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Can disease or infection be transferred if involved in sex acts from human to animal or vice versa?

Can disease or infection be transferred if involved in sex acts from human to animal or vice versa?

beastiality is gross wtf is wrong with u lol  (+ info)

Can you get a disease from a stuffed animal?

Please help,

I just asked this question but I need to add more detail,

If you spray disinfectant spray on the animal will the germs go away?

Also is there any Stuffed Animal Repair places?

And will the disease stay perminatley on the animal?
I woke up today and I had a cold, So now I'm worried that my stuffed animals are giving people diseases

What would make you thing the animal has something in the first place?  (+ info)

What are your views regarding the use of seminude models in the animal advocate movement?

Do you think male and female "models" are represented differently?

Is using nudity a legitimate awareness raising tool or simply another means of exploitation?

What do you think would be a more effective advertising/awareness campaign?
I'm asking in this section because I'm interested in the vegetarian/vegan perspective on this issue.

It's protesting the exploitation of one group of beings (animals) by exploiting another group (women). Inexcusable hypocrisy.

Yes exploitative nude pictures get attention - from the dirty mac brigade. I doubt they've converted one person to vegetarianism or veganism and if they had, the end wouldn't justify the means.

Peta is the only animal advocavy organisation I know of to do this, and I despise their exploitation and objectification of women's bodies

They repeatedly show women's scantily-clad or naked bodies, presented as meat and/or helpless victims.

The fact that the women concerned have consented is irrelevant. It's the harm such images do to ALL women that matters. The harm they do ALL women by agreeing to be displayed as meat or as a helpless victim or as an available morsel presented on a bed of salad.

The difference between this and Peta's pictures of naked - or, more usually, near naked - men says it all. The men's pictures are to show how hunky veg*n men can be; they are strong, looking the camera in the eye, displaying their muscles. Seen a Peta picture of a woman like that? Nor have I - they're titillation or they're victims (usually both). It sends a message - or reinforces one - about ALL women. About sexual availability and passiveness, for example.

And while it's true other organisations use naked women to sell stuff - and of course that is despicable too - it is even more reprehensible when it's a campaigning organisation aimed at stopping one sort of exploitation which tries to achieve this by indulging in another.

Makes me so nostalgic for the 1970s and 80s when they wouldn't have got away with this crap - women wouldn't have let them, we'd have been picketing, leafletting...they'd have dropped that campaign like a hot brick, if they'd ever dared start it in the first place.

**EDIT: Indy and TANLL - the fact that the model is taking part willingly doesn't mean there's no exploitation - those willing models are colluding in degrading and exploitative images of women's bodies which depict them as compliant, helpless, victims... typically they are presented as cuts of meat, or lying provocatively on a bed of lettuce, or just generally writhing in an apres-rape position. The message is availability. The harm is to ALL women.

The only comparison I can think of to draw at the moment is 1930s films where a handful of black actors Uncle Tommed it up - they were doing it more or less willingly, but they were harming, and colluding in the exploitation and stereotyping of, all black Americans  (+ info)

What is a disease you can get from handling a dead animal?

Besides birds, that is. I'm writing a short story about a man who gets ill from handling a dead dog (a very dead, rotting one). Anybody know a disease that could develop, maybe even a life threatening one? Thank you. (:

Rabies - it's most always fatal  (+ info)

A disease and a parasite which attack an animal's immune system?

Can someone name a (of a few) disease and a parasite which attacks an animal's immune system?

I'm writing an assignment and one of the tasks is to write about the above and the effects they have on tissues, organs and the overall damage they cause on the animal's body.

So can someone give me something to research into?


Im not exactly sure which part of the body it affects, but if it were me, I would look into the effects of the Parvo virus on young, juvenile animals.
Without the Parvo vaccination, the disease is pretty much just a death sentence waiting to happen if they do pick it up from another animal or stray, or from the bottoms of someon elses shoes.

Best of Luck,

Mark  (+ info)

how do you prevent animal disease outbreak on the environment?

I need to find out how you can prevent any disease outbreaks on an animal environment ... im studying national diploma in animal management and its my second year but ive searched all of the internet and cant find nothing on the subject ....

you have to get little suits made, like  (+ info)

Can an unknown animal claw in my skin be harmful or cause disease to me?

I was just out back taking down my shed and an animal claw went into my skin. The animal must have clawed at the shed and lost its nail. As I was gathering the wood from the shed walls, the claw went into my skin and broke skin. I have no idea what type of claw this is but I know there are many rats, racoons, cats behind me because I have the woods nearby. What do you reccomend I do?

Go to your doctor - you could get all sorts of nasty crap into your bloodstream and be seriously ill.  (+ info)

what are some anitbiotics or vaccines that developed with animal models?

i need a list of examples of the successes of animal models for a science project.

if you consider bacteria as animals then you could certainly say that penicillin meets those standards  (+ info)

Can you get a cold or disease from a stuffed animal?

Please help me

Also is there any stuffed animal repair shops around here?

Yes, you can. Google stuffed animal repair shops in your area.  (+ info)

Does the majority of man's ailments and disease stem from man's consumption of animal products?

Has a Doctor ever spoken the words "You need to cut down on the fresh fruits and vegetables your eating"? How about "You have to cut down on the red meats and animal products your eating, your cholesterol and blood pressure are sky high"?

I think so yes.  (+ info)

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