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Could I be allergic to my contact lenses?

I usually wear glasses but decided to try contacts, the first set of trials made my eyes itch so bad I had to take them out and go back for a consult with my eye dr. My second set did the same thing until I put my allergy eyedrops in before I put the contact in. Is it possible that I am actually allergic to the contacts themselves?

you could be allergic to the solution you're using with the contacts. you need to wait a half hour or so after using drops before you put your contacts in. Some drops react badly with contact materials. try a different solution like Renu, or Equate, be sure it's buffered. I can't understand why your optometrist hasn't suggested this.  (+ info)

Can I have an allergic reaction hours after being in contact with a cat?

I have kind of a history of being allergic to cats. I was petting several cats earlier because it hadn't happened in a long time and now several hours later my throat is getting itchy and my eyes are watering up. Can I get an allergic reaction hours after being around the cats like that?

Hi, Yes you can have a reaction later because you probably did not wash your hands and if the cat dander is on your hands or clothes you can still transfer it to your eyes or nose. I have done that many times and now I remember to wash my hands and when I go home I go and change my clothes and wash my hands again. My eyes swell something terrible and itch real bad from cat hair and dander. I got bit by a cat that lives in the wild 2 months ago and within a minute my had was swelled twice it size. I immediately ran in the bathroom and washed the wound with alcohol. Boy was it painful. Cats are my worst allergy and I love them so much but I cannot have them in the house. I alway keep the eye drop for allergic and itching eyes in my bathroom and purse in case of emergency. Otherwise the corners of my eyes will swell very bad. Oh, one other thing, Cat and Dog allergys are in the Wheat Allergy Series. Feathers, wool, dust, detergents and cats and dogs are the other things you are allergic too. The antedote for them is Fatty Acids (F)(Lineileic Acid), Magnesium, Histidiine, black walnut, Kelp and Spirulina. Hope that helps  (+ info)

Can humans get an allergic reaction if they come into contact with Frontline?

Can people get an allergic reaction to Frontline after it has been applied to their pet?
I'm suffering from an allergic reaction (on my skin) to who knows what. I'm trying to eliminate possibilities. I put Frontline on my dog yesterday morning and am wondering if the hives I started getting this morning could be related. I did shower this morning as usual and the hives have been slowly getting worse during the day.

yes it could be thats why humans are not suppose to come into contact with it ? go to a doctor ASAP

not all people are allergic tot most arnt but some people are and it can be serious  (+ info)

I think I have something called Contact Dermatitis?

I was wondering if I can get Contact Dermatitis from my pet rat? I have have this weird rash, and googled reactions and found pictures of something called Contact Dermatitis. And I was wondering if I can get that from a reaction to my rat. I also just got my rat not that long ago.

I have contact dermatitis and it sounds like you have it too.
Go to see your doctor, who will most likely prescribe some form of hydro cortisone which will clear it right up.
It's definitely nothing serious and you should be able to keep your rat, so don't worry.  (+ info)

How do you treat severe contact dermatitis?

Every time I wear a belt I get a huge dry rash around the area the belt buckle sits. I just put some hydrocortisone cream on it, but I was wondering what other options I have. The itch is so intense I want to blow my head off with a shotgun.

Other than steroids...you can use camomile lotion, emolients such as aqueous or diprobase, oilatum baths and keep the area as dry as possible. With any skin reaction it is often the warmth and moisture that is the primary cause. Do not wear your belt tight and do not wear leather or any other hot material!  (+ info)

How do I know Im allergic to something that I never came in contact with?

like if i got stung by a bee i would want to know if i was allergic or if i was allergic to broccoli etc.

Well not to sound rude you would not know until you find out and get stung or eat it. But if you really want to find out the safe way you will need to go to your doctor and tell them you have allergires run in your family and would like to be tested to see if you have any allergies.. The test is not a pleasant one but if you must know then go about it this way..

Hope this helps.. JT  (+ info)

I am allergic to contact lense solution; what can I do so I can still wear contact lense?

I wear hard lenses. I've tried so-called hypo-allergenic contact lense solutions, but it has not worked (still caused allergies). I don't remember the brand -- maybe there are others that I can try. I heard that contact lens solutions are mostly saline and preservatives and most people who are allergenic are allertic to preservatives in it. Should I try just saltwater?

Your eye doctor can probably recommend a solution that is preservative-free. Definitely do not use just saltwater or saline because these have NO disinfecting properties.  (+ info)

Is it possible to get contact dermatitis from spilling citronella oil on yourself?

The other night I knocked over a bottle of the stuff , and two days later, I have an itchy red rash on one arm. It doesn't really look like poison ivy/sumac/oak. Could I have gotten the rash from getting the citronella oil on me?

Yes, especially if you are exposed to the sun afterwards.

To treat it, try steriod creams.  (+ info)

my daughter is a trainee hairdresser and suffering irritable contact dermatitis on her hands and fingers?

She has stopped washing hair for a few weeks now and the condition is still getting worse, but only on hands, side of hands all fingers and tips of fingers. Very itchy breaking out with cuts and bleeding. THe consultant has done test patching given her emollients to wash and rub in. Steroid creams not helping. Does anyone have any advice or help to give me?

No you need to get back to the doctors and they should give you more cream. Its trial and error :)  (+ info)

What is it called when someone cannot come in any kind of contact with water because they are allergic?

I watched some show and there was a girl who couldnt come in contact with water: to bath, the drink, couldnt go in the rain....etc. i want to know what its called... im curious.

Idopathic (sp) Anaphylactic

Oh, and aqua phobia is when you have a FEAR of water  (+ info)

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