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Is there a secondary insurance that will accept a pregnant mother ?

Is there a secondary insurance that will accept a pregnant mother and cover pregnancy expenses even though the primary covers some of the expense?

healthplans.my-age.net - try this one. My wife had no problem with her insurance coverage while being pregnant.  (+ info)

How to cure secondary level bone cancer for a 68 years old patient?

My mom suffers from Secondary level bone cancer. She was having pain in the beginning say for about 2 months. We left it as it is bcoz of her age factor generally pain comes. But now on investigation we found it is cancer. We are not able to find out the primary level. Any medicines that can cure cancer? Now if she gets pain we give proxyvan and omez. She also consumes Amilodipin for BP. She has been given Radiation for only 7 days and doctors informed that is the final treatment that they can offer. Please help me.

Has she had a PET scan to try and find the primary cancer? If she has bone cancer that has spread from an unknown primary cancer then this is not a good situation. She has been given the radiation for palliative pain control in her bones and not as a curative treatment. Make sure her pain is treated properly as it will probably increase over time. Perhaps it is time to contact hospice or make other preparations to take care of your mother.

Here is a good webpage about cancer of unknown primary so that you can better ask questions about treatment options of your mother's Drs. Make sure you have realistic expectations because there is no reason to make her sick from chemotherapy if the treatment will not produce remission or extend life span. good luck

http://www.emedicine.com/med/topic1463.htm  (+ info)

What if my cavity has reached me dentin?

I've been looking around and ive seen that the next layer of your tooth is the dentin.when i look at my cavities(my front teeth) they seem to have reached that area. Will i have to get a root canal, or i i make it to the dentist soon, will it just be a normal filling? im nervous because i dont want any root canal :(

You don't necessarily have to get a root canal so don't worry ;) If the cavity reaches the dentin, it just means it's deep...but the problem is how deep it is. If it's not that deep, u'll just get a regular filling..however, if it's very deep and there's a lot of caries..it may reach the pulp and u may get a root canal..i suggest u go to the dentist asap ;)

Good Luck!  (+ info)

Is it bad to only provide my secondary insurance to my Dr. even though I have a primary too?

I just had surgery and I used my secondary insurance because it covers 100% and my primary only covers 90%. (I didn't know that the secondary covers whatever the primary doesn't, but now I know.) And now the secondary is asking if I have any other insurance coverage. Is it too late to let them know that I also have a primary? I'm scared that none of them will want to cover it now. Please help.... thank you!

Your secondary insurance will most likely be sending you a letter asking if you have any other insurance. You need to disclose then, and the companies will work it out. They call it "coordination of benefits" You will get the benefit of the better coverage.
In case you're wondering, you probably don't get to choose who is primary. See link below to a typical regulation.
http://mtnhealthinsurance.com  (+ info)

My doctor, the primary and the secondary insurance issue different sums for the same procedure, which do i pay

I have two jobs and two dental insurance plans. For example, if the doctor issues 1000 for a procedure, the primary insurance 800 and the second 900. (The doctor is out of network for secondary insurance) Both insurances cover 50% ($450 all together) How much am I supposed to pay the doctor?

He will bill you the correct amount after he receives payment from the insurance. Sometimes the Dr. will write off part of the unpaid bill.  (+ info)

Does Zoom Advanced Whitening process penetrate the enamel to make the dentin whiter? How much whiter?

Thankyou RDH and spongebob for your answers.
I have no stains on my enamel and it is very good enamel (hard and shiny)but my dentin has a yellow color and I was told by a dentist this particular process would penetrate past the enamel and whiten the dentin. Any further technical explanation on this particular Zoom Advanced process would be appreciated OR if anyone knows how to whiten Dentin?

Any of the bleaching systems are only working on enamel. And none of them is permanent, since you pick up stains on your teeth from diet and habits. All systems, from the $30 one in the drug store to the $1000 system at the dentist require touch-ups in order for the teeth to continue appearing whiter.

Dentin is the layer of the tooth protected by enamel. While enamel is bone, there is a misconception that dentin is bone too, but darker. Dentin isn't bone; it is tubules that lead right into the pulp or nerve. You do not want to have exposed dentin, trust me.  (+ info)

what are your experiences of bullying at secondary school?

what are your experiences of bullying at secondary school, most people say that secondary school was the best years of their lives but for some (like me) they weren't.

Secondary school were the worst years of my life thanks to bullies.

My parents made me wear PE shorts that were too small and trousers that were too small over white socks, so, as you can imagine the teenagers had a field day taking the p*ss out of me and I simply didn't have the guts to stand up for myself...I just sat and let them bully me...really wish I had of done more to stick up for myself now.

I think some of the worst instances of bullying (or at least the ones that upset me most) were when a boy stuck a soldering iron on my neck and burned me, when the same boy set fire to my hair with a bunsen burner in science and when some kids took my bag off me on the bus ride home and tipped its contents out onto the road.

When I was 15 one of the bullies tried to rape me and that was the last straw for me, I became pretty violent for a while before settling down and learning to stick up for myself. By the time I got to college I was a changed person, confident and happy. I made friends easily and college was the best two years of my life.

Don't worry things will pick up for you too. Just remember you don't have long left before you can leave school all together and leave all the loosers who are bullying you behind. x  (+ info)

What is the smear layer of the dentin in spanish?

I need to know what does that mean in spanish.

  (+ info)

Can a dentist accidentally damage your dentin with their tools?

with their sharp metal tools poking around I read that they can damage your tooth's dentin

No they can't because dentin is under the enamel.  (+ info)

If a person is diagnosed with aortic dissection, what does he or she have secondary to aortic dissection?

secondary to (as result of) aortic dissection

Someone please help me with this.

The aorta can rupture, they can develop stroke, heart attack, organ hypoperfusion.  (+ info)

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