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Is there anything I can do about perioral dermatitis?

Alright, well, I have a small case of perioral dermatitis under my nose and upper lip. I was wondering if there is anything I could wash my face with..or creams I could put on it so it will clear up-basicaly, are there any alternatives to taking the medication?
Please help me!

Avoid using cosmetics on your face, use a mild non soap cleanser for ur face and a non fluoride toothpaste. Pls do visit a dermatologist. In all probability, you will be prescribed a course of Minocycline 50-100 mg and a metrogel variant (metrodinazole - generic). The condition takes anywhere between 2-6 months to subside and recurs in some cases.

I have also read that topical application/consumption of Apple cyder vinegar and borax helps.  (+ info)

Can vicodin provoke perioral dermatitis?

I have been given vicodin recently because of my broken arm and it works great, however, i noticed that my perioral dermatitis has been flaring up as well. Has vicodin caused these recent flare ups?

It is very hard to say! But dermatitis is not known as an adverse reaction/side effect of this type of medication!  (+ info)

does organic apple cider vinegar actually work in getting rid of perioral dermatitis?

and any suggestions as to what will help as oral antibiotic oxytetracycline is doing nothing for me

No, and it will likely make it worse.

Vinegar can be used as an astringent. It dries things out. Perioral dermatitis is caused by excessive drying. I think you see where this is going.

Use an over the counter hydrating cream (Cetaphil, Aquaphor, etc.) to coat the area then an over the counter lip balm (Caramex, etc.) to lock the moisture close to the skin.  (+ info)

are there any effective pills for perioral dermatitis?

I have it and its been an absolute 24/7 torture ! i had it for more than a year ..i have to apply a thick white moisturizer called lipobase all the time (the only thing that give me a little relief) so I cant even leave the house anymore because it looks embarrassing and disgusting!

Cheers for points  (+ info)

Is there a cure for Perioral dermatitis?

Someone I know has just been diagnosed with perioral dermatitis after months and months of suffering terrible facial rash. Can it be cured? Is there another treatment other then oral antibiotics

There is no CURE for it, but it certainly can be gotten under control within a couple of weeks. Then, typically, stress will trigger it off again. Your friend actually needs more than just oral antibiotics in order to treat it.  (+ info)

Has anybody ever had perioral dermatitis?

i've suffered from this for over a year and have been using a steroid cream which although temporarily relieves the symtoms alway makes it come back. does anyone have any success stories or ways to make it go away.

OIL OF OREGANO-is what you want. I went to dermatologist and had a biopsy-Lamisil pills,creams etc for over a year-no cure. Beleive me, I prayed hard for a cure. This is it, beleive me for skin conditions, candida, allergies everything.The Bible calls it Hyssop-a cleanser for everything, but, really, mis-translation-its Oregano. The least expensive and undiluted (this is powerful and you have to dilute it or it burns!) is from Oreganoworld.com: $19-1oz/free ship. I just bought a 2nd bottle-you can give them a call-nice people,too. This cured that dumb rash in a matter of days-and stops all itching-completely. Kills bacteria, parasites, viruses-everything. Please do yourself a favor and order some. You must dilute it-take by mouth and on the rash. It won't hurt you. I was going crazy and it cured me. Jesus Christ is good-HE told me the cure in an interesting way-I could hardly beleive it was for me-I turned on Coast to Coast radio-at a time I usually don't listen to-it was 'any can call about anything night'-and, the man calls in just as I tune in: and said, 'Oil of Oregano will cure rashes-just about anything." I was shocked and it took me a couple more weeks-till I reluctantly checked it out-figured I'd tried everything else-might as well-give it a shot. I found the least expensive-undiluted-full strength-the real thing-wow! its amazing. This is your answer, I wish you the best. Read: the 'cure is in the cupboard'.  (+ info)

Has anyone ever had perioral dermatitis? How long does it take to clear up?

I've had it for the last like 9 months. I started taking antibiotics about 3 weeks ago. A stupid doc put me on a steriod cream first though and made it worse...but it's starting to clear up some. The dermatologist said it could last months to years if untreated...  (+ info)

drug store treatment for perioral dermatitis?

would cortate work? or would it do more harm?

If you have active perioral dermatitis, the use of hydrocortisone by itself will not harm the condition. However, it also will not clear up the condition by itself. If you state that you have perioral derm, then I can suppose that you've been diagnosed as such by your doctor? If so, he should be able to get you the rest of the treatment.  (+ info)

can anyone recommend a natural cure for perioral dermatitis?

Petroleum Jelly.  (+ info)

cause and treatment for pediatric perioral dermatitis?

My doctor has tried many, many creams for my 2 year old, some prescription some over the counter, nothing works. Now she's on a waiting list for a dermatologist, what do I do now? What can I use, what can I avoid?

I typed in my search bar "treatment for pediatric perioral dermatitis" and several sights came up with alot of information. This must be very frustrating to you and your baby. Until you can be seen by the dermatologist, search these sights so that you have as much knowledge about this condition as possible and what type of treatments can be expected. I hope this helps and I wish you and your baby best of luck!  (+ info)

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