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My dentin is exposed bec new dentist polished the back of my two front teeth. Can I re grow my enamel back?

She only filled the eposed dentin but i'm not comfortable with it. it bothers me a lot and it still aches. what will i do? will this heal?

what i can say, enamel is not a vital part of teeth. it will not grow back if the structure loss due to caries/fracture/iotrogenic cause.. if the loss very minimal, it can be remineralized by toothpaste(fluoride content inside toothpaste do the action). what u can do now, meet your dentist and explain your problem im sure he will understand.. Good Luck :)  (+ info)

Is there a procedure to cover up the exposed dentin on my teeth?

FYI: I would prefer that a dentist answers this question. I used to brush too hard and the enamel has been wearing away gradually near my gums on 5 and 11. Just recently, the exposed dentin has become seemingly more sensitive (it hurts to barely touch it with my toothbrush). Isn't there a procedure where the dentist can take tissue from the roof of my mouth and use it to cover up the exposed dentin?

A better solution than a graft procedure would be to bond a composite filling over the exposed dentin. Erosion at the gumline due to abrasion is very common and the cheapest and simplest way to take care of that is do a direct bond procedure.

BTW, using an electric toothbrush will prevent excessive wear on your teeth. Most people brush too hard, incorrectly, and worse of all, sideways at the gumline. Brushing like that literally saws the teeth off and creates notches at the gumline. It is also a very hard habit to break. The problem with brushing correctly is that you don't get that "fresh and tingling sensation" afterwards and this makes people brush harder to get it. Of course when they do, they go overboard and this results in exceesive wearibg away of the teeth.

The only time the surgical procedure you described is done is in periodontics when the tissue is denuded over half the length of the tooth.  (+ info)

is Dentin really white? and What can I do to make it less sensitive?

I just went to the dentist for fillings and I find that there is a small part that is alot whiter and much more sensitive than the rest of the tooth. I looked it up and it seems like its the dentin but im not sure.

Dentin is a yellowish gold color, not white, and is normally covered over by enamel. Tooth colored fillings are known to cause sensitivity and many times will slowly go away on its own.  (+ info)

How can you stain the dentin back in on a bleached out deer jaw bone?

I am taking a Wildlife Biology class and our instructor has some jaw bones that were bleached. This bleached everything out...this makes aging more difficult as you cannot see the change in color, so to speak.
Does anyone know of a way to put the color back in? Basically staining the dentin so we can see it?

Well, I'm not sure, but dentin is porous, whereas enamel is not. You should be able to add a food dye to the teeth, let it soak a bit, then rinse. It should come off of the enamel, but stay on the dentin to some extent. I would use orange, since that would give better contrast.
If you have access to a collagen dye, then you may be able to use that. The enamel is all mineral matrix and the dentin contains collagen. The bleach will have denatured the collagen a bit, so it might stick better.
Hope this helps  (+ info)

Dentin - remineralizing pastes claim they can harden it but how do they get to it through the enamel?

Can these toothpastes with ACP, novaMin and others penetrate the entire enamel and then move into the dentin? Even toothpastes for sensitive teeth say they block dentin tubules, but how do they get through the enamel - the body's hardest substance?

The dentin tubules are on the root of the tooth, not the crown, where the enamel is located. If you are having sensitivity due to root exposure, then your dentinal tubules have been exposed. These toothpastes "plug up" the tublules, preventing sensitivity.
If there is an opening in the enamel, that is most likely decay, and would need to be treated professionally.  (+ info)

How long does it take sensitivity toothpaste to work?

I bought the colgate tooth paste fro tooth sensitivity, and i was wondering how long it usually takes before it gets rid of my sentivity.

Also what is the difference between in pain between a cavity and tooth sensitivity?

Thanks in advance, and ten points to the best answer.

Tooth sensitivity is the reason why you need to use sensitive toothpaste. The pain is usually from cold foods and hot foods & can be from just touching your teeth. Pain from a cavity usually comes from biting down, food getting caught, cold drinks, breathing air, etc. A lot of times if you have a cold feeling or a broken tooth or a old filling in the tooth( with reccurent decay under it), sensitivity can mean you need a root canal ?  (+ info)

What should one do about extreme sensitivity on a molar tooth?

I had braces about a year ago. When I had braces, the brace in the lower left first molar had to be reattached twice. The reattaching process included a machine that rotated at high speeds and removed glue. I felt a little sensitivity after the second time, but at the time I just ignored it. I now have extreme sensitivity on my lower left first molar. Near the gum line the tooth is sensitive to cold and touch. What should I do? Do I require root canal?

if it is very sensitive, you need a root canal treatment.  (+ info)

I just started wearing a night guard to reduce my sensitivity caused by grinding. When can I bleach my teeth?

I want to bleach, but I don't want to do it too soon because I know that it will cause increased sensitivity on top of the sensitivity I've already been experiencing due to my grinding. I just started using my night guard about four nights ago. I've worn it consistantly (surprisingly) and do not remove it during the night. I have noticed a markable decrease in my sensitivity, but I would like to know when I can start bleaching my teeth.

After 4 weeks  (+ info)

Is it normal to feel teeth sensitivity after a tooth extraction?

I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out about a week now. But my bottom front teeth are very sensitive, I'm just wondering how long will it be till the sensitivity is gone?

its probably not related to the extractions, if any thing it should be the teeth adjacent to the wisdom teeth as the distal side of these teeth would be exposed. Try using Sensodyne toothpaste but rub it on your teeth last thing at night,after brushing them  (+ info)

How long does sensitivity last after mouth debridement?

I had to get a full mouth debridement on Tuesday, the said to expect some sensitivity for a couple of days but its Friday and it's still happening. It's making me miserable. Any idea when I can expect relief? Any suggestions on what could help calm the sensitivity?

Serious answers only, please.

Start using one of the desensitizing toothpastes or ask the dentist to give you a prescription for Prevident toothpaste. After using these for a couple of weeks, the sensitive root surfaces should be much better. good luck.  (+ info)

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