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How long does corn stay in your digestive system?

I know that your digestive system cannot fully digest corn. I can't remember the last time I had corn. It was some time in the summer. This is kinda gross, but lately I've been finding corn in my stool. I also seem to be going number two a lot more lately. Any ideas?

well when i eat corn i usually poop it out the next day. it doesn't stay in there long. ur probably poopin corn because it was probably in something u ate without realizing it. maybe u had some vegetable soup, or something else that has corn in it. and going number to is good for u. once or twice a day is good for ur body. it gets rid of all the junk ur body doesn't need. if ur having diarrhea all the time, then u need to worry.  (+ info)

How to flush the digestive system in 2 weeks?

Ok, so, i ready to change my life style. 1st, I wanna lose weight. Im currently 225 right now. Now, I kinda wanna flush out my digestive track of all the junk I have in my body. If I ate right, exercised, and took activita (yogurt) for two weeks, how much weight would I loose? Would my system be flushed by then?

All this hype about flushing your bowels is just pure nonsense and has no real medical fact to it. If a person eats a healthy diet and has a bowel movement everyday, they should be just fine. Your body should be cleansing itself when you go daily. If you're not, you should see your doctor and find out why.
Activa yogurt is just another marketing gimmick. Eating healthy is the real answer to many digestive and weight issues.  (+ info)

What kind of things can I have in the morning to jump start my digestive system?

I've always heard that water with lemon is a great thing to drink in the morning to get my digestive system up and running. I don't know if I'm just weird, but I don't normally keep lemon in my house. So what other things can I drink or put in my water or eat (something small for before my morning run) that will get my digestive system moving in the morning?

  (+ info)

What are costs of diagnosing disorders in the digestive system?

Investigate and compare the cost of at least three tests used in diagnosing disorders of the digestive system.

I don't know about the costs, but I would think gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and a detailed blood test. (of all 3 , the blood test is cheapest).  (+ info)

what are the best herbal remedies for the digestive system, particularly the stomach?

My girlfriend has had stomach problems for two years, and has been unsuccessfully checked out by doctors over and over again, but we are finding the problem may be simpler than we thought as it is temporaraly cured by mylanta. What herbal medicines would you recomend to aid in healing her digestive system?

Chlorophyll is very good and also bromelain. Bromelain is found in the core of pineapple.  (+ info)

What is good to take to help your digestive system?

I have a really lazy stomach/digestive system (gastroparesis) and I have been looking for some herbal supplements or even a shake I can make that will help my food go down better.

I have had this medical condition for a while and will try ANYTHING at this point.

Thanks in advance.

Oregano Oil is outstanding at improving digestion! But there are other things that can help. Ginger works pretty good, so doe a good ole cup of green tea! Coconut Oil is helpful. I take Oregano Oil, Coconut oil and green tea. And they do help alot. Apple Cider Vinegar is wonderful at balancing the PH of your stomach, thus pretty much curing heartburn! But personally, I believe that the 100% pure Oregano Oil diluted with a little olive oil is the best natural remedy for digestive problems. It totally destroys candida (yeast) and it generally will kill all the bad bacteria and viruses and leave the good germs alive. But I'm sure you will hear different opinions. And not all remedies work the same for everyone. It is important to note that with natural remedies you run the risk of allergic reaction just like with anything else. So be wise about whatever you choose to do. GOOD LUCK!  (+ info)

How can i regulate my digestive system naturally?

I basically have irregular bowel movements. with exception to going raw vegan. But i went back to my regular, but still healthy diet. I noticed once i started eating meat again ,especially steak, my digestive system "haulted" again. So i don't go everyday maybe like every other day and if its bad maybe two days. So i get bloated and everything. I've tried activia everything. What do i do?

I would suggest one, taking a digestive aid (I have provide a link to one below), two, you might want to take flaxseed oil daily (it comes in both liquid and gelcap form) and for extreme situations I would recommend "Sena", you can get this herb in a tincture (herbal extract) or in a tea form. There is a good product on the market called "Smooth Move", it is a sena tea with a chocolate flavor. Not bad on the taste buds and certainly seems to work very well.
A good straight probiotic should also help. Rather than Activia - take the acidolphilus alone (from the healthfood store).  (+ info)

Can popcorn be bad for the digestive system?

I like to eat air-popped popcorn (plain) a few times a week. I have read conflicting articles that say good and bad things about popcorn consumption. Are there any negative effects on the digestive system from eating it several times a week?

No food is perfect for everyone. I love popcorn, but my friend cannot eat it because she has diverticulitis. She also cannot have sweets (diabetes). She must also avoid all foods made with gluten (wheat products) because she has Celiacs -- an ingredient most of us think of as the "staff of life." I can't have aspartame because I have an allergy to it -- an ingredient that allows my friend to experience sweetness without a diabetic reaction. Only you know for sure how popcorn benefits your body. As my dear departed grandmother used to say, "Everything in moderation is the best rule."  (+ info)

What is the best way to clean/flush out your digestive system?

I'm a male, 30 yrs old. I want to give my digestive system a good cleanse, but I'm not sure what to do. In other words, I want to get all the crap out of my body. Any suggestions???

Drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fiber. Those colon "cleansing" products you see on TV are nothing but glorified laxatives and a waste of money. They may even be harmful.  (+ info)

How to Bacterial intoxications differ from Bacterial infections of the digestive system?

Bacterial intoxications differ from bacterial infections of the digestive system in that intoxications :
a. are accompanied by fever
b. are more severe
c. are transmitted via water
d. are treated with antibiotics
e. have a shorter incubation time

E. The toxin acts immediately.  (+ info)

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