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What disease can you get from animal feces?

i need help with this project i am doing i know you dont eat the poop i am not stupid but like what disease can you get from breathing in the air

You are asking two different questions...do you want to know diseases you can get from feces, or respiratory diseases you contract from animals?

It is true to some extent, certain pathogens can be acquired from the dust from animal feces (these are normally respiratory), but many pathogens are acquired from fecal oral contact, but that doesn't have to translate to literally eating feces.

Hantavirus is carried in mouse feces and is a respiratory disease. Toxoplasma is carried in feces several species, including cats. A number of enteric pathogens are carried in feces such as salmonella, various species of Clostridia (Clostridium difficile and Clostridium perfringens), E. coli, and Campylobacter. These are only the tip of the ice berg. Doing your own research instead of us doing it for you would also yield you more answers.  (+ info)

can I get a disease from handling animal blood?

I skin animals alot. I was wondering if, handling their blood and organs with my hands, or if their blood gets on my body, can give me diseases?

If its VERY VERY VERY unlikely, just say no. And no, I am not eating raw meat, organs, or blood.

I atually think its possible if you have small cuts on your hands, where the blood can enter.
But it's probably a very slim chance to catch a disease.  (+ info)

if you get bit by a rabid animal after getting a rabies shot can you still contract the disease?

we have a bat in our house and whe dont know how to get it out and we cant get to any of our home town animal control centers and the one we did get to said we had to catch it ourselves.

Yes. The rabies vaccine buys you time and reduces the number of post-exposure shots you would need. Having said that, it also depends on the type of exposure; i.e. the location and depth of a bite. If it's minor, and the person has completed a rabies vaccination course before getting bitten, and the animal can be observed for a few days to see if develops signs of rabies, the doctor may give the option of observing the animal and if needed start the post-exposure prophylaxis.

In short, you'd still need shots if you were bitten by a rabid animal, even if you've been vaccinated. The rabies course buys you time and reduces the number of shots you would need.

Hope this helps.  (+ info)

What European country has the highest death rate from heart disease and among the highest levels of animal fa?

http://www.second-opinions.co.uk/cholesterol_myth_2.html  (+ info)

If your animal gets lyme disease should you be concerned yourself about getting it?

You can't get it from your pet, but you can get it from the ticks that your pet brings home and from being in the same places outside. It is NOT life threatening, and the tick has to be attached for at least 24 hours just to transmit the disease, so don't panic if you find one on you. If you develop the rash, do get tested, but there is no 24 hour limit on getting the antibiotics started. Many people don't get the rash at all, they just start feeling unwell and achy.  (+ info)

Did you know eating animal protein is directly related to heart disease?

Did you know eating animal protein is related to heart disease?

I didn't know either, but after reading this book "The China Study" , there is no question in my mind...

Don't take my word for it, this guy is a heavyweight researcher that was funded by lot's of gov. and cancer association grants...

Animal protein is anything like dairy, meat, eggs, fish, etc.

The only protein that safe and does not relate to heart disease is from plants ( soy, beans, etc )
I think that if I was preaching, this would look like this "don't eat meat" but I am just informing all of you of what I found out. I am going to be taking the advice in the book and eating less meat if any.

If you are informed and choose to eat meat then it's your choice, but do it knowing the possible implications...
Sure in life there is a 100% probability you will die. If you smoke, you know the odds, and I learned that in 2nd grade. Now if someone taught me about improper nutrition upping the odds for a lower quality of my health and possible premature death, I would appreciate that.

It's not just heart disease either. The incidence of high blood pressure is generally greater among meat-eaters than among vegetarians, and cancers of the breast, colon, and prostate are more common among people on a high-meat, high-fat, low-fiber diet.

Regarding the heart disease, the #1 killer in women, meat eating women have 50% higher risk of heart disease then vegetarian woman.  (+ info)

Could I get mad cow disease by eating multivitamins encased in animal gelatin capsules?

Defenitely a NO.

Mad Cow disease - literally "Cow" can only be obtained from cow meats such as beef, steak, burgers, etc... Multivitamins are safe.  (+ info)

What European country has the highest death rate from heart disease and among the highest levels of animal fat

A survey published a month ago found that it was the United Kingdom. I believe i would be another addition to those statistics :(  (+ info)

Why and whats a notifiable disease?? (animal diseases) Thankyou?

Why and whats a notifiable disease, (animal diseases) What makes it a notifiable disease?
Thankyou xx

A notifiable disease is a disease that is required (by law) to be reported to the government. It usually happens during pandemics (infectious diseases) for both humans and animals. Some examples are Cholera, Lyme Disease, Tuberculosis (serious ones).

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Notifiable_disease  (+ info)

Can sexual intercourse with an animal give you a disease?

Look I am not having sex with animals i dont even own an animal. I just got on a wrong site and it showed some girls having sex with there dogs and I just wanted to know if it is posibble to get a disease.

veronica sounds to me your just curiouse you would never try it but ok yes dogs hold bacteria that would most likely give you a nasty infection let yourself think clearly tho masturbate to release them chemicals in your body that makes you think about crazy stuff like this watch when you take care of that youll think more clearly and realize its just a crazy thought have a nice day  (+ info)

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