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Mothers who have relinquished a child for adoption and higher than average rates of secondary infertility?

I've heard many times that "birth" mothers experience a higher than average rate of secondary infertility. Does anyone know why this is?
Okay, cantstop. I agree it is something the adoption industry would not put out there, that evidence to suggest that would be suppressed. But, the people who say this, where are thy getting this information? And, if it is true, which I'm operating under the assumption that it is, WHY? That is my main question.

It's difficult to find solid statistics regarding secondary infertility in relation to birth mothers vs. that in the general population. Some claim 20-30% choose not to have another child. In one review, 36% of birth moms experience secondary infertility (Stiffler 1991); or birth moms are 170% higher than the general population to experience secondary infertility (Deykin, E., Ph.D., 1982, "The post adoption experience of surrendering parents". American Journal of Orthopsychiatry.)

"Unlike those experiencing primary infertility, couples that are affected by secondary infertility are much less likely to get infertility treatment. This is usually due to the misconception that once you're fertile, you'll always be fertile......Reasons for secondary infertility tend to be the same as reasons for primary infertility. Since you were last pregnant, you or your partner may have had an infection, gained some weight, or started eating fewer healthy foods. These seemingly small variances can have large repercussions on reproductive health. Additionally, if it has been a few years since you last had a child, egg quality may have begun decreasing or your partner's sperm may not be what it once was. Abnormalities with sperm and ejaculate are frequently cited as causes of secondary infertility. Other common explanations for secondary infertility include:
* Ovulation problems, * Endometriosis, * Pelvic adhesions,
* Uterine fibroids or polyps"

One article mentioned a high incidence of depression & 'numbing' behaviors in the aftermath of adoption. I wonder if prescription meds (or 'self medication' such as alcohol use) may contribute to secondary infertility. I say that with NO judgment AT ALL! People cope with trauma, stress or PTSD in any number of ways. It's a matter of emotional survival.

It's an interesting question. I've often wondered myself.  (+ info)

Is there any cause of Secondary Infertility that is hereditary?

I have one beautiful son, but have been unsuccessful so far in having a second child (We have been using temp charts and OPKs. I am Ovulating and have basically regular cycles.). Neither my mother nor grandmother could have a second child after the first. Is this likely coincidence or could there be some kind of hereditary secondary fertility issue?

You may want to see a fertility specialist. I know that I have had that to do that and I have been amazed at what I have found out about me. With me it isn't a problem with getting pregnant it is staying pregnant. I was able to have 3 children with my first husband but have not been able to sucessfully carry a pregnancy to term with my 2 (miscarried 3 times) they are pretty sure that they have figured out the problem now and the next time I am pregnant I should be able to carry the baby to term. There was a history of miscarriages in my family. My best friend had the same problem as you and she saw the doctor that I am seeing now and after all the testing they figured the problem out and she had a little boy a year and a half ago. Her oldest is turning eight so that should give you an idea how long it took her before she saw the doctor. Talk to your OB/GYN and they should be able to refer you to someone that they are confident can help you. Just to let you know...just because you are ovulating normally every month does not mean you do not have blockage in your tubes that are keeping you from getting pregnant again ( that what was up with my best friend) they can do a test that is very easy and if that is the problem it is relatively easy to fix. I wish you luck and hope this help. Sending you baby wishes  (+ info)

When to rack Meads or Cyser into the secondary?

I brew beer and generaly rack beers into the secondary after 7 days .How long should I let a cyser ferment before racking into the secondary?

When Hydrometer readings are stable over a couple days it's okay to rack to secondary. I let my beers go for up to three weeks in primary, but usually two (I aim for two, but if I get lazy, I'll leave it). Two weeks will give the yeast cake some extra time to clean up the byproducts of fermentation (think secondary in the primary fermenter), and there is no reason to worry about any off flavors from the yeast in that short of a time. I find this way my beers are ready to drink a bit faster. I realize this is a cyser, but fermentation is fermentation. If it is a higher gravity cyser, then longer would be a bit better.

If you would rather rack at 7-10 days, that should be fine too, just as long as visible fermentation activity has slowed to a crawl.  (+ info)

I am just diagnosed with the sexually transmitted disease called "Secondary Syphillis". Is it HIV?

I am just diagnosed with the sexually transmitted disease called "Secondary Syphillis". I wanna ask if it is HIV or not?

NO, it is NOT HIV but is still serious, because untreated syphilis can attack any part of the body at any time. Syphilitic dementia is not a good way to die - or heart lesions, or any other damage . . .

However, syphilus itself is curable with antibiotics! However, if you wait too long damage done by the disease can be permanent even though the syphilis itself is eradicated at a later time by treatment.

Please start treatment immediately, complete the WHOLE treatment as prescribed, and do not have sex with anyone else until you have completed your treatment and been evaluated by a doctor.

You must also inform your sexual partners so they may be tested and treated.

Good luck.  (+ info)

Why is the liver the most likely site for secondary tumours?

I was told that the liver is the most likely site for secondary cancer to occur. Is this correct? and why?

The most common sites for metastases are the lungs, the brain, the skeleton AND the liver. Certain cancers tend to metastisize in certain places. The reason being is that when cancer cells break away from the primary tumor, they travel through the blood or lymph fluid and these routes go everywhere. If you wish to focus on the liver, then remember this -- blood from the aorta goes directly to the liver via the hepatic artery and from the small intestine via the portal vein. These are large blood vessels, they carry a lot of blood. Cancer mets will go there too.  (+ info)

How long for secondary teeth to come in?

My 6 1/2 yr old daughter lost 3 baby teeth several months ago and there is no sign of new teeth coming in. She has no front teeth and can't bite anything. How long does it take? With her older brother, the new teeth came in right away, we could see the white poking through his gums as soon as the baby tooth fell out.

you may find Human tooth development timeline on the following link
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tooth_development  (+ info)

How will they fix a lateral incisor if it has a piece missing(near the gum) and the dentin is showing?

Do they fill it in the missing spot? Or do they remove it and replace it with a fake one? D:

Depends on how much is missing--they can build it up with some composite. I have a tendency to brush to hard, and I have had some exposure over the past few years, which my dentist has covered nicely with tooth-colored composite.

Good luck!   (+ info)

How does Medicaid work as a secondary health insurance?

I am pregnant and on my mother's insurance (Bluecross Blueshield). I was wondering if anyone knew about what would happen if I also got Medicaid to take care of the expenses that BCBS does not cover... I don't really know if this a good idea or not...

You most likely will not be able to get Medicaid because you have some insurance already. Medicaid is designed for people who have no other coverage at all. Good luck with your baby!  (+ info)

Does anyone know any home remedies for secondary amenorrhea ?

Having no periods for a particular number of months is amenorrhea. Anyone knows the home remedies for this?
If do, please let know.

have sex with a girl or boy doesent really matter it helps trust me i am a doctor,  (+ info)

What is your opinion about children in secondary school being allowed to obtain birth control?

This is even happening without the parents being informed, is this a good idea, or not?

It is a terrible idea.

Under the age of 18, the parents have the right to know anything they choose about their child.

If mountains of paperwork and parental permission is needed to get a wisdom tooth pulled, how does it make any sense that kids can sneak around (pitifully uneducated) and obtain BC and in some areas abortions with no consent from parents?

It encourages secrecy between kid and parent, but if the parent had to provide it, there would be many mistakes and broken hearts, ruined lives, etc that could be prevented.  (+ info)

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