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What is Best solution for Patella Dislocations ?

What is Best solution for Patella Dislocations ?

See an Ortho (Bone) Specialist. Until then, go to pharmacy & buy an ACE Knee Wrap. They generally have a hole cut out that fits right over the knee & helps it stay in place.

I broke my kneecap 2 years ago.  (+ info)

What is the best way to heal knee dislocations?

Patella Dislocation. Ways of strengthening?

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I was born with congenital elbow dislocations, I would like to find a surgeon willing to replace the joints.?

This surgery has been recommended by doctors but they are worried about the possibilities that the surgery won't work or infection will set in. I can't keep taking painkillers all my life. I am a 46yr old woman.

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Do you know how to prevent knee dislocations?

Doctor said no surgery needed just support?is there anyway to prevent this.Happens once and again when i play football.

I have the same problem and it turned out i have weak muscles around my knee so ask a physio for some exercises to try and if you play sport etc. put on a good sturdy knee support its all you can do...  (+ info)

Can shoulder dislocations lead to arthritis?

Each time I exercise, weight training, my injuried shoulder, which was dislocated twice before, causes a lot of pain. I wonder if this can lead to arthritis? or only when it gets dislocated?

With no medical background and very few serious injuries an answer would only be a guess as to whether injuries lead to arthritis. I feel a knee has a touch of arthritis. It was whacked once playing football and again playing hockey. A thumb has a similar feeling along with three toes all of which sustained rather serious injuries while working. The thumb had several sprains due to foul tips while catching in baseball. So one must agree that injuries could lead to arthritis.  (+ info)

is operation the only way to prevent further patella dislocations?

After I had a severe dislocation of my patella it keeps moving from it's position quite often leading to sharp pain and this prohibits me from many activities of my life

My answer would be no, but then again, I probably wouldn't have let them cut on me in the first place, but that is beside the point. What usually happens during a surgery is that they have to move the parts around and it makes the cords pull back. For some reason whenever you have trauma to a part of your body, the cords in that area are designed to pull in, the way the body feels it can protect itself. But those cords also get locked in that position. I had neck surgery and they said the popping I heard when I moved my neck was normal after that type of surgery. It was normal to get it but not normal to keep it, and I haven't. I did the following, except for my neck to get rid of my problem. While lying on your bed, pull your knee up so you can grab your leg right behind the knee, wrapping both hands around it and giving it a tight squeeze, and hold. While doing this take a deep breath and exhale, don't tense any other part of your body up and let your other leg lay flat on the bed. After about a minute and a half, roll over to your side and slowly extend your leg and then pull it back again while maintaining the pressure on it. Roll onto your back again and hold for about another minute and a half to two minutes. Release leg and let it rest beside other leg for one minute. Now pull it back up and wrap your hands around it again right above the knee. This time find the cords in the back of the knee and press on them with your finger tips very hard and hold for 40 seconds. There is also one half way up on the outside of your leg that you have to try to catch while doing this. Then while still on your back, VERY SLOWLY start to extend your leg. If you go too fast you will lock it up and have to start this step over again. Wehn fully extended, let it rest beside other leg again for one minute. If it was in the cords, your problem should be gone.  (+ info)

Prone to anterior should dislocation. Developing high anxiety about future dislocations.?

will be in northwoods for 30 days and want to hve meds w/me for pain should i have an incident. what would be the best med to
bring for pain and muscle relax?

For muscle relaxers you have to go with ibuprofen. Any extra strength over the counter brand will work. If you're near Canada, you can buy some of their meds which have a much higher dosage per capsule. Obviously, no one should recommend a dosage above what the bottle recommends, so instead I'll just tell you that after my last broken foot, I was on 600mg of the stuff at a time which worked for me.

Avoid activities that cause your shoulder to be extended back behind your body. Keep that afflicted arm in front and avoid those dislocations!  (+ info)

Need exercisis to strengthen Loose shoulder from multiple dislocations?

I have dislocated my shoulder about 4 times and I know I need the surgery but in the mean time does anyone know any exercises that will strenghthen my shoulder so it doesnt happen so often?

swimming, that is what i was supposed to do (but i didn't lol)

but you might want to try going to the chiropractor, he can help you out more than likely  (+ info)

What to do about jaw dislocations?

i often dislocate my jaw whether its from yawning or taking a big bite of something
this doesnt seem right. what should i do? i try to take preventative measures but there must be more.

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working out after shoulder dislocations?

I've dislocated my shoulder 5 times already .. all from playing ball sports (basketball, football, volleyball, etc.) I like to work out (mainly my biceps and chest) and I was wondering if it would be safe to do bench press and curls after so many dislocations. I used to work out heavily before the first time I dislocated my shoulder and I haven't been working out much since. I want to start working out again since my body is becoming out of shape but would it be safe to do so despite my shoulder injuries?

I seperated one shoulder and dislocated the other playing football a few years ago. I got back into benching a week or so later and just had to work my way back up. As long as it isnt painful, start with light weights and try to build it back. These injuries are bound to come back though especially if you keep playing.  (+ info)

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