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What is the best medication to relieve diarrhea?

I left work sick Sunday morning at 1am with diarrhea. I have been taking Pepto non stop since then but it doesn't seem to be working. I haven't eaten since Saturday night because I'm afraid to. I have only been drinking water and Gatorade. Is there any other medication I can try that will work on it?

Worst advice award goes to Brandon  (+ info)

What are some possible causes of nauseousness and diarrhea?

So I have been feeling nauseous and have had diarrhea since Friday. It seems like it's getting steadily worse. Possible causes for this?
Thanks in advance!

Are you on any kind of medicines?
I have extremely sever acid reflux and they put me nexium for it. After that i got sever diarrhea and headaches and nausia. I lived with this for about two years with the diagioniosis of irritable bowel syndrom, that was until they found out it was all side effects of the Nexuim.
But it could just be IBS, and in that case you will need to change your diet.  (+ info)

What are some things that frequent diarrhea is a symptom of?

Almost every time I eat a good meal, I get diarrhea. It started a few weeks ago. I'm only 15 and I don't think it's natural for me to have this all the time. I understand if it's something spicy, but some of the stuff I've been eating isn't, and I still get diarrhea. What I want to know are certain illnesses that I could have so I can narrow it down and get it checked out. Thanks! :)
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Sounds like IBS (Irritable Bowel) or maybe a virus, there are a few tummy bugs doing the rounds at the moment and the effects can linger..

It maybe something you are eating, are you having any sugar free sweets, gum or diet soda drinks?, they can give you diarrhoea due to the sweeteners..I found out the hard way with sugar free chocolate, very embarrassing incident!!!

Let me know

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How long does it take to recover from severe diarrhea after a colon resection?

Looking for answers to help me please. My small intestine was knicked 3 times during a laparoscopic surgery 8 mths ago. I am having major problems still with diarrhea and severe cramping. About a foot of my small intestine was removed where the surgeon knicked it. How long does it take before things start working normally?
Thank you! Please answer only if you are serious about your answer as I am miserable.


What medicines are safe to give to infants with diarrhea?

My 3 month old has started teething, and now has had very bad diarrhea for the past few days. Any suggestions on what she can have to help?

http://pedialyte.com/  (+ info)

If I get diarrhea after eating does that mean my body is not absorbing the calories or fat and vitamins?

I get diarrhea after eating fast food. Its usually within 1 hour of eating. I know I might have IBS. Does this mean my body is not absorbing the fat, calories and nutriants in the food?

your body absorbs what it needs before making waste...i would worry about dehydration..keep drinking water  (+ info)

How to prevent diarrhea when you just ate something with dirty hands?

I just put my dirty socks on and then I ate something without washing my hands first. I'm afraid I will catch diarrhea. How to prevent it?

You aren't in any danger. I shovel horse poo, wipe my hands on my pants and eat. Or work in the yard. Or any number of things that are 'dirty' and never get sick from it. Of course I wash my hands after I use the toilet and if I have access to a bathroom I wash my hands. But I'm middle aged and all my life I have eaten food on occasion with dirty filthy hands and it never gave me any kind of issue. I do not believe for a moment you will get diarrhea from touching socks.  (+ info)

What is the best way to rehydrate yourself after diarrhea?

What is the best way to rehydrate yourself after diarrhea? And does your body retain water if you drink a lot afterwards?

Gatorade, sports drinks, bananas....they have all the electrolytes you need following and during a bout of diarrhea. You lose potassium with diarrhea, it's important to replenish (Sports drinks and bananas have potassium). Too much water, can lower sodium levels (Gatorade also has sodium), alternate water and sports drinks. Bananas, rice, applesauce, dry toast, saltine crackers, dry cereals like cheerios, soup broth, jello, sno-cones, popsicles... advance as tolerated. Stay away from milk products and citrus for a few days and anything irritating to the stomach (caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, fatty, greasy foods, spicy foods). Hope you feel better soon. Important thing is hydration and sugar for the brain.  (+ info)

Diarrhea on the job? How to stop it when you feel it coming on?

Generally, when I am about to get diarrhea, my stomach alerts me about 15 minutes before hand. I get the worst stomach ache and my stomach makes all kinds of weird noises and I have gas. Where I work, I do not have access to a bathroom at all times. I am cashiering and constantly surrounded by needy customers, and generally I can not get to the bathroom. Lately I have been able to get to the bathroom, but in the future--does anyone have any tips or tricks to stopping diarrhea while you feel it coming on?

Immodium AD. It works fast.  (+ info)

What foods are good to help bind the tummy when your toddler has diarrhea?

My son isn't eating much, and this is the third day that he's had diarrhea. He's drank some Pedialyte to help replenish his system, but he isn't eating much.

What foods are good to help stop the diarrhea since there isn't anything over the counter (med wise), to give him to help this? PLEASE any suggestions/advice welcomed!
Thanks so much!!

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