off. I want to make sure I am doing this the correct way. When this is the case, we do not bill the secondary due to the write off from being in network with the primary insurance, correct? We still write off that primary insurance portion even though there is a secondary insurance, don't we? So I would not bill the secondary at all? Thanks for any help!

Unless otherwise stated in your provider contract, you are allowed to bill the secondary for any money you did not collect from the primary.

What I usually do is take the primary write-off and bill the secondary insurance for the full fee less the primary payment. If you use an adjustment (depending on your software) to post the primary write-off, it shouldn't show on the claim form.

Here's something to be careful of, however: some insurance plans will take the same write-off as the primary! They stipulate in their contract that you can't charge them more (as secondary) than you charge the primary - even though you have NO contract with the secondary.

It gets plenty complicated. Email me if you need more help. This is kinda my area.  (+ info)

What is the best treatment for exposed dentin, causing the teeth to look yellow by the gumline?

Knowledgeable answers only, please, I need to know how to hide the exposed dentin

Ask your dentist to clean it up and provide bleaching. Then maintain by having this anti plaque mouth wash.  (+ info)

I have secondary Breast cancer in my lymph nodes and bones? what is my life expectancy?

Does anyone else have secondary breast cancer in thier bones and lymph nodes ( in my neck) ? how long have you had the secondary cancer for, I was diagnosed in August '08. My cancer was Eostrogen Positive, I am taking hormone treatment does anyone take any complimentary medicines as well? what are they?

I'm really sorry that you got this after going through breast cancer. It doesn't seem fair does it. but no one can tell you what your life expectancy is. You could go into remission for a long time but it's a question I know I would even try to answer. I don't think anyone here can say how long you have. Only God knows that. You were diagnosed in Aug of 08 and just a few months later in Nov. 08, I had a bi-lateral mastectomy. I just pray in years to come no rogue cancer cells went on a trip in my body. I know that if it does happen, I only pray I can deal with it. You have my prayers and support. Maybe you should ask this question with your Dr. He would be the best qualified to answer this. God bless you.  (+ info)

Is it possible to get a secondary infection while on antibiotics?

Is it possible to get a secondary infection while on antibiotics such as a kidney infection or a urinary tract infection while on clindamycin?

It is possible to get a second infection while on antibiotics for a separate infection. Not all antibiotics are effective against all bacteria, and not all antibiotics are equally affective for infections in different areas of the body. I have had this happen a few times. If you are experiencing symptoms of another infection...call your doctor. The docs are well aware that this happens.  (+ info)

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