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Do identical twins usually get the same diseases b/c they have the same DNA?

My mom seems to think she is going to get MS b/c my aunt got it and they are identical twins. I keep telling her it's different for everybody and even if it is hereditary it doesn't mean she will get it. What can I tell her to prove she is wrong?

Not necessarily. If you're talking about genetic disorders, then both would be candidates for the same thing to develop. But there could also be environmental triggers for these illnesses, that wouldn't necessarily be the same for both twins.
And the same is true regarding exposure to bacteria and viruses.

I can tell you from personal experience that my husband is an identical twin, yet his brother had severe childhood asthma and my husband never did.  (+ info)

Will twins have the same diseases/disorders/problems?

Like can one of them be albino and other not? Or will they both be albinos?
Can one of them have autism but the other child twin have no autism? Or will they both be autistic?

Something like that. Sorry for bad english. I am still learning the language. Thank you for your help.

Sometimes they will and sometimes they won't. There are genetic traits and then there are developmental traits. Since autism is still not been shown to be genetic, it's not a good example of a genetic problem. Identical twins will have most things alike, but anything can develop differently. For example, I have identical twins, but they have differences in that one has extra teeth and the other doesn't. They also have differences in their hair and head shape and body shape, but not very different. Thus, they have the same traits, but traits can vary within themselves from the moment they are created in the person. I have had many parents tell me that one of their identical twins had autism and the other didn't. I do read about identical twins both having blood disorder defects though.  (+ info)

TWINS: Does anyone know why twins are prone to certain illnesses?

I have researched autism, mental illness and today left handed facts. All these said twins or family of twins seem to get a lot of diseases. Anyone have a clue why twins and their families are more prone to these medical facts. I am a sister of twin brothers.

I don't think thats true at all with genetic conditions. But problems twins can have are twin to twin transfusion or premature birth that could cause cerebral palsy or other problems. I have twins myself, one having a severe genetic condition. But I know for a fact there is no increase of her condition in twin births.  (+ info)

can a female & male non identical twins have the same genetic disease?

We have a case where 2 children twins (one female & one male) whom are non-identical and born to a rare case of respiratory depression. Most probably the cause if sedative (over does of anesthesia (opioids). The doctors are going now to consider genetic diseases. Can they have the same disease together? Is that possible in genetics? What is the possibility?
The twins age is 60 days today (15-4-2007). They were born on 15-2-2007. There is no family history of the same anywhere in our family or the mother family.

Sure it can happen! I have twins (a boy and a girl) and both have the same genetic condition. However, they both manifest the disease in totally different ways. My son has mostly physical characteristics of the disease, whereas my daughter has many of the mental and emotional aspects of the disease.

The odds of this happening are the same for any other siblings in the same family. Check with your geneticist for probabilities if it's really important to you.  (+ info)

How to avoid diseases in twin kids?

I have twin kids..... How to avoid the transaction of diseases from one to another.

you can't  (+ info)

What kind of diseases can a person with an OB positive blood type get?

I was born a twin. My twin died at birth. I did not weigh but two lbs at birth. I developed Asthma at the age of 19. Since I have been grown I have developed other illnesses that doctors say are congential. I am wondering if this has anything to do with my blood type.

You probably meant to type AB blood group.

There are no congenital diseases associated with your blood group as such.

Ask your doctor if he/she means diseases due to your prematurity or if he/she thinks you may have a genetic abnormality.

If he/she thinks it may be genetic, it would be helpful for you to talk to a geneticist.  (+ info)

Does anyone know a woman with sickle cell disease who has had twins?

I'm very interested to know the statistics

im doing a course on child care and was learning about sickle cell diesease altho i have never met anyone with it. i am amazed hwo do you dealwith it?  (+ info)

What are the chances of having twins if my grandma had twin brothers?

Her sons weren't twins. She had twin brothers, identical. I really want to have twins when I'm older so I just really want to know if I have any chances having twins. And es, i know that if you eat yams or anything dairy you have a better chance of having twins.

Conceiving identical twins is a totally random act - it doesn't run in the family (as some believe).
Identical twins happen when a fertilized egg splits into two and it happens totally at random - nothing can increase your chances of having identical twins.
Fraternal twins happen when 2 eggs are released and they simultaneously get fertilized.
This *can* run in the family IF the women in your family have a gene factor that causes them to release more than one egg per month on a regular basis.
The only other way to insure that you conceive fraternal twins is by taking fertility drugs - those will cause you to release more than one egg, however, you may also end up with higher multiples (triplets, quadruplets, etc.)
I really wanted twins too, but after doing my research I learned that I probably won't :(  (+ info)

What is the possibility of having twins if both parents are twins?

I am a twin and my wife is a twin and she wants to have twins.

That depends. Is your wife a fraternal or identical twin? (Identicals are purely by chance and will not influence your ability to have twins!)

Being a female fraternal twin increases the chance of having twins as long as she was conceived without fertility treatments. A male being a fraternal twin has no influence on his partner's ability to release two eggs however he can pass the gene on to his offspring. So your female children would definitely have a possibility of having twins and you can pass it to your male children who will pass it to their children, which is why twins can appear to skip generations. In general a person's chance of having twins is about 1 in 80 and it can jump as high as 1 in 17 if you are (or in this case your wife is) a female fraternal twin!  (+ info)

What are the chances of us having twins?

My husband is a twin and i am also a twin. My sister and I are fraternal twins and my husband and his brother are identical twins. What are the chances of us having twins?
We aren't planning to have family yet but we were just talking about this the other night and if we do get twins then i will be happy and if we don't then i will be happy too. =)

Your husband's family has nothing to do with your odds of having twins. Genetically, the predisposition for twins comes from the mother's family. Identical twins are random occurrences of one egg splitting and both halves being fertilized, and have nothing to do with genetics-however fraternal twins come from a genetic predisposition toward hyperovulation (that is, producing more than one viable egg at a time) and so having fraternal twins in the maternal family can increase the odds of twins.

Your odds of having fraternal twins, being a fraternal twin yourself, are roughly 1 in 17 (or around 5%) as opposed to the general population which has about a 1 in 60 (or a 1.6%) chance. The odds of anyone including you and your husband having identical twins are roughly 1 in 240 (or around 0.4% chance). That being said, nothing is guarnateed. My whole family is made up of fraternal twins and we had three babies-one at a time. Genetics is kind of a roulette that way : )  (+ info)

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