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What is this new foot-and-mouth disease that the government is threatening us with now?

A number of sources reported that the government-funded Institute for Animal Health's Pirbright Laboratory had an international drill last month during which live viruses of foot-and-mouth disease were used.

The government confirmed a second outbreak of foot and mouth disease in a herd of cattle in southern England on Tuesday, raising fears the highly damaging animal disease may be spreading.

Here is a chronology of key events since the disease was found last week:

August 3, 2007 - Britain's agriculture department confirms finding the virus of foot and mouth disease in cattle on a farm near Guildford in Surrey, close to London.

August 4 - The United States, Ireland and Japan ban British pork imports. Britain tries to contain the outbreak by culling cattle at the farm.

August 5 - A laboratory run by Merial Animal Health, jointly owned by U.S. drugmaker Merck & Co. and France's Sanofi-Aventis SA, around 5 miles (8 km) from where a herd of cattle was infected, are sealed off under suspicion.

August 6 - The European Union, South Korea and Russia ban British livestock, meat and dairy exports.

August 7 - Veterinarians confirm a second case of the disease within a 10-km radius (6 mile) protection zone set up around the farm where the disease first broke out.  (+ info)

i have a question about animal rights?

Do you ever think about people in Africa? They are starving, being mutilated, innocent people are being slaughtered in civil wars, and are dying from disease. So, why would you put an animal who is being fed, never mutilated, killed only when they have lived life, and treated when they have a problem, over your fellow man?
Personally, I would kill 50 cows if it meant that an African village could eat a decent meal.
Actually I am supporting an orphan. What are you doing? By the way that doesn't get rid of all the disease and civil war. Plus, have you seen a pig's tail? It really serves no purpose. Also, chickens would harass other chickens to the point of death with their beaks, and it would just be dangerous if bulls weren't castrated.

Actually, the animals enslaved for food are mutilated--chickens have their beaks seared so they won't peck at each other due to stress. Pigs have their tails cut off so they won't bite each others' tails. Bulls are castrated without anesthetics. And cattle are branded. The lives of animals who become are food are unremitting misery from birth to death. There are 10 billion animals slaughtered in the U.S. every year for food (50 billion worldwide)--do you really think for one second that they are "treated when they have a problem"? They're loaded up with hormones and antibiotics that find their way into your food.

Now, 70 percent of the grain grown in the U.S. is fed to animals who become your food. I am not going to pretend for a second that if people stopped eating meat, this grain could be fed to the starving, as it's a matter of distribution, not supply. But the incredible waste of resources used in the meat, dairy, and egg industries should give anyone pause.

And killing 50 cows isn't going to help that village for long. ONE meal isn't going to help them.  (+ info)

worst animal disease?

what is the worst disease that an animal may catch ?


there is no cure that we know of

or an abusive owner...

i think that is worse than death  (+ info)

melanoma animal models?

Having trouble with this question in my research animal methods class:

The _________________ fish have been utilized to study the formation of melanoma tumors. There are two specific models that have been utilized. Describe these two models:

Any help is appreciated.

I tried typing fish melanoma intoa search engine and came up with this.....
Fish Model for Melanoma Fingers Culprit Mutations
Zebrafish have become one of the most versatile models for studying vertebrate biology. Their size, transparency, rapid growth, and numerous offspring make them ideal for investigating diseases of the cardiovascular, nervous, and immune systems. Now skin cancer joins this list. In the Feb. 8 Current Biology, Leonard Zon and his colleagues report that they have developed a zebrafish model for melanoma. “This model, coupled with the genetics of the zebrafish, will enable us to discover mutations that can cause melanomas in humans,” said Zon, a Howard Hughes investigator at Children’s Hospital Boston, who recently was named the Grousbeck professor of pediatrics.
  (+ info)

What is the real cause of the death of millions of birds due to bird flue and cows due to mad cow disease?

Here is a thought - All these animals have survived for millions of years. Human beings in their greed for making more money have altered their immune system by feeding them un-natural products. They are sacrificing them like crazy. What the future civilizations would think of us when they discover millions of skeletons of these dead animals? They would think of our society as the most horrible that was caught up in some kind of animal sacrificial rites - just the same way as we think of the people who existed before us.

We don't judge fossils that we find, we just study them to understand how animals & humans survived. Perhaps the real cause is the same cause as that for the start of AIDS. We encroached on natural habitats of animal & insects.

Mad cow disease has existed for a long time.  (+ info)

Where should I start to have my soil tested for distemper disease? I lost two pups from this horrible disease?

Both pups were adopted from Animal Defense League. I only had both for approximately 3-4months before I had to put them down. Our home was built on rural land - but our neighbors all have pets and have not experience what we have. Vet indicated they may have been infected at time of adoption - if so - is my yard now infected and how long should I wait till I try to adopt again?

It's virus not a parasite so they can't survive for very long without a host. Just eliminate contaminated water & food and any dropings and you will be OK.

"...Canine distemper virus (CDV) spreads through the aerosol droplets and through contact with infected bodily fluids including nasal and ocular secretions, feces, and urine 6-22 days after exposure. It can also be spread by food and water contaminated with these fluids..."
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canine_distemper  (+ info)

can lyme disease be transmitted from animal fluids to people?

only known transmission occurs from ticks to human  (+ info)

what potentially fatal bacteria disease that can be transmitted by a animal bite and it starts with a t?

trichinosis  (+ info)

can i & my family drink milk from an animal suspect to has foot & mouth disease ?

No , don't
Foot and mouth is contagious
Maybe the scientists have not found out all that there is to know about this diesase
Why take the risk??  (+ info)

what european country has the highest death rate from heart disease and highest levels of animal fat comsumtio

Finland....  (+ info)

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